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  1. Welcome to dBpoweramp Video Converter
  2. Purchased but without the discount
  3. Feature Request: Remuxing to MKV & Delete Sources
  4. Sound truncated converting SWF to WMV
  5. Video Converter pricing and feature questions
  6. Lossless
  7. Converting AVI to MP4 Not Working
  8. Forced Reboot after Install
  9. Robotic feature
  10. Good "number" to use for shrinking mkv file?
  11. Referenced QT chapter track not found
  12. wtv files
  13. Video Converter cannot install - malware detected?
  14. Subtitles
  15. New download and install
  16. Portrait vs. Landscape
  17. Videos with Alpha Channel
  18. Feature Request: NVENC/GPU Encoding
  19. Conversion error
  20. Format change for iPhone videos
  21. CLI software (TS-Doctor and CCExtrator) and Cuda encoding
  22. dvd to one mp4 file
  23. audio stream selection
  24. Feature Request: Filling Blanks into Gaps
  25. Feature Request: Custom Resolution
  26. Can't convert
  27. Video to Audio?
  28. Using my GPU and some other questions
  29. Can Video Converter convert .TiVo files?
  30. Can Topfield .REC files be converted in dBpoweramp Video Converter?
  31. dvd files to audio
  32. Can video converter convert .trp files
  33. Video converter not working
  34. Are subtitles supported?
  35. Is Nvidia the only supported GPU?
  36. Feature request: Support for Lagarith codec
  37. Reencode audio settings?
  38. help/standards/... for quality?
  39. How do I convert .avi, .mov, .gif, etc.? to swf (shockwave) Please help
  40. Errors trying to join files
  41. Beginner's questions about conversion configuration
  42. Converted videos show a black screen thumbnail
  43. improvements: fade in/out, image export
  44. 360° vidéo converting
  45. Superhot Feature Request: Video Downloader Option added to converter like others
  46. Convert to H.265 will not work for any videos I try, H264 however will. Glitch?
  47. Switching from a GTX 1060 to a RTX 2080
  48. Video editor
  49. feature-request: loop file
  50. Can we crop?
  51. Complete Newbie Trying out Video Converter
  52. Video Converter not synching Audio correctly
  53. DIVXX Codec
  54. Cannot Load nvEncodeAPI64.dll
  55. subtitle export
  56. SWF file conversion?
  57. Is this ffmpeg frontend only ?
  58. Option to "Not Save File Selections with Profile"
  59. Outputting embedded artwork from mp4 video to mp4 audio only files
  60. Video Converter Debug Log file location
  61. Some bugs and suggestions
  62. Custom DSP Settings
  63. Is multicore conversion enabled in the demo?
  64. Hardware decode with MPC-BE
  65. feature suggestion = convert video to image sequence
  66. [Feature Request] Convert - preserve existing
  67. [Feature Request] ability to use The Levelator or similar for podcast videos
  68. dBpoweramp Video now supports ARM Macs
  69. Just got the trial: a couple of observations/ feature requests
  70. Convert is failing SWF (shock wave flash) files after end of life. Please Help.
  71. Apple Mac Big Sur OS update
  72. Why won't DBpoweramp convert mp4 video file?
  73. Audio normalize
  74. Wanting To Rip My Own Copy Protected DVD's - libdvdcss
  75. Registered download for dbpoweramp did not have right link to install Video Converter
  76. First time user!!
  77. Confirmation: Release 1.7 Upgrade to Release 2.0
  78. New R2 subtitle support - Error On conversion
  79. Newbie question: previews
  80. FR: AMD GPU encoding
  81. Windows 11 Support (New Context Menu)
  82. Right Click Menu Exclusions are not working.
  83. Can't find help or documentation for command line usage of the video converter
  84. Neby Question Blu Ray conversion
  85. Request AMD GPU codecs
  86. mp4 NVidia H265 Encoder - startup error
  87. dBpoweramp Video Converter
  88. Crop feature assistance
  89. Error Converting Video Without Audio
  90. Problem converting FHD to HD - rescaling - using NVIDIA ENC
  91. how do i convert a bluray video to dvd
  92. IVR & RM Conversion?
  93. DVD Rip
  94. Testing Video Stream Integrity with Video Converter
  95. DVD Copy protection
  96. Can Video Converter strip meta data from .wtv files? Can it downscale resolution?
  97. AV1 (AOM), AV1-SVT Encoding Support
  98. Best way to extract audio from video AND trim silence of variable length ?
  99. can I reduce video size?
  100. MPG-1/2 Conversion
  101. Splitting VOB files and PAL support
  102. Create an ISO File
  103. Converting *.mxf files