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  1. Last track consistently being ripped secure
  2. Problem downloading 'just purchased' reference R14
  3. Public Opinion
  4. Recommend Free FLAC ID TAG Software
  5. Unable To Rip into FLAC
  6. Does Nero AAC work on Win7 64-bit?
  7. How to remove metadata in CD Ripper
  8. SonataDB
  9. File Name Restricted Characters Request
  10. Custom Tags Not Stored in Local Cache
  11. Can't submit metadata to AMG/Freedb
  12. Version 14
  13. Disc is in AccurateRip DB... tracks are not.
  14. Error reading ... file does not exist '-'
  15. How to rip dj mixed albums
  16. Experiencing slow and inaccurate rips since upgrading to R14
  17. Multi-CPU Ripping not enabled in r14 reference
  18. Brand Spanking New but Erroneous
  19. Force "test and copy" and skip AccurateRip
  20. Larger font on ripping screen?
  21. Multi Encoder not Writing Correct File Names
  22. Copy Profile
  23. Track Tagging
  24. dMC-R14-Ref-Registered.exe not a valid Win 32 application
  25. AccurateRip: could you verify against yourself
  26. Error: file does not exist '-' ???
  27. perfectmeta bug?
  28. Error failed to create output file
  29. Adding multiple album art, how?
  30. I need advice for ripping to MP3 and FLAC
  31. Ripping Problem
  32. Virus warning - is it dBpoweramp?
  33. Local Cache Not Being Read
  34. Secure as ripping status of one track
  35. Problem with mp3 ISO Compatibility encoding
  36. Splitting a CD
  37. Rip of first track always inaccurate
  38. AccurateRip and Errors
  39. Problem with ID Tag Processing
  40. No CD Drive Found
  41. Can't open NAS
  42. ID Tag problem
  43. Incorrect offset value for DVD-RAM UJ890AS
  44. Problems with GD3 Cover Art
  45. Windows 7 Starter Edition?
  46. R14: Different appearance in Windows 7 v. XP?
  47. PerfectMeta Sources
  48. How to find register my copy of cd ripper batch converter
  49. Question about index positions & ultra secure passes
  50. a pattern is emerging
  51. Windows too big and can't be resized
  52. Track without leading zero in filename?
  53. dbPoweramp, WHS vs RipNAS Essentials
  54. Having trouble ripping a CD, "Vexille" Soundtrack
  55. Problem with ripping
  56. Artist Field, First and Last Names
  57. How to edit the list of genres?
  58. Problem with AccurateRip in R14 ?
  59. DBPoweramp 14 - CDGrab.exe - Problem
  60. Secure Rip Does Not Work Very Good For Me
  61. Extraction Log Questions & Issues
  62. Turn Off Ratings & Album Art
  63. What setting to rip the absolute best file possible
  64. Ripping problems
  65. How long should it take to secure rip a track?
  66. Mismatched CRC red, re-prip, same CRC green
  67. UI not responding while retrieving metadata
  68. Unable to read CD error
  69. PerfectMeta matching discrepancy between artist and album artist
  70. Pioneer 112D vs LITE-ON 52327S
  71. Sort by composer then artist
  72. Write Metadata File tags _cdgap, _cdindex
  73. WMP losing flac tags . . .
  74. UI does not refresh on CD insert
  75. CLI encoder + flac.exe > "Highest Quality Decoded Source" needed?
  76. Secure extraction log naming and various artists
  77. Custom tag "Involved people list" saved to mp3, not to wave
  78. Errors when using custom "write metadata file" DSP wirth custom XSLT
  79. submissions to FreeDB rejected
  80. Secure Mode Test Reports No Read Buffer? Probably a Win 7 Error?
  81. ID-Tag problem during playback with Denon AV-receiver
  82. PerfectMeta - no SonataDB
  83. Naming Assistance Requested
  84. R14 Meta review window too big and not resizeable
  85. Ripper and foo_verifier give different confidence numbers
  86. CD Ripper..Album Art
  87. Best quality for listening on iPod from CDs
  88. mp3 won't play in the car
  89. Help needed with Naming when ripping
  90. AccurateRip database query?
  91. CD with holes says Secure?
  92. Not encoding with R14?
  93. Correct incorrect offsets
  94. dBp vs. cuetools
  95. How do I replace {CR} with semi-colon?
  96. dbpoweramp does not see my cd in an Atapi drive
  97. CDRipperCache.bin problem
  98. CD not detected by CD Ripper
  99. Different confidence rating with R14 and R13.5/EAC
  100. Why archive to wav when you can archive to flac
  101. Album Art
  102. Different Results w/ C2 Drive
  103. Metatag configuration
  104. How to tell if CD was checked against the old or new CRC?
  105. A couple of questions
  106. Album Art problem in Ogg Vorbis [dBpoweramp CD Ripper R14]
  107. Cover art facility in R14 won't show full size
  108. Upgraded R13.5 (purchased) to R14 Trial, now PerfectMeta is disabled
  109. CD Ripper R14 Trial: Full Functionality?
  110. year settings
  111. CD drive slow NLY when using dp Pamp ripper?
  112. Rip a CD with only one track
  113. Key Disks
  114. Flac glitches/skips/drop outs.
  115. Consistency of AR results across programs
  116. more meta data
  117. Long delay to end of rip if last track "error"
  118. Can't find documentation for automation of CD ripper
  119. How to automatically rip on CD insertion?
  120. Cannot Get AccurateRip to Work
  121. New to DBPoweramp - files much smaller than estimate
  122. Can I use aBpoweramp on more than one computer.
  123. Need a new burner...What should I get.
  124. problem with 64bit, not present with 32bit
  125. Same song, 2 ripper, 2 very different spectral view !?
  126. Trialling dbpa cd ripper
  127. Newby : Rip Status
  128. Bug in dynamic naming for multi-CD sets
  129. Buying DB CD ripper - which version?
  130. K2HD CD 24-bit / 100 kHz
  131. file naming problem
  132. Near zero bitrate on some "secure" files
  133. Questions on how to playback ripped CDs
  134. Combining tracks to a single file??
  135. Multi Encoder DSP's not working
  136. Inconsistency in reporting from AccurateRip, CueTools, and EAC log
  137. CD Ripper suddenly starts crashing
  138. CD-Ripper R14 needs app. 80 sec. to start.
  139. Ripping CD to FLAC and mp3 in one session
  140. accurate rip query
  141. AMG All Media Guide
  142. Batch Track Number Tagging
  143. Delay in metadata
  144. last track error
  145. Ripper now ripping at 0.6
  146. Serious Ripping Issue with dBpoweramp R14
  147. Naming scheme...
  148. more detail in the guides
  149. AccurateRip and Secure ripping
  150. Directory Issue with Ripping
  151. amg disabled
  152. What to do about CDs without Metadata?
  153. Trouble with album art
  154. Best CD/DVD drive for ripping
  155. Is there much diff in sound quality from 5
  156. Is this the best setting to copy my 562 cd collection???
  157. OK What am I doing wrong?
  158. Resample.dll faulting
  159. Disappearing optical drive?
  160. In Accurate Rips......
  161. Functions for test
  162. Question about importing a compilation cd....
  163. Is this company a absolute rippoff
  164. Using internal DVD drive externally
  165. Adding Album Art?
  166. Qucik question about Replay Gain....
  167. [?] rip & create playlist
  168. meta button?
  169. Edit Genre Question
  170. Multi encoder not working?
  171. Why is all the music I rip a little longer than....
  172. Featuring artists - help
  173. Confidence number in Accurate Rip
  174. Confusion over m4a codec installation.
  175. HDCD decoding
  176. Ultra Secure Question!
  177. HDCD DSP Plugin non-HDCD Amplification Happening
  178. New CD, One Track Reported as Inaccurate.
  179. How to get my DVD/CD on accuracy list
  180. Slimtype can't get accurate rip , key disk is wrong
  181. Is this HTOA?
  182. Use CD Ripper on iMac running Parallels 6.0
  183. Anyone know how to view tags CD Ripper does not show?
  184. Multi Encoder and Replay Gain
  185. Newbie ripping a burnt CD
  186. Who must read the "replay gain" info?
  187. What does the "Compilation" button do?
  188. Consistent errors in early tracks
  189. Ripper stopped writing accurateripresult tag?
  190. 24 bit?
  191. Error opening file, check no other program has it open
  192. Archiving to ALAC
  193. Contributing Artist vs Soloists
  194. How to rip without Accurate Rip?
  195. Can't launch CD ripper
  196. dBpoweramp CD Ripper icon disappears from task bar
  197. Missing Artist column
  198. Next database update?
  199. Best method for ripping multi-CD box-sets?
  200. Is this rip accurate?
  201. Upmixing Channels Using Dolby PLII
  202. Help with naming convention?
  203. Drive read cache settings and another question
  204. notice some metadata does not show up in windows 7 compared to windows xp
  205. need download link for the need link ref 14 power pack of cd ripper & batch converter
  206. CD's created with CD writter do not show up in AccurateRip
  207. Moving programme to another PC
  208. Extremely slow ripping AIFF and WAV
  209. To C2 or not C2
  210. Missing album tracks after successful rip.
  211. Is my CD drive useless for ripping?
  212. dbpoweramp new install not working
  213. Can Meta Data be changed after rip?
  214. programs that show detailed info of songs after ripping or converting
  215. Ripper not recognising CDs
  216. Ripping issues from an iMac
  217. Is this rip accurate? .accurip result differs from .log
  218. Dynamic MetaTag Naming & Creating Playlists
  219. CD Ripper Hanging
  220. is this normal ?
  221. Metatag Anomaly
  222. Opendisc CD kills drive
  223. Re: TEAC CD-224E Slimline USB 2.0 External 24X CD-ROM Drive
  224. Suggestions for a new external USB ripper to buy?
  225. One day it decides to report error and not rip
  226. Album art commerical use
  227. Replaygain and album art for Sonos
  228. Is this doable?
  229. Why does my rip speed go to 40x when I have it set to 4x speed?
  230. New User!
  231. Choppy Audio When Playing CD Through CD Ripper
  232. Edit artist name
  233. 64-bit
  234. Scratched Disks and C2 errors
  235. CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2011
  236. Wrong Album selected
  237. weird error message while trying to install my registerd ref pack
  238. Don't like how artist names have comma in them
  239. Album Art for Classical CDs
  240. missing batch ripper & cd writer after upgrade to the registered 14 version
  241. 99.9% Track Quality ?
  242. New User - UI and Meta comments
  243. Asus CD-S400/A
  244. cdgrab.exe shuts down
  245. Feature request--map accurateripresults to comment tag
  246. Lite-on IHAS124Y - not shown?
  247. CDTOC and CD-Text
  248. Possible Bug - Occasional Metadata Missing on WMA files even when filenames have it.
  249. non ripping rips
  250. Naming convention - more elements