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09-05-2006, 05:14 PM
i used dB awhile ago to convert this type of file.

however, when i just tried it said i needed to download the proper codec, which i did.

i went to convert the file and got this message:

"The CODEC required to decompress......could not be opened."

what could be the problem?

thank you!

09-05-2006, 06:33 PM
The problem could be that your file is corrupt, that there is a problem with your codec installation, you do not have an active (active trial or registered version) of the Power Pack (needed to convert to the .mp3 format in version 11 and above of dBpowerAMP Music Converter, or you might have selected a bad setting for your mp3 output file. Also, if you are working with the R12 alpha and have version 3 or later, there is not yet a working version of the Shorten codec for this version of Music Converter.

Here are steps you can take to help pinpoint the problem:

1. Go to dMC Configuration (Start>All Programs>dBpowerAMP Music Converter>Configuration> dBpowerAMP Music Converter Configuration. Check your list of installed decoders to make sure that this list shows a decoder installed for SHN. Next, check your list of installed encoders to make sure that this shows an encoder for .mp3. If both show up, you are ok. If one or both do not show up, you will have to reinstall the appropriate codec. If this is your problem and you need urther help, please indicate which codec you are trying to install, whether you have installed Music Convrter and all codecs to the default location or whether you have installed dMC to some other location, whether you have installed both Music Converter and any codecs on your system using administrative priviledges, and (only if you installed Music Converter to some location other than the custom location) where you installed the Shorten codec.

2. If you know (from the above and/or from personal experience) that you have your codecs in place and that Music Converter is otherwise working, try a test conversion of your Shorten (SHN) file(s). This is done the same way as a conversion to .mp3 except that where you choose .mp3 as your output format you will choose "Test Conversion (No Write)". This will quickly try to read the file(s) and will quickly tell you either that it was able to test convert (read) the file or that it could not. No output file will be created. If the test conversion succeeds, then the issue is a problem in trying to write to the .mp3 specifications that you have called for. Sometimes you will get results from changing your .mp3 settings. Other times, you might want to try first converting from SHN to WAV and then from WAV to MP3. If you run into problems with this, please confirm that you have verified your codec installation in dMC Configuration and that your SHN file(s) did sucessfully test convert and then share with us what settings (channels and frequency) of your SHN file(s) and the settings (frequency, bitrate, channels) you have tried using with .mp3 and/or wav.

If the test conversion fails when you know that the codecs are correctly installed, then the file may be corrupt or there could be a tag problem (try a test conversion with the option off to preserve ID tags-if it works then, the issue might be a tag issue) or perhaps your file is incompatible in some way with the codec and/or dMC. After you have ruled out the tag as a potential source of problem, try playing your SHN file. If you cannot play it, it is likely corrupt. If you can play it, you could use the Auxilary Input feature of Music Converter to record the track while it plays. For tips, see the FAQ section of this forum on Auxilary Input and How to Use It.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes,

09-07-2006, 01:09 AM
thank you for your help.

i did find out that it was all the files that were corrupt. i tried a set of different shns later on and they worked fine.

again, thank you