View Full Version : Can I convert [to / from] a Midi file?

04-09-2002, 07:03 AM
Not easily is the short answer, still want to continue?

Converting From a Midi File

A midi file needs all the special instrument sounds on your sound card, because of this dMC will not be able to convert from a midi file, however all is not lost. Connect the Line-out to the Line-in on your sound card. Download the Auxiliary Input add-on for dMC, and set your favourite player to play your midi file, whilst at the sametime recording it with Auxiliary Input.

Converting To a Midi File

Generally speaking it is not possible. There are programs that try to detect various instruments and translate them into a midi instrument, but invariably it does not work.

Look at it this way, even where someone has taken the time to make a midi representation of a popular track, it invariably sounds rubbish because of the limitations of midi...

Just in case if you have simpler wav files try this site for more info: