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  1. PerfectTUNES Released
  2. PerfectTunes does not carry over the Drive from main screen to folloing screens...
  3. AccurteRip fails with Lossless WMA
  4. Drive selection
  5. Music on a network share
  6. Perfect tunes not detecting my entire music collection
  7. Perfect Tunes working on a NAS
  8. PerfectTUNES AccurateRip fails with mp3
  9. Will PerfectTUNES work with Vortexbox, Pogoplug & MyBookLive NAS?
  10. Does It Find Artwork for every file in higher resolution?
  11. AccurateRip comparison database... how big is it?
  12. PerfectTUNES not picking up album art on my NAS
  13. Feature Request: Check encoded tracks with AccurateRip based on ACCURATERIPRESULT
  14. FingerPrintGenerator.exe error
  15. Perfect Tunes De-Dup Won't Play Songs, Can't Audition Songs
  16. Changing Tags??
  17. Album Art Upload?
  18. Database Cache Sharing
  19. Crashing and "Error Writing File" when using Album Art
  20. Album Art keys off of exactly what?
  21. Strange duplicates
  22. De-Dup - Dual (or more) directory view
  23. When am I going to see duplicate songs - De-Dupe
  24. What is the average indexing rate?
  25. TAK Support
  26. Error Message Beta Period Has Expired
  27. Files Scanned - No Albums Found
  28. Not many albums fixed!
  29. Single tracks vs. Albums - UI visibility issue
  30. Dedupe finds non existing dupes
  31. I can't get it to work
  32. DeDup -showing file names
  33. dedup basic question
  34. PerfectTUNES AccurateRip: Different behaviour for wave and FLAC?
  35. Trial version Art question
  36. PerfectTunes Rules
  37. De-Dup deleting all sorts of music
  38. PerfectTunes discount for DB users
  39. De-Dup stuck in Unregistered
  40. DeDup reporting single tracks as duplicates
  41. No cover art founc
  42. No more free cover art ?
  43. Missing Delete All button?
  44. PerfectTunes AccurateRip bugs found
  45. Folder image
  46. I purchased the Reference R14.4 + PerfectTUNES R1 bundle WTF....!?
  47. 2 questions and 2 suggestions
  48. How add 1 goof flac to an album
  49. Managing Duplicates
  50. PerfectTunes AccurateRip Incomplete Albums
  51. PerfectUNES running very slow doing artwork to a NAS
  52. need PerfectTunes
  53. Improvement Suggestions
  54. DeDup Deleting Files
  55. Albums with artwork being reported as having none
  56. Suggestion for next release/future release of Album Art
  57. Idea for DeDup
  58. Title Not in AccuratRrip
  59. What perfect tunes will do ??
  60. Crashing - Perfecttunes DeDupe
  61. How Long ?
  62. PerfectTunes - Accurate Rip keeps crashing
  63. PerfectTUNES Album Art: Error Writing to File
  64. Modifying Album Art is moving albums/tracks to "Track to short for AccurateRip"
  65. Here's what I want Perfect Tunes to do.
  66. How to understand "Track Not Present" reports?
  67. Adding Scanned Album Art after Ripping
  68. PerfectTUNES Version Changes [Windows]
  69. Virus Alarm v1.5 in scanner.exe
  70. PT 1.5 - updating album art causing tracks to be corrupt in PT AR...
  71. R1.5 AccurateRip hangs at about 75% of the scan
  72. How to get PerfectTUNES to look at music collection on NAS
  73. Is there a deal for v15 dbPA upgraders to add Perfect Tunes?
  74. Which AccurateRip database is being Used?
  75. Am I mis-remembering an upgrade offer?
  76. Help with purchase
  77. PerfectTunes reading AccurateRip Tags written by CD Ripper
  78. PerfectTunes 1.6 download installs ver 1 instead
  79. R1.6 AccurateRip Still Hanging
  80. v1.6 Puzzling Report of "Albums Not Present"
  81. Log file for Perfect Tunes scans
  82. Norton AntiVirus just deleted perfecttunes.exe
  83. Underwhelmed by DeDup (didn't help me at all)
  84. Folder restructure and duplicate removal via PerfectTUNES
  85. Accuraterip results added to tags
  86. Corrupted files after Perfect Tunes scan
  87. Accuraterip 1.6 freezes
  88. Targeted Directory Search
  89. Starting from scratch using dBPowerAmp - do we need PerfectTUNES?
  90. Can PerfectTunes *create* the AccurateRipResult tag?
  91. AccurateRip results query
  92. Tags & metadata?
  93. PerfectTunes image only shows up randomly at the beginning.
  94. How to refresh ITunes artwork after PerfecTUNES updates
  95. Corrupted Files
  96. Different AccurateRip Results from PerfectTUNES and Batch Ripper
  97. Magnifying glass for image preview?
  98. Unable to save scanned library, or do much else for that matter
  99. R1.7 Install Error
  100. Mono ALAC reported as corrupt
  101. Art saved in folder or in Tag?
  102. De-dup auto
  103. Does PerfectTunes 1.7 have a virus?
  104. Silly question (possibly) but what does Perfect Tunes give me?
  105. Accurate Rip Question
  106. Just installed PerfectTUNES but can't access the Control Center
  107. AccurateRip showing album both as accurate and Not Available in Accurate Rip
  108. Can I use Perfect tunes like itunes
  109. De Dup reversed? or anything similar possible???
  110. Is it possible to run PerfectTunes on multiple computers but indexing same NAS folder
  111. PerfectTunes + dbPowerAmp (also various artists)
  112. PerfectTUNES with seemingly identical albums
  113. Why can't I add album art I already have?
  114. "Error Writing to File" error
  115. Unexpected error please try again later
  116. Reripping my albums not appearing in PerfectTUNES - you know, for kids
  117. How good is the Album Art element of Perfect Tunes?
  118. Checking with AccurateRip, but still grinding my NAS?
  119. DeDup reporting multiple copies of same track in same directory
  120. PerfectTUNES does not find ANY cover art -> No Art Found
  121. AccurateRip: Uncorrupting Corrupt Files?
  122. perfect tunes seems underdeveloped
  123. Album Art Applying Fixes, Please Wait... (how long is too long)
  124. PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip Max CPU use control?
  125. Add print list feature
  126. Re-ripped tracks show as different album
  127. Export of Albums Cannot Check
  128. Double checking (Multiple Images per file question)
  129. Shouldn't PerfectTUNES find the same AccurateRip results as CD Ripper?
  130. perfectTUNES Question - multiple disc albums, incomplete album error
  131. Managing my Library Metadata
  132. Duplicate titles
  133. Does not support HD Tracks Audio
  134. Tag Editor app
  135. Local folder
  136. AccurateRip question
  137. Another AccurateRip/PefectTUNES question.
  138. Lost Perfect Tunes?
  139. FerfectTUNES AccurateRip, funktion "Add Folder" update
  140. Strange AccurateRip Log...
  141. Bug?
  142. any way to re-scan meta data?
  143. Help understanding log
  144. CD not in database?
  145. Album Art -- Confusing Behavior
  146. Batch deletion options
  147. "track 5 has errors"
  148. free trial
  149. Album Art Combines Similar Albums from Same Artist
  150. Perfect tunes doesn't find Flac files
  151. Says my user account doesn't have deletion privileges
  152. Re-Rip question
  153. No icon on desktop
  154. where is perfect tunes searching for cover art?
  155. Is the Artwork in Perfert Tunes better than the ones you get in DBpoweramp?
  156. Perfect Tunes where are the jpeg's saved ?
  157. PerfectTunes User Guide?
  158. PerfectTunes & dBPoweramp highlighting incomplete albums
  159. moving a single licensed PerfectTunes to a different computer
  160. Editing music Metadata
  161. Will I repeat the PerfectTUNES "Listening to music library" phase for each function?
  162. Minimum Cover Art Resolution
  163. Export only "Certain Matches" in PerfectTUNES De-Dup?
  164. Tool or suggestion to easily find and delete FLAC files that have no metadata?
  165. Include cover art in coversion of flac to wav
  166. PT Album Art "Listening to library" -- What's saved? When repeated?
  167. AccurateRip Feature
  168. need to reorganise everything
  169. foobar2000 and perfectTUNES
  170. Help - 4 days to index whole library!
  171. Return Disc IDs?
  172. ACCURATERIPRESULT Tag Format for ARv2 tracks
  173. New version p.Tunes..?
  174. Create cover.jpg file from tracks ID3 tags
  175. Album Art Fixes
  176. Could not connect (Running in WIne)
  177. Ripping errors without errors
  178. Should I buy Software quality compared to Windows Media Player
  179. Can I improve a converted flac file that now aiff
  180. How do you use Perfect tunes?
  181. De-Dup Scan & No Indicated Action?
  182. "Wish List" Song Listener & Title Correction
  183. "Album Matching Grouped by Folder" feature?
  184. Use "accurateripresult from ID tag"
  185. FLAC metadata conventions
  186. Not In Database
  187. Perfect Tunes DOES NOT SEE my files
  188. Album Count
  189. PerfectTunes Album Art Basic Questions
  190. Is the new (v2) version improve anything with NAS (over LAN) scan speed?
  191. I can't clear the text out of Output Location "Folder"
  192. ID Tagger & Multiple Composers/ComposerSorts
  193. Question about ripping in another program
  194. DeDup probably shouldn't scan the $RECYCLE.BIN folder.
  195. Confused: hidden tracks & Accurate Rip
  196. Album Artist Artwork
  197. Perfect Tunes De-Dup Won't Play Songs, Can't Compare tracks
  198. Cannot check not lossless cd-quality
  199. PerfectTunes overwriting existing album art with wrong image
  200. Constant Re-install
  201. Error installing unregistered version of PerfectTunes
  202. Do people really delete tracks with errors?
  203. Recognize Lastname, Firstname
  204. Copy and Paste
  205. Allow copying of filenames in ID tags
  206. Multiple identical replaces
  207. Add AccurateRip tags to existing files?
  208. Different album art? Also: Possible bug in export/import image (Nothing happens)?
  209. Wish list: Album art information on hover
  210. Play Back Issue
  211. FLAC authentication using PerfectTUNES
  212. Can PerfectTunes play FLAC files? Or any files at all?
  213. Re-scan corrupted files only
  214. Something Strange
  215. Pre-Purchase questions
  216. Quoting a Problem from a different forum "Windows too big and can't be resized"
  217. How do you undo?
  218. Newbie question - WMP
  219. Do I need to use Meta download?
  220. How to update old FLAC files ripped w dBpoweramp using new Ref15-PerfectTUNES?
  221. Why does Perfect Tunes only run in Full Screen mode?
  222. More than one Music folder
  223. How to copy from filename?
  224. Hi Res Files Show No Metadata
  225. Operating Manual?
  226. How to add album art when the art section doesn't exist
  227. Trying to upgrade to 2.1. Webroot detects malware (W32.Trojan.Gen)
  228. Suggestions
  229. De-Dup - Mass delete
  230. Adding music booklets
  231. How To Embed Album Art From Folder.jpg
  232. PerfectTUNES for Mac?
  233. Adding Metadata to a FLAC rip from another program
  234. Perfect tunes tagging and .dsf files
  235. Program crashes when accessing nas drive
  236. DeDup not deleting files
  237. perfectTunes question....
  238. Using high resolution screens
  239. AccurateRip + CD Ripper
  240. What will PerfectTUNES handle
  241. Accuraterip freezes when analyzing large library
  242. Problem Scanning art work in to Perfect Tunes
  243. Writing problems in ID Tags
  244. Bug with PerfectTunes under wine
  245. 8 Albums With Ripping Errors but only 4 indicate a track with errors?
  246. Auto Tagging of Wave files
  247. Replacement for illustrate's "My Music Collection" application?
  248. wav not seen for Album-Art, ID-Tags
  249. wav filename to do tags
  250. Compilation album artwork.