View Full Version : dMC 'Power Pack' Arrange Music Option

10-05-2002, 01:55 PM
This install adds an [Arrange Music] option to dBpowerAMP Music Converters right click menu, it requires the Power Pack to function.

So what does it do? it arranges audio files based on their id tag, most (not all) mp3 files will have an id tag containing Artist, Title, Album and Track name. Files can be arranged (moved / renamed), for example you have a jumble of mp3 files all in one folder, you could for example arrange them all to a folder C:\My Music\[artist]\[album]\[track number][artist] - [track name]

Here is how it works, select a bunch of files in explorer and right click >> [Arrange Music], or if you have folders of files to select download 'File Selector' Add-on for dMC and select folders of audio files to arrange. Next on the dMC options page, first enter the root folder where everything is based, such as C:\My Music, then select how you would like the files arranged with 'Set' next to Arrangement. Then all there is to do is click 'Convert'.

To download click Downloads >> dMC Power Pack - in the Extras section.