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  1. Welcome to dBpoweramp Image Converter
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  5. Meta data
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  15. Strange error when trying to convert a TIF
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  17. Possible bug?
  18. quantize 16-bit PNG or TIFF to 10-bit, 12-bit, or 14-bit PNG to save space on an IS?
  19. Will Image Converter Batch Convert and Reduce Size
  20. Convert progressive jpeg to standard
  21. PAL to NTSC
  22. ExtraImageCodecs R2?
  23. HEIC to JPG
  24. JPEG-XL support
  25. Issue With British Summer Time (BST)
  26. Image Converter Not Respecting Orientation
  27. Gif --> APNG
  28. Unable to convert IMG_2532.CR2 from cannon DSLR file to JPEG
  29. Ability to batch image with custom size and size
  30. How to share the program with a friend? (Includes the Family Pack macOS)
  31. Preview with AutoPlay?
  32. multi-page TIFF files
  33. Preserve thumbnails in jpeg to tif batch conversion
  34. Advanced Tagging options for Images?
  35. Possibility to implement AVIR - Image Resizing Algorithm?
  36. Support for DDS files