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  1. Ripper working fine and then for no apparent reason get <No CD Drive Found>
  2. Logfile
  3. Problems with track
  4. One in 40 CD rip speed .2
  5. A few Novice Questions
  6. Ripper gives error on every track
  7. Looking for 'best' ripping EXTERNAL drive
  8. AccurateRip result not written for insecure tracks
  9. CD ripper
  10. ID tags not working
  11. Error ripping to FLAC
  12. CD Ripper fails to recognise CD drive
  13. Problems with PerfectMeta?
  14. I just bought a new computer...
  15. Problem with ripper
  16. Secure Ripping fails
  17. Cover Art Choices Reduced
  18. Tracks always rip twice despite AccurateRip
  19. Accurate extremely slow
  20. New Hdcd Default-question
  21. My new computer is not configuring with accuraterip
  22. Failure to rip
  23. Detecting Gaps
  24. Inconsistent Results with C2
  25. Asus Drw-24b1st Offset
  26. Drive Performance Differences
  27. V0 rip with VMware Fusion on Osx problems??
  28. how to set continuous track numbers?
  29. coping with errors
  30. Single encoder writes files. Multi-encoder does not.
  31. Id Tags Problem With Streaming Server
  32. Burst mode and AccurateRip?
  33. How to rip cds with copy protection
  34. is AccurateRip offline?
  35. dBPoweramp CD Ripper extremely slow to download metadata
  36. Purchased one year of AMG, but says I need reference
  37. Help with File / Directory Naming
  38. Ripping CD Filename Extensions to .aiff
  39. 2 Pass Secure
  40. a few questions
  41. CD Grab stopped reading DVD drives
  42. Problem Accessing the Review Metadata Feature
  43. Ripping Burned Disks
  44. Consistent rips
  45. HDCD a few small 1's....
  46. Losing information on whether there is an AccurateRip entry (did I wreck settings?)
  47. PX230A: No cache or 2048?
  48. drive cache settings
  49. changes does not take effect
  50. IEEE 32 bit floating point when ripping
  51. Problem ripping Stevie Nicks track
  52. Moving License to Another Computer
  53. Bug report: some filenames get no tag information written.
  54. Catalog*blooper* field in XML metadata files
  55. Newbie Questions--Understanding AccurateRip
  56. Metadata displayed in W7 Explorer has changed; and I can't change Rating metadata
  57. Laptop crashes after CD ripped
  58. How to get "best effort" at ripping defective CD?
  59. Where can I see version number and. . .
  60. "Jumps" in the music after ripping.
  61. Error trying to Rip immaculate CD
  62. Number of passes & pass speed
  63. Is accurate rip down again?
  64. Uncompressed @ 1411, 1412, and 1378 Kbps ?
  65. Problem ripping CDS
  66. Convert WAV to CDA?
  67. Ripping and ReplayGain
  68. Ripping Problems
  69. SonataDB metadata?
  70. ActivateAMG
  71. No Output To AIFF Drive
  72. Ripper Version
  73. write wav at 2 HDD's same time?
  74. Cd rip problem- new machine win7
  75. Help reading output log for secure rip
  76. Options for Multiple Flac files and Cue sheets?
  77. Rip DTS Audio to stereo FLAC
  78. Small File Size of FLAC
  79. Strange problem with album art.
  80. Errors on the same tracks
  81. FLAC files are not going into the specific CD's designated file folder??
  82. Ripping Original CD vs Burned Copies
  83. CD Ripper on WHS2011
  84. advise needed: old Plexwriter vs. BluRay BH10LS30 (defektive???)
  85. AccurateRip offset detection for purged drives (EAC)
  86. 24bit Flac CD Ripping
  87. Problem with the button Review Metadata
  88. Has anyone successfully used a toshiba H802A with dbpoweramp?
  89. Album Art Missing on 10-20% of CDs (Batch Rip)
  90. Tutorial on strings?
  91. [id tag] How to write automatic id tag based upon filename.
  92. Slow ripping
  93. album art?
  94. difficulties with Conductor and Performer
  95. Drive Read Cache
  96. Overwriting [Artist] with "OST" when CD is a soundtrack.
  97. How to stop CDRipper Multi-disc album tagging
  98. Multi-Encoder - Conductor tag empty
  99. Tracks Rip and then some dissapear?
  100. My any CD/DVD NOT recognized anymore !?
  101. CD drive not found
  102. Wish List - Dynamic Album tagging
  103. CD drive no longer rips discs
  104. ID Tag Editor?
  105. No tagging on Mac
  106. C2, Drive and encoding questions
  107. AccurateRip key discs and VirtualBox
  108. How to: (Big FLAC + CUE) => Separate FLAC files?
  109. Automatic CD Rip on Insertion as Service
  110. Perfect Meta - How do you correct something like this?
  111. Random errors accessing .IGNORE files
  112. Confused by this error message
  113. Finding INACCURATE rips or scratched cd's once I'm done?
  114. ripping no longer works
  115. Multi Encoder ripping
  116. Certain ID Tags Incorrect for MP3s
  117. create a text file of rip results after a rip without having to re do a cd rip
  118. After rip in FLAC file is o in lenght
  119. CD-Text data priority? CD+G?
  120. Some pre-purchase questions...
  121. Length of last song extremely long
  122. Re-ripping large number of frames
  123. Auto rip
  124. Start of Cd Ripper very slow (70 secs)
  125. Having difficulty with 'character/word replacement'...
  126. Error with reading very big track on Audio CD
  127. Rules regarding dbpoweramp's treatment of AMG Ratings?
  128. Tagging Question When Ripping
  129. CD Ripper not picking up album info
  130. Automatically adding ripped music to iTunes Library
  131. Lower Bit Rate???
  132. FLAC Encoding Settings?
  133. BSOD: dBpa & HP TS-LB23L. Drive works with other apps, dBpa works with other drives.
  134. C2 Support
  135. Problem: RIP Not, Convert Yes
  136. problem with forward slash ( /) (dec47) in artist and album artist field
  137. I have tried several times to add the Nero AAC encoder...
  138. Metadata conversion and WAV
  139. Cannot get album art
  140. Ripping error: unable to read CD
  141. CD Ripper on Mac using Codeweavers CrossOver
  142. Ripping Compilation CD's - Unable to retreive Metadata.
  143. CD ripper refuses to RIP my REM CD to FLAC
  144. CD artwork - how to add to rip?
  145. Retain tag after Rip As 1 run
  146. Need higher res Folder.jpg covers
  147. CD Ripper R14 and AMG Activation
  148. Rip to Cuesheet, no logfile?
  149. some question?
  150. dbpoweramp has stopped working
  151. dBpoweramp nearly comes to stand still
  152. album art?
  153. Says in accuraterip but not in accuraterip
  154. Cd Tag Info Display on Playback
  155. CD Ripper "Not Responding" when running multiple drives. (50,000 CDs)
  156. program suggestion for ripping DVD Audio like DBPoweramp
  157. The last three new CD's I purchased will not rip in accurate rip??
  158. Apple releases ALAC as open source - will it be incorporated in dBpoweramp?
  159. GD3 and 14.2
  160. current version of apple loss option is it the new open source version?
  161. What do you for compilation CD's
  162. CD Ripper - GD3 & Album Art Lookup
  163. most compatable cross device settings in dbpoweramp configuration for apple lossless
  164. Last track extremely slow on HDCD
  165. Best drive to buy?
  166. Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock]
  167. Toshiba Thrive voice recognition for renaming tracks
  168. How to upgrade LAME MP3 codec in CD Ripper to LAME v3.99
  169. Frequent mp3 errors
  170. CD ripper won't start
  171. Where are ripper settings stored? Built new PC, need to transfer settings.
  172. Importing/changing Track names
  173. Cannot retrieve metadata from GD3
  174. How do I get SonataDB for Metadata?
  175. Secure Rip not secure... (errorfree)
  176. How much does secure ripping stress CD-drives?
  177. Two CD's, same Artist, how to save separate artwork for each?
  178. Question about Interpolate, Abort, Defective By Design
  179. Extremely slow encoding
  180. Database of ripping outcomes?
  181. How to Interpret Extraction Log
  182. Cover Art issue
  183. Scanner Dialog Box Drop-Down List Problem
  184. How to add Back cover or liner notes
  185. CD with no scratches receives errors
  186. Hang under VmWare Fusion 4 when inserting CD
  187. Ripping to FLAC Questions
  188. Cannot see album art in main view, saving report of a ripped cd and replace album art
  189. Ripping with NO internet
  190. What is the difference between FLAC Compressed 0 and FLAC uncompressed?
  191. Insecure?
  192. Conflicting accurate rip results
  193. How to add graphic_front_cover to VORBIS_COMMENT METADATA?
  194. Rip well but encoding is very slow
  195. Diiferences in Extraction Logs from two versions of CD Ripper
  196. When ripping CD's does not get gaps between tracks correct on some
  197. Simulated Damaged Disc for "Detecting C2 Support" (Real Disc or Burned Disc?)
  198. CUE Sheet Settings
  199. Suddenly can't rip!
  200. GD3 & Music Brainz not available in registered 14.2
  201. Automatic Metadata Naming - "/" corrupts naming
  202. Is this ripped accurately?
  203. Ripper Help: Can't find advanced configuration screen
  204. Gapless ripping
  205. Album Art Issues in WMP12
  206. Replay Gain not Working (Sansa Clip Zip)
  207. Creating Sort tags
  208. Systematic error when ripping
  209. Editing Album Information After Rip?
  210. GD3 problem
  211. dbpoweramp cache does not seem to work
  212. CD Ripper & WINE: Audio CDs not detected
  213. multi-track rip to single mp3?
  214. DSP Effect (ReplayGain)
  215. Lyrics Embedded in FLAC?
  216. warning that CD has already been ripped?
  217. Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper
  218. Mixed Track Order From Ripped CDs: How To Correct
  219. CD Ripper library folder
  220. CD's are ejected before they can Rip
  221. Directory File Structure with Folders: How to do it?
  222. Not sure I understand ReplayGain options when ripping.
  223. Warnings When Ripping
  224. Running as limited/standard user in Windows 7 64 bit (demo mode)
  225. m3u playlist
  226. Acronova DupliQ CD/DVD Duplication System
  227. Can't Review MetaData in new version
  228. Format of applied tags (Composer and Genre)
  229. Thanks for a Great Product
  230. AccurateRip: No / Secure: Yes
  231. Removing multiple album arts
  232. new user problems
  233. Rip Status
  234. New install - migration shortcuts
  235. ripping speed setting ignored?
  236. CD Ripper (Not Responding) after Meta Button Pressed
  237. ripping and Sooloos
  238. My FLAC files are smallllll
  239. accurate rip - problem with new drive?
  240. CD Ripper doesn't connect with Accuraterip and PerfectMeta
  241. Problem with CD Ripper
  242. Drive Recommendation
  243. Can't rip with external blu-ray drive
  244. Version number of my software & new releases
  245. How to remove [artist].txt after finishing a rip
  246. Everything seems different in dbpoweramp suddenly?
  247. Ultra secure - correct number for Max?
  248. Read into lead in/lead out
  249. No album art
  250. CD Ripper is crashing my Windows 7 Computer