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09-06-2006, 03:53 PM
I have a Samsung phone that I'm trying to download an fragment of an MP3 file to use as one of my rings. It specifies that if the file does not contain a DMR tag it can't be used for that and only for alarm settings. Any way of including a DMR tag....? TIA


09-06-2006, 05:12 PM
Here is some more information. This is really lame, Samsung limits (via T-Mobile nodoubt) any ring tones that are not purchased through them. This is really the pits! So beware before you buy any pro9duct that claims you can download ring tones as MP3s...

"The SGH-T809 does support MP3 playback for ringtones. The MP3s will need to be obtained through HiFi Ringers, a service offered through T-Mobile's T-Zones. T-Zones is a paid subscription service offered through T-Mobile. Please contact T-Mobile for subscription information such a pricing and availability in your area as well as information on how to actually download the HiFi ringers.

The handset may only utilize content that has DRM FWD lock to play MP3 content as ringtone. To identify which MP3s can be set as a ringer, the item will have what looks like a silver key icon next to it. With that said, it is not able to utilize MP3 content transferred via Mass Storage with MSD (T-Flash memory card) or even by using the PC Studio 3.0 software that the handset ships with for ringers." :vmad: :vmad: :vmad:

09-06-2006, 05:27 PM
Solution found!

For the following phones:

1: Samsung D807/D600/T809/E635/E316/E715 D415/V206/P107/S307/X427
2: Nokia 6230b/3120b Moto SLVR/RAZR/V551/V60ig
3: hw6515a/Treo 600/SE T637/SE GC83 Card

If you want to set your own ringer as an MP3 for non DMR files:

1. Select your song

2. Edit it down to about 35 secs

3. Save the file as MP3 in your music editing program

4. Rename the file from whatever.mp3 to whatever.3gp

5. Copy your file to your Transflash's MUSIC folder or via Bluetooth to your phone

6. Select the file as ringtone and voila!

Hope that helps!


04-22-2009, 07:55 PM
Hi Siberian, I was wondering if there was a solution to the same problem with a LG Neon??