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  1. Batch Converter has its own forum
  2. Multiple Instances of a Single Codec
  3. Maintain same level after stereo to mono conversion
  4. AIF vs AIFF?
  5. Batch Converter Options?
  6. convert all flac-files to mp3-file AND keep / copy file structure as well
  7. "Confirm File Replace" screen shows duplicate ghost files in Win7 x64 Pro
  8. Converting Files: Are there limits?
  9. R13.5 Tip: fail of elements in Output Location: Dynamic
  10. remove embedded Cover
  11. Problems converting FLAC to AIFF
  12. Removing Silence
  13. dBpoweramp Music Converter R14.4 Family Pack
  14. redbook cd from aif + tags
  15. Help keeping original file structure
  16. Can You Do a Shortcut
  17. converted files will be tagged with \\ instead of &
  18. Error when converting ALAC to AIFF files bought from highresaudio.com
  19. delete source files after conversion
  20. Naming issues batch converter
  21. Laptop Shuts down in middle of batch process
  22. No audio files selected for conversion
  23. Convert FLAC to ALAC and imbed folder.jpg as cover ??
  24. Removing Playback Gain metadata
  25. Confused by one of the dialogs in Batch Converter, and a technical problem too
  26. Batch Convertor To Re-Organise Directory Structure
  27. convert unicode in id-tag?
  28. Problems Converting Apple Lossless to AAC
  29. Batch conversion to dsd
  30. Convert only newly created FLAC files to MP3
  31. Core Converter Hangup
  32. Batch Converter Removes Parts of Tracks
  33. Multiple folders
  34. Album Art Missing
  35. Ripping to two seperate and different file types.
  36. Performance
  37. How to setup up Batch Converter to use QAAC?
  38. Mass scheduled conversion of FLAC to AAC (CLI?)
  39. Track numbers from filename or any other way.
  40. Downsampling to two different sample rates.
  41. how can I convert collection to mp3 INCLUDING all directories/folders ?????
  42. How to convert ripped cd compression levels
  43. Difference between Batch and Music Converter
  44. installation problem
  45. Unable to convert UNC folder
  46. converting flac file structure to MP3 while retaining original flac library
  47. Copy Errors To Clip Board.. Where is the clip board?
  48. Batch converter ignores folder structure when converting to AIFF, No metadata either
  49. Batch Converter didn't convert all albums
  50. Converting to "Replay Gain" is missing in Batch Convert
  51. R15 Batch Converter - Destination fail
  52. R15 Batch Converter - mp3 decode fail
  53. Help. Converter crashes during 96kHz/24bit FLAC to Vorbis conversion
  54. keyboard control of folder selection.
  55. Batch Converter deleted original files - no idea why
  56. Problem with batch converter
  57. How can I change file name using "Arrange Audio"
  58. Some files fail to convert to opus
  59. Batch Convert a Subset of Folders
  60. dbpoweramp CoreConverter has stopped working (ERROR)
  61. Issue with m3u files using batch converter
  62. R15 Batch Converter???
  63. repeated song conversion
  64. Destination file name listed as empty when using dynamic file naming, R15 only
  65. Settings for a mirror?
  66. Batch Converter does not see files on my Tablet
  67. DSP version 10 (Release 15, 64&32Bit) does not support VST
  68. DSP Effects - nothing there!
  69. How do I increase volume of flaac files post rip?
  70. Dynamic Output Location is not available
  71. Batch converter
  72. folder conversion requests
  73. WAV to (ALAC +metadata). Getting confused...
  74. Unbreaking WMA Lossless
  75. Batch Converter with same folders structure
  76. Converting FLAC to MP3 slow
  77. RG Batch Conversion
  78. dynamic greyed out!!
  79. Flac to AAC what aac bitrate is equivalent to mp3 320
  80. Batch Conversion of Playlist
  81. is the new acc codec he same version in the new release of R15 dbpoweramp?
  82. Naming fail
  83. m4a acc format not availble even after installing it in R15
  84. what is the best quality bit output for aac and mp3 in configuration converter option
  85. making fieldname of organization cahnge to label
  86. Batch convert FLAC files while also copying MP3 files?
  87. Slow ripping in Batch converter
  88. Driver error configure batch ripper
  89. Intelligent sample rate change
  90. Artist and album artist
  91. ? About cleaning up files before using BC to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless
  92. Artwork Resizing
  93. R15 64-bit "Error decoding mp3 data stream, is corrupt?"
  94. "converting" wav to wav etc
  95. R15 In "External Tag Scripting" script, how to access filepath?
  96. R15 Bug: "Write metadata file" ? button fail
  97. R15 Suggestion: External Tag Scripting to fault missing script file
  98. R15 CLI Missing Completion message
  99. R15 Tip: Finding CL for coreconverter.exe
  100. File displays in directories
  101. ALAC to FLAC errors in Accuraterip
  102. Trying To Convert ACC To FLAC Files In Batch Converter??? Help Please
  103. R15.1 Loss of cue points upon conversion from WMA to WMA
  104. Problem installing MP2 codec
  105. Incomplete Rip
  106. Batch Converter IUntegration with File Explorer
  107. General R15 questions
  108. getting lots of decoding stream errors
  109. Batch Converter fails to uncompress certain files
  110. Use batch convert with mp3gain?
  111. R15.1 Bug: [encoder+] returns wrong value for WMA CBR
  112. R15.1 Improvement suggestion: remedy naming alert
  113. ReplayGain Utility Codec Issues
  114. Apple Lossless Encoder Missing
  115. MP3 songs always missing last few seconds of song when played on Chrysler Uconnect
  116. R15.1 Bug: Audio Properties and WMA>WMA conversion corrupts long Track string
  117. IMPORTANT MESSAGE for batch conversion string [ORIGPATH][ORIG FILENAME]
  118. Arrnage Audio not sending files to specified directory and file naming scheme
  119. Batch Ripper Feature Request: Disc Unique increment vs. decrement option?
  120. CDTEXT as Meta Source
  121. Batch converter not recognizing audio files
  122. Hungs and errors batch converting from FLAC to m4a (AAC)
  123. Converting WAV G.729A -> WAV
  124. Batch Converter "Refresh" button bug
  125. Conversion GUI Improvement Request
  126. Problem with batch converter
  127. Batch converter does not handle swedish letters
  128. Replicating CD Ripper settings in Batch Converter
  129. Memory leak in batch converter?
  130. Automate Disc Tag Creation
  131. How can I send a converted file to iTunes automatically?
  132. Is it possible to copy entire folders with batch converter
  133. Using Batch Converter to re-file 1000s of CDs
  134. Output Location: Dynamic - grayed out/unavailable??
  135. Batch Convert - Naming
  136. Batch Convert - Hiss
  137. Batch Converter Changing Track Number Format
  138. Convert 24-bit FLAC to 16-bit FLAC
  139. Batch Conversion
  140. Renaming orginal folder as converting FLAC to mp3
  141. Batch Converter Error "unable to open file"
  142. Conversion Error while trying to change RG tags (FLAC --> FLAC)
  143. Renaming 'The Beatles' to 'Beatles, The'
  144. Batch Converter Not Working
  145. Issue with Multiple Tag Values
  146. Powerfile R200 works for single disc but gives ripping errors in batch
  147. HOw to convert WAV to FLAC
  148. How to prevent inserting breaks after a track?
  149. Batch Convertion of Itunes to FLAC
  150. FLAC player for Windows XP
  151. Problems with Explorer Integration of Batch Converter and with Replay Gain
  152. Bug in Read Metadata DSP
  153. copy in batch.?
  154. Re-purpose old Ripstation 7601-XDP
  155. Tags are disappearing from converted WMA files
  156. Metadata etc
  157. Tanscoding: Yet Another File & Folder Structure Naming Pattern Question
  158. How do I convert everything to 44 KHz, 16 bit?
  159. error batch converting
  160. batch converter opening desktop icons
  161. rar. files....Question.
  162. Creating id3v2 metadata
  163. Batch Converter error: Error converting to mp3 (Lame)
  164. I can' t activate "Dynamic" button
  165. Select 16bit FLACs only
  166. Does compressing FLACS affect sound quality?
  167. Ripping Errors / Slow Rip
  168. Tag Update & File Modified Dates
  169. Preserving Folder Layout
  170. dB "sees" different individual tag fields, but they're the same
  171. Preserving folder layout, not same as I'm seeing in forums
  172. Saving selection
  173. Add image to tag without conversion
  174. "Reject: Not Audio CD" But it IS a playable, new CD
  175. Failure to convert Qobuz 24 bit FLAC
  176. music on ipod freezes and skips
  177. Batch tagging question...
  178. Problem with mp3 tags ID3v2.4 in user context
  179. Are aac encoders gapless in R15.1 Mac and R15.2 Windows ?
  180. Mac Batch converter 24 bit bug "unable to create output file"
  181. MAC : batch converter cannot list all files choosen in R15.1
  182. Partial Convert from WMA to W64 Error
  183. Converting FLAC to MP3 bitrates
  184. [album artist] not working in Album Art Import
  185. Batch Convertor will not run Maximized
  186. Conditions for ID Tag Update
  187. [ID Tag Update] - New multi artist conversion option
  188. Batch Conversion for large collection - Scripting
  189. dBPowerAmp for Mac : problem (?) with EBU R128 ?
  190. ReplayGain Codec for Mac Version of Batch Converter
  191. dMC-R15.3-Ref-Registered.exe will not start
  192. Batch removal of replay gain tags
  193. Another renaming question
  194. Windows 10 File Structure
  195. [Feature Request] Read RAR/ZIP/7z Utility Codec
  196. Batch Converter integration in Windows 10 File Explorer
  197. Audio converter Engine
  198. Play from dBpoweramp
  199. missing metadata when converting to MP*
  200. Error converting from WAV to FLAC
  201. Possible To Run Batch Converter On Desktop Folder
  202. how to reencode to AAC with different settings? (shutdown Windows already)
  203. Mp4
  204. Insane word
  205. CRC error protection what exactly is this
  206. A little help with a folder structure condition?
  207. 15.2 for MAC: "Error writing audio data to Stdin Pipe [EncodeBlock]" -- what to do?
  208. ...Batch Convert - can I review/update metadata? - Can I add artwork
  209. "dBpoweramp Batch Converter Has Stopped Working" message
  210. Copy other files to destination
  211. dBpoweramp and El Capitan
  212. RG codec not writing Album Gain tag, "All Files in Same Folder"
  213. R13.5 unable to load encoder m4a FDK (AAC)
  214. Where can I find docs on the commandline options for dBpa Batch Converter?
  215. Minimum required to invoke Playlist Writer DSP?
  216. Fixing Multi-Disc Album Tags
  217. Need old version or x64 version of m4a FDK (AAC) Encoder
  218. FLAC -> AIFF & MP3 - how can I disable the writing of encoder & encoder+ fields?
  219. FLAC -> AIFF & MP3 - Publisher moves to PUBLISHER & Remixer moves to REMIXER
  220. Compilation Album Folder Creation Problem on Mac
  221. Conversion: preserving paths
  222. Help faults
  223. ReplayGain preamp ? (album)
  224. 24-bit Conversion Problem
  225. Batch Performance with Windows 10
  226. dBpowerAmp Mac R15.3 : how to replace all file names containing a : to ; ?
  227. R15.3 Mac, batch converter : more than 1 hour after converting before it really ends
  228. Converting a WAV collection (Naim) to FLAC?
  229. "Warning Chunk is out of AIFF area (but still inside file). [ScanFile]"
  230. Dynamin Naming - Help Needed
  231. WAV to FLAC conversion problem
  232. batch converter tells me the sampe version has expired
  233. Auto delete original lossless file after conversion
  234. Slowness Batch Converting FLAC To MP3
  235. Flac 24 bit to 16 bit
  236. MAC version strings not working
  237. Batch Conversion Slow
  238. Ripped in Windows want correct title display in Mac
  239. Error messages using Test Conversion in Batch Converter
  240. R15.3 unable to load encoder m4a FDK (AAC)
  241. Dynamic output location option is disabled
  242. Converting FLAC to ALAC produces mickeymouse sounding music
  243. Batch Conversion Performance Mac OSX vs Windows 10
  244. Library expansion due to Batch Conversion
  245. Wav Cue File Splitting
  246. Filter files to batch convert using date fields?
  247. Swapping "First Name Last Name" to "Last Name First Name"
  248. batch converter - apple lossless - i tunes help
  249. Using dynamic naming in the OSX version
  250. Multiencoder doesn't copy .jpg