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  1. GUI menus overlaping
  2. Edit ratings with PerfectTUNES ID Tagger
  3. Apple OS X - Perfect TUNES
  4. Perfect Tunes Album Art freezing my PC
  5. What does unverifiable mean exactly?
  6. Accurate Rip
  7. Cannot Check: Not Lossless CD Quality
  8. AccurateRip issue from Batch Convertor
  9. PerfectTUNES on NAS problems
  10. album art
  11. Is PerfectTUNES what I need? Will it do all of this....?
  12. Perfecttunes won't update from version 1 to 2.1
  13. Perfect Tunes Capabilities vs. Using DB Poweramp by itself
  14. Duplicate finding setting for albums only?
  15. AccurateRip "Could not connect" Problem
  16. Tracks in the wrong playing order
  17. Can PerfectTUNES correct artist naming errors?
  18. Album Art does not start
  19. Perfect Tunes over a network
  20. bought upgrade of dbpoweramp 16, can regiter my perfect tunes
  21. PerfectTUNES 2.1 ' Cover ' replacement in Hi-Def.
  22. PerfectTunes Cache Locations
  23. Help for use of Album Art of PerfectTUNES
  24. Artwork embedded but need to place jpg marked folder
  25. Integration of PerfectTunes into dBpa Control Center
  26. family pack
  27. mass removal of duplicate tracks
  28. Is it possible to downgrade PerfectTUNES without spending a family pack download?
  29. Interpreting AccurateRip information from PerfectTunes
  30. Any chance for a Mac version?
  31. PerfectTUNES AccurateRip of Compilation Albums
  32. Comments re De-dup and Album Art
  33. PerfectTUNES AccurateRip detects false Errors
  34. Album Art: Cover Size Limit 1000x1000 Pixel?
  35. Registered user - support
  36. PerfectTUNES Errors trying to update tags and artwork
  37. perfectTUNES Button missing in dBpoweramp Control Center
  38. "Detected" Errors with accurateripped albums
  39. Cannot set path of my music!
  40. can PerfectTunes pull tag info from discogs?
  41. Can't Install PerfectTunes
  42. Can PerfectTunes automatically *reduce* album art size?
  43. High Screen Resolution with PerfectTUNES ID Tags
  44. PerfectTUNES Trial and Musicbrainz database
  45. De-Dup processing time
  46. PerfectTUNES :: Conflict with JRiver Media Center ?
  47. Id Tags not changing file names
  48. De-Dup Files On Multiple Hard Drives?
  49. What internal drive to buy for ripping audio cds
  50. Metadata
  51. AccurateRip for Mac?
  52. "listening to library" - DSF format, 2000 tracks / 100 albums Stereo and MCH
  53. If Batchripper could not find some of my album art, what can perfect tunes do?
  54. Weird Error in AccurateRip Reporting
  55. artwork descriptions no longer working from explorer "edit id-tag".
  56. PerfectTUNES Not updating artwork
  57. Perfect Tunes scaling problems with high dpi screen
  58. Can't Uninstall
  59. ID Tags soooo sloooow
  60. PerfectTUNES Trial Issues
  61. installation error
  62. adding music library
  63. look for blank tags
  64. inconsistent sort tags
  65. Album art question
  66. Can someone Explain "Album Artist; Album Artist" and Sort Tags?
  67. different art search if artist is named Costello, Elvis than if Elvis Costello
  68. Is ther a PerfectTunes equivalent for iPad (Pro)?
  69. PerfectTUNES and dBpoweramp Refernce
  70. Album Art / Perfect Tunes
  71. "Not in AccurateRip" - what am I missing?
  72. Purchase of PerfectTUNES required for AccurateRip?
  73. perfect tunes and 4k display
  74. Problem uninstalling and reinstalling
  75. TrackNumber not Track
  76. Puchasing Perfecttunes and dbpoweramp
  77. RE: Artwork Fixes (General Qs)
  78. Why offer a free trial
  79. PerfectTUNES Album Art Questions
  80. AccurateRip - Cannot Check: Track Different Length than CD original
  81. dsf tag editing in PerfecTUNES
  82. ID Tags case sensitive mode?
  83. ID Tags edits not saving
  84. Merging Double albums
  85. Tagging multiple composers
  86. Initial problems using PerfectTunes for the first time
  87. Apple OS
  88. drag & drop
  89. Submit album art to the database?
  90. Changing from Artist to Album
  91. Full text for long Album names is hidden
  92. Adjust album covers dimensions
  93. Virus Alert for PerfectTUNES Download
  94. Perfect tunes Odd thing when sorting id tags by rating
  95. PerfectTunes AccurateRip info in tag
  96. lost perfect tunes after a few days trial - no dbs to 'see'
  97. 200 CD's Ripped to Apple Lossless---No Folder.JPG
  98. missing files in my folder???
  99. PerfectTUNES feature request
  100. PerfectTUNES Album Art Not "Remembering" Art Fix / Changes
  101. Tagging songs
  102. Translating Japanese
  103. PerfectTUNES Existing Art Question
  104. Trial Limited?
  105. PerfectTunes and dBpoweramp 16
  106. M4a
  107. Editing Sort Tags in PerfectTunes replace multiple value entries by single value
  108. How to AUTOMATICALLY add Metadata from the Internet to FLAC files with NO Metadata?
  109. Cant find metadata
  110. PerfectTUNES Version Changes [OS X]
  111. missing ID tag meta data field
  112. Audirvana not finding album art added by Perfect Tunes Album Art (OSX)
  113. configuration PerfectTUNES with NAS WD My Cloud Mirror
  114. PerfectTUNES quit unexpectedly
  115. paid version not working with paid poweramp
  116. Accurate Rip Fails on Multi Disk sets if ripped with offset track numbers
  117. What exactly does "Corrupted File" mean?
  118. Using meta data providers to fix incomplete tagging.
  119. Mac - Error writing to file - still after Folder/Files-Write Permissions
  120. Id tag update
  121. PerfectTUNES for MAC help needed
  122. Windows Screen Resolution high-DPI displays
  123. Metadata Look-ups and ID Tag Insertion
  124. Perfect Tunes is not listing my external drive attached to my IMAC
  125. Editing track "title" and "artist" metadata doesn't edit the file name too?
  126. Enhancement request: sample rate, bit depth, format columns in ID Tags
  127. Any way to get PerfectTunes to automatically fix metadata?
  128. Perfectunes no longer on my system - but I bought it?
  129. Error Writing To File
  130. PerfectTUNES AccurateRip does not proccess WMA lossless files correctly
  131. Saving edited metadata on PerfectTUNES ID Tags
  132. Filter DeDup to Leave Latest Rip?
  133. DeDup - What's Going On ???
  134. I just purchased the Poweramp and PerfectTunes bundle, but Poweramp's auto restart...
  135. It is possible to use PerfectMeta on FLAC files
  136. Need help with PerfectTUNES IDtag edits
  137. PerfectTUNES macOS 2.1 Search Covers
  138. Using Perfect Tunes on a Mac. How do I import songs?
  139. Custom Tags
  140. Can't Install PerfecTunes or dBpoweramp
  141. What ports do I need to open on my firewall?
  142. Tab switching in ID Tags
  143. Change how Album Art sorts by resolution
  144. PerfectTunes "portable" database?
  145. Feature request - Add ability to Write AccurateRIP tags to flac files
  146. Saving Intentional Duplicates (and not re-identifying them)?
  147. "Undo" Delete?
  148. mass tagging
  149. Weerd look of PerfectTunes under Windows 10 on Surface Book2
  150. how does mass delete show which matches to keep/delete?
  151. How to change wrong IDTags of a complete CD in one go?
  152. PerfectTunes doesn't work with dBPoweramp
  153. PerfectTUNES 2.1 won't uninstall
  154. PerfectTUNES R3 Won't write id tags to m4a?
  155. PerfectTunes will not update tags
  156. Album art pixel size discrepancy?
  157. Few questions from a new user
  158. perfectTunes new user. Where is the program installed and how do I use it?MACOSX10.11
  159. Sometimes album covers change on me!
  160. Style & Mood Tags
  161. Impossible to connect to AccurateRip
  162. New user
  163. Music Library only reading one directory - Please Help
  164. How to find "unknown artist"
  165. Difference Between Metadata & ID Tags
  166. Create a new Genre tag
  167. Another Tagging for Dummies Qu .... Multi-work Albums
  168. printing results of PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip checks
  169. Perfect Tunes Question
  170. Start in music folder for PerfectTUNES ID Tags
  171. PerfectTUNES ID Tags - WAV files with no prior tags
  172. PerfectTunes/AccurateRip - How to save results to file Tags?
  173. "Add Folder" doesn't work under Wine
  174. Listening to library is very slow
  175. Perfect Tunes not indexing folder
  176. Will Perfect Tunes help me re-tag my classical music collection by composer?
  177. downsizing album art
  178. ID3 Tags issue
  179. type of album art retrieved by PerfectTUNES - baseline or progressive
  180. Mass delete inaccurate dubs?
  181. Accepted duplicate files still showing
  182. Perfect Tunes Edit Tags can't find my music on my NAS
  183. ID Tags on MacOS vs Edit ID-Tag on Windows
  184. PerfectTUNES and metadata on downloads
  185. PerfectTUNES Not Seeing DSF Files
  186. Perfect Tunes Album Art only shows 39 of 156 albums
  187. won't find the music on my DAP
  188. Finer control of Mass De-duping by filename, file type, album etc
  189. Trying to decide if PerfectTunes will meet my needs
  190. can AccurateRip give more detail on corrupted files?
  191. Error while installing PerfectTUNES to Windows 10
  192. Perfect Tunes - ID Tags for def files
  193. Art not visible in Linn Kazoo
  194. Album Art not Updating in iTunes (Mac)
  195. PerfectTUNES [Windows] R3.2
  196. Perfecttunes versus Cambridge Audio's App.
  197. Can PerfecttUNES generate ID tags from file names?
  198. Which Utility Codecs work for the Mac Verion?
  199. De-Dup-questons
  200. old dBPowerAmp = new PerfectTunes?
  201. Windows Release Version 3.2 does not see .flac files
  202. Acoustic ID, ...
  203. Dedup Can't find trash/bin
  204. PerfectTUNES: Fixing album art takes forever
  205. Download link for registered Perfecttunes
  206. songs from year 2011 considered both 2011 and 2017