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  1. ReplayGain hangs?
  2. Help with volume levels
  3. Issue with Batch Converted files in AccurateRip
  4. Convert Error
  5. QQGetTray error message: Cannot create file QQGetTray.log
  6. Maintaining Directories After Conversion
  7. Folder structure
  8. folder and subfolder
  9. Batch Convert (Selectively) FLAC Uncompressed to FLAC Level 8 ??
  10. dBpoweramp Naming | Multiple Nested Folder Creation
  11. Batch Convertor refuses to convert into new folder
  12. Clipboard
  13. How do I start Batch Converter
  14. How can I get other sub-folders put into converted folder?
  15. Batch converter hangs
  16. Folder names changing from my defaults
  17. Download failed dMC-R15.3-Ref-Regi....exe
  18. MP3s not playing
  19. Problems converting Lossless WMAs for Sonos
  20. Replaygain conversion never finishes
  21. WAVE codec settings for List /ID3 tagging options not working in OSX?
  22. Error converting to [Arrange Audio]
  23. Batch converter places track 1 in separate unknown folder
  24. Conditional encoding
  25. Kudos on Batch Converter for Mac!
  26. Tags Differ From Original Files After Conversion.
  27. New at using DBPA: batch convert .wav to .flac: getting metadata automatically
  28. R16.1 - Filter Dialog scrambled
  29. R16.1 - UI in accessibility mode (high-contrast) - again and I won't stop wheeping?
  30. Trim Silence Intro/Outro Only
  31. Converting from iTunes playlists
  32. Missing tracks
  33. Cannot select a specific output-folder
  34. Need to Emded Artwork for Existing FLAC Files...
  35. where is OSX Mondey's audio codec
  36. Error converting to mp3 (Lame) ...
  37. How To Convert FLAC without losing tags
  38. The concept of profiles in Batch Convert
  39. Attempting to convert itunes to mp3 - not getting meta data
  40. Converted album tracks listed and played in alphabetical order
  41. Batch converting album art
  42. Can't convert. "Error no encoder specified. [dBCoreConverter::ParseCommandLine]"
  43. Maximum Number of Cores/Threads for Batch Conversion
  44. Missing MSVCR120.dll
  45. Batch convert folder & file name
  46. DSP Maximum Length
  47. Found Bug in Mac OS Sierra R15.7 B3
  48. Arrange Audio Error
  49. multiple core threads have now become one core thread, why?
  50. Intelligent Conversion of ID3 TXXX fields to Flac fields
  51. Multi Encoder and DSP folder preserve not working
  52. Linux under Wine - not seeing multi-core processing
  53. How do I preserve (most of) the path when converting files to another format
  54. Unwanted blank space in batch convert
  55. Volume Normalize
  56. Multicore Conversion Not Working After Update
  57. DMCFileSelector.exe crashes
  58. confused about naming convention for multi disc tracks
  59. Batch conversion
  60. dynamic naming with relative folder path
  61. How may I crop all files to 5s length regardless of .EXT?
  62. Hang on Convert
  63. Bug: Convert T: dialog offers DSP Effects inoperative with Utility Codecs
  64. Metadata diference between normal and batch version
  65. Dynamic Naming: delete x number of chars from end of string?
  66. Flac to MP3 conversion and retaining artwork
  67. Batch lists 8834 files converting - only 8734 converted - no error messages?
  68. unattended ripping process
  69. Baatch conversion is not taking album art across properly
  70. Large Batch conversion - is it possible ALAC file size is half the size of FLAC??
  71. Large Multi Format Conversion Project Query
  72. Replay Gain R5 Hangs 'Finalizing DSP Effects'
  73. flac convert
  74. best way to batch convert flac to aiff?
  75. Can I change the structure of my music collection?
  76. Artist The Doors instead of Doors, The
  77. Curious window shadow
  78. Dynamic Folder Renaming
  79. .DSF -> .FLAC - Date Conversion
  80. Can't move columns, only the column title moves
  81. Convert wav album to flac with metadata
  82. Batch converter slows from 300x to 10x after a few hundred files?
  83. Changing Title Through Batch Convert
  84. When I'm in the List popup, it won't allow me to deselect groups of items.
  85. Batch Converting AIFF file to Wav Files for DJing purposes - Best way to do
  86. Why Can I Not Uncheck "No sub-folders"?
  87. Missing checkboxes in filter entry
  88. macOS R16: Create Profile Ignores Existing Settings
  89. After removing ";" from folder/file names and re-running conversion it still show up
  90. WMA Lossless Encoder is BROKEN!
  91. DBPoweramp Batch Converter + Nimbie 21 plus, occasional misreads
  92. adding new folder shortcuts
  93. ALAC to FLAC conversion - big size difference
  94. No folder/file tree when opening Batch Converter R16 for Mac
  95. Coverting FLACs to MP3s - 300 CDs to process
  96. Flac Files Smaller than MP3
  97. How do I convert m4a to mp3 files while keeping the album artwork?
  98. Embedded Artwork is lost after copying files
  99. Batch processing files with Replay Gain
  100. Process of Replay Gain on Mac
  101. dBpoweramp freezes on Mac
  102. Batch Converter won't see folders on mac - '0 Audio files shown in folder'
  103. New Mac Install. 2 user on 1 computer
  104. Batch convert and Split by chapter ???
  105. Batch Converter File Filter List Missing .wma
  106. Multi Encoder - DSP Effects don´t work
  107. converting combined disc and track tag
  108. Batch Converters replaces dash in title and folder names by slash - Conversion fails
  109. Batch edit track count metadata
  110. SACD/DSD/DFF - simple answer on frequency
  111. Sony VGP-XL1B
  112. How to get rid of the full source path
  113. Missing 'Sample Size' for lossy formats
  114. SONY VGP-XL1B Recognized bo Batch Ripper but doesn't find CDs.
  115. Dynamic Naming help
  116. Way to auto-reject CDs that rip below certain speed?
  117. Batch Converter freezing + locking up machine
  118. converting 24-bit to 16-bit and also FLAC to AAC/MP3
  119. BUG (Typo) in Batch Converter
  120. conversion from flac to ogg.
  121. Batch conversion of WHOLE/COMPLETE music folders with artwork
  122. Delete Converter History in Batch Converter
  123. converting 93 gb mp3 files to opus using dbpoweramp batch converter.
  124. Nero aac not working
  125. Version 16.1 not accessing USB/Firewire drive to rip too
  126. Adding a network music library
  127. Creating Gapless Conversions
  128. meaning of technical terms in Nero aac and fdk aac
  129. Dynamic Naming Returns [album artist] Instead Of [artist] In Filename
  130. How to transcode high pitch in voice mp3 speech files to opus
  131. how long does it take
  132. dbPoweramp is not recognizing any of my music files.
  133. Output Dynamic Naming Help Please
  134. Batch Converter Doesn't Keep Track Number Format I Have Set
  135. when converting from FLAC to Wave 64 the cover art is missing
  136. Directory Conversion Question
  137. DSF batch conversion to 96 or 88.2 kHz ?
  138. dbpoweramp portable?
  139. Batch Converter wav. to (flac)
  140. "after encoding verify written audio" not working on macOS
  141. ReplayGain "Album ID Tag"
  142. What's the batch file command to launch Batch Converter ...
  143. Apple Lossless option disabled
  144. Restore settings
  145. No files/folders showing up
  146. Add bitdepth and kHz to Album tag?
  147. Decrease size of album graphics
  148. Avoid re-creating existing files
  149. Unable to add compilation using ID-tag editor
  150. batch convert: merge .wav audio and .mp3 tags?
  151. Batchconverter won’t recognize Android phone
  152. Uncompressed FLAC seems compressed
  153. Batch complete collection from FLAC to MP3 320
  154. Dynamic naming
  155. how to apply replay gain while converting mp3 speech files to opus
  156. Art on Pioneer avic f970bt
  157. Automatically add Cover Art to already ripped flacs
  158. Temp file location for OS X / OSX / Mac ?
  159. Help with tagging question/ Jriver Media/Apple OS
  160. How many cores can Batch Converter use?
  161. copying settings for batch converter
  162. Could not access destination folder
  163. R16.2 Bug - BACKFOLDER parameter out by one
  164. Batch Converter Truncates Album And Title Entries
  165. Mac Batch Converter Input Folder
  166. Large Scale Batch Convert
  167. error converting purchased flac files to mp3
  168. Bug on DSP "Conditional Encoding"
  169. Normalize vs ReplayGain when converting to MP3
  170. Problem with 'contributing artists'
  171. Album art not transferred when resorting into new directory structure
  172. FLAC Music Converter 176 Khz?
  173. set default filter?
  174. V16.2.0.3 Bug: conversion can trailing space on filename
  175. Need help with FLAC to MP3 conversion for iPod
  176. dBpoweramp Batch Converter help
  177. Replay Gain
  178. Help needed to connect FLAC library to Apple Lossless
  179. Problem batch converting compressed FLAC files to uncompressed
  180. Can't Remove ID Tags
  181. Is "Stereo" (not "Joint Stereo") an option?
  182. Batch converting 1,000+ albums, affect on computer hardware?
  183. batch converter
  184. already purchased batch ripper - had to redownload - now what - not activated
  185. Folder.jpg Preverse doesn't do anything
  186. Calling J River users ... Benefits of using Batch Ripper?
  187. Dynamic Naming for file location vs Arrange Audio
  188. Difference in loudness normalization DSP's
  189. Dbpowermp batch conversion creates many sub folders unexpectedly
  190. Duplicate files not being converted
  191. Batch convert .wav files to .flac or alac w/ automation adding metadata
  192. AlbumGain utility codec identifier bug?
  193. [trimfirstfolder]
  194. Issues Converting FLAC to SONOS - SONOS Still Thinks File is 96Khz
  195. Can't enable dynamic folder structure in music converter settings
  196. Delete empty folders option not working (OSX)
  197. Mac OS X: automounter issue
  198. Batch Ripper on Win Vista
  199. profile selection resets files selection in batch conv
  200. How best to load JUST newly ripped albums into Batch Converter?
  201. Encoding an image into its tracks
  202. Bug? Bogus access of old drive
  203. File Destination
  204. how to specify batch output?
  205. Convert huge list of files! [BIG Problem]
  206. Error creating file - unable to write ID tags/ unable to create file (Mac)
  207. Batch Convert log file
  208. When converting Flac files to Apple Lossless, many of the tracks fail to convert
  209. Batch Converter Test - How do you interpret the result
  210. How do I down convert batches? So to play on Sonos
  211. Powerfile Driver
  212. Folder .jpg preserve not working as intended with extensions, copies all source files
  213. HDCD question
  214. Windows WMA Codec missing
  215. MacBook Pro 2018 6 cores 12 threads, batch converter using only 8
  216. Batch convert multiple FLAC per album to single MP3 per album
  217. Remove Tag during Conversion of Flac to MP3 library?
  218. Telarc CD taking 5.6 hours???
  219. Album art fails for Pioneer AVIC car stereo
  220. How to batch convert mp3s from ID3v2.3 to ID3v2.4?
  221. Batch ripping CDs using USB external drives and a powered USB hub
  222. Converting W64 32/44.1 to WAV or FLAC
  223. Compression Level Audio Quality
  224. Multi Disc Simplification for stupid devices, aka counting continuesly
  225. Files from iTunes into same format as ripped CD.
  226. Arrange Audio codec problem on Mac
  227. Opus 1.3 is out
  228. Why is the apple m4a is so large?
  229. this is supposed to convert from wav and wma to mp3?
  230. No AAC option
  231. Detailed instructions needed for Reference set up and configuration
  232. batch "export to folder.jpeg"
  233. FLAC Compression level?
  234. Batch convert albums
  235. Anyone Running Batch Converter on a Synology NAS ? ......................
  236. Using Nimbie - Tagging problem
  237. Set filename with disc number if release contains several discs
  238. Primera DP-4102 - 2 discs in tray error
  239. Batch profiles not saving
  240. MacOS Mojave dbPoweramp
  241. Conditional Encoding using Multi Encoder
  242. Batch Converting to 44/16
  243. Making creation time of converted files in order of track order
  244. Batch converting a large Library to Flac from a 4tb usd HD to 2 tb usb HD
  245. How do I edit the "Output To" drop down list?
  246. Batch converter max speed of i7 8700k vs. i7 9700k?
  247. Batch Convertir for Car
  248. Batch Converter refuses to browse the network
  249. folder converter
  250. Trying to convert and preserve file naming.