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  1. Label not written
  2. One track on pristine disc wont rip
  3. Most efficient codec
  4. Allow disc with no meta data to be ripped
  5. Very ODD problem ripping to FLAC....please help?
  6. Hidden track not read
  7. DBPA or EAC
  8. [Bug] Pre-emphasis not consistently shown
  9. Album Art Problems
  10. [IFVALUE] not liking comma in string
  11. Rip manufactoring-defective CDs as "Defective By Design"?
  12. help with my ATAPI iHAS220
  13. AMG license + dBpoweramp 13.1
  14. Insecure + no interpolation = Burst?
  15. AccurateRip
  16. Ext USB; PX-608U and SE-S224Q any good?
  17. Please help! Offset for BENQ - DVD LS DW1655 [Purged]???
  18. <1 sec length, yet in AccurateRip?
  19. Ripnas Dual Encoding
  20. Album Art - Better from Windows Media Player or Perfect Meta?
  21. How to edit (store) previously ripped CDs ??
  22. Can't get my cdrom configured on new IBM laptop
  23. Ripping with alb file
  24. Rip as One
  25. Strange secure rip behaviour, please advise
  26. Ripping problems
  27. My baddest successful rip log yet, I think ;-)
  28. Ripping Distorts Streaming Music - New Problem
  29. Ripping Liee Cds
  30. dbpoweramps cd ripper causes blue screen of death or sudden reset of entire system
  31. System Freezing In Vista
  32. LAME Options
  33. ID3v2 tag separator
  34. How to copy album gain to track gain while ripping?
  35. Problem with META lookup
  36. FLAC and MP3: track ReplayGain the same?
  37. ID tags but no album art
  38. Confused -- rip aborted, yet it still ripped?
  39. Can you automate [m4a Optimize]?
  40. Error with only minimum ultra passes?
  41. 800x600 display problem
  42. I have a weird problem with accurate-rip.
  43. Is there a good DVD ripper to copy dvd's to my hard drive?
  44. [BUG] CD Ripper freeze when...
  45. New SATA DVD-RW drive
  46. Error Writing to Server When Ripping
  47. PerfectMeta has Expired?
  48. Cd Ripper doesn't see CD
  49. Two simple questions
  50. auto-naming cover art
  51. AccurateRip Configuration Question
  52. Custom Meta on all rips
  53. Tracks Secure, yet different results.
  54. Slow Ripping
  55. AccurateRip not recognizing key disks
  56. Missing metadata in Windows XP Pro
  57. CD drive config in 13.1
  58. What do you use to modify FLAC tags?
  59. CD Ripper v13.1 - Pauses Between Rips
  60. HDCD not working with WMA Lossless?
  61. Can the option for the Ripper be changed?
  62. AMG activation not activating
  63. Can't configure Accuraterip...
  64. Unable to edit Compilation Artist
  65. Track numbers in Accurate Rip
  66. Where is '(Disc X)' coming from in my naming scheme for Multi-Disc CD's?
  67. Accuracy/Confidence??
  68. Lonnnnng re-rip? 2300 frames?!?
  69. folder/file structure?
  70. dsp effects
  71. Setting up genres
  72. Upgraded to R13.1 and no access to amg, gd3, musicbrainz
  73. Apple Lossless Options
  74. Secure Ripping - What does it mean
  75. ASPI vs. Native
  76. Album Cover not found
  77. Adding CD Track Nmes Prior to Ripping - Easier Way?
  78. CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2008
  79. Cd ripping and Lame eoncder
  80. Secure ripping..
  81. Unconnected/Transfer question?
  82. Green CRC?
  83. CDripper locks up everything
  84. 1st track fails 1 minute in, all the rest fail at 15 seconds
  85. dBpoweramp not displaying meta data correctly
  86. AMG Lookup outside of DBpoweramp
  87. Editing Track Name?
  88. Quirks or Noob Misunderstanding?
  89. Disabling filters [LAME] & dB version question
  90. Individual Bad Frame off?
  91. Secure ripping under WINE?
  92. What settings should i choose for perfect rips?
  93. XMCD Parsing
  94. AccurateRip Profile
  95. Laptop recommendations
  96. CDPlayer.ini update trouble in ripping CD
  97. CD Ripper Hang
  98. Judging C2 Implementation
  99. Question regarding AMG submission/retrieval methodology
  100. My rips are slow in burst mode
  101. Where is secure rip function in trial?
  102. Controlling Output Volume of Converted File
  103. Unable to retrieve ISRC
  104. Two instances of CDGrab.exe - Eject button
  105. Registration Question-CD Ripper
  106. LG GSA-H62N drive read cache and C2 support?
  107. AccurateRip and UltraSecure Passes
  108. Perfectmeta vs. CD-Text
  109. EAC/dbpoweramp different wave file size
  110. A Question of Size
  111. Throw darts at this... WMA-LL, Re-ripping, "best practices"
  112. Question on "clean passes" in ultrasecure when c2 is enabled.
  113. AccurateRip ID
  114. How does the star rating work?
  115. Disappointed with CD Ripper
  116. Mark Track Error if Insecure
  117. Strange Behavior of CD-Ripper After Listening
  118. What provider has >=500x500 album art?
  119. Adding musicians to metadata
  120. Uber-Newbie needs HELP! NAS-Denon AVP-WMP/WMC integration.
  121. Problematic naming conventions for Flac-tags: different in various programs???
  122. Not getting album art
  123. Vista x64 Throws Win32 Error on Installation
  124. Cannot rip any CD. Errors all over :(
  125. Frequency Of AccurateRip data update
  126. Ripping Problem
  127. Multiple Album Art Output possible?
  128. Ripping setting
  129. Adding LAME presets to CLI encoder
  130. Rip copies that can be burned as original
  131. Feature Request: report spurious C2 errors...
  132. AMG Data Issues
  133. Is it in AccurateRip or Not?
  134. Deciphering what the CD ripper says
  135. 2 Tagging Questions
  136. 79 min track - 40 mins to rip
  137. Unable to connect to Accuraterip?
  138. Help me with the CD ripping naming string I need?
  139. Perfectmeta - AMG: Remove Last [XXX] From Album Title
  140. Rejected Discs/Files
  141. Unable to read FLAC tags in Tag & Rename, mp3Tag, The Godfather or Jaikoz
  142. CD Ripper R13.1 - Tag Problems
  143. Upload album art to AMG, etc.?
  144. Unable to submit metadata
  145. CD Ripper tracks stuck at 99%
  146. C2 causes audio pops
  147. Bug in AIFF encoder - dropping samples
  148. How do you prevent overwrite of ripped MP3 files when the track title is identical
  149. Increasing volume level AFTER rip - possible?
  150. "no cd drive" error
  151. How to see rip status after rip completed
  152. CD Ripper: noticing inserted discs...
  153. Disk plays but does not rip?
  154. Multiple output files?
  155. Re-ripping and stress on CD drive
  156. Key Disk can not be used - for disks in
  157. Using the Multi Encoder codec
  158. Overwrite protection setting
  159. ripping but not pulling thro the artwork
  160. Write ID Tags -> Checksum
  161. Hissing noise at the end of WAV tracks
  162. Small bug: Compilation- & other perfect meta bug
  163. Compilation tagging
  164. AMG acces
  165. A very Newbie
  166. Problem with CD Ripper and Phantom Burner.
  167. BUG: dbpoweramp CD ripper crashing on overwrite
  168. Why all those folders when I ripp?
  169. Problem with my driver Pioneer DCR-102
  170. Tags Swapped on 2 Disc Compilation
  171. HDCD Identification
  172. Disc Repair
  173. dbPowerAmp does not recognize my CDROM and the offset. HELP ME!!!
  174. Re-rip or Re-tag?
  175. PerfectMeta Activation under WINE?
  176. Debug option request
  177. What's best kHz “encoder setting” for Windows Media Audio 10 Pro codec @ Quality VBR?
  178. CD identification under dbpoweramp
  179. Track dropped out of accurate database?
  180. Ripping gapless discs?
  181. Compilation tag not being passed using [Multi Encoder]
  182. AMG Subscription Expired - Purchased Reference 10/08
  183. Accurate Rip CODES?
  184. Rejecting discs on first track error
  185. Help on file naming... I already STF
  186. dBpoweramp + Music NFO Builder = Problems!
  187. Loads Of 'missing' Tracks
  188. AccurateRip problem with the soundtrack of the movie "The Rock". (brand new CD).
  189. A Tale of Two Disc Drives...time to swap again?
  190. Ripping to shared network folder
  191. FLAC tags
  192. Error while ripping CD to mp3
  193. Defective Disc: unreadable @ 8x speed, no errors @ Maximum?
  194. Aiff Tags
  195. C2 - Rip slowdown, Something wrong or not ?
  196. * of passes during rip?
  197. Album Artist Issue
  198. Multi Encoder - anomolies or misunderstood behaviour
  199. CD Ripper results
  200. Track naming
  201. Artist Separator
  202. Encoder.txt Question
  203. Can I install a tag editor on Windows Home Server?
  204. Can't find Multi-CPU option
  205. AccurateRip tool
  206. Problem since registration on SECURE rip
  207. rync algorithm useful for accuraterip?
  208. RIPNas failure
  209. Track Tag in FLAC
  210. Starting over...how would YOU proceed?
  211. Insecure with Green CRC
  212. New Drive
  213. Problems displaying album artwork
  214. If statement
  215. Catalog * tag
  216. Determining Aluminum Macbook Drive Offset (XLD Mac OS X)
  217. C2 Error Pointer Questions
  218. Metadata Tag Characters ANSI now UTF-16
  219. What is faster: dual rip or single rip and convert?
  220. :cry:CD Ripper causes Blue Screen of Death on Certain CDs
  221. re-install
  222. high re-rip frame count on a few tracks in the first pass, no problem second pass
  223. FTP Transfers
  224. Can I stop sending meta-data changes?
  225. New Plextor 230A issue
  226. Metadata not complete when ripping
  227. No CD drive found
  228. C2 error pointers asking-the-obvious question
  229. Can You Help Please
  230. Error ripping to FLAC, no error ripping same file to wav
  231. Question about how CD Ripper works.
  232. Should I use Replay Gain on Flac rip?
  233. Question about my drive.
  234. Eq Plug-In slider interval question
  235. Ripping limited to 3.9X
  236. No Album Art showing up on my CD Ripper
  237. No standard Album Art sizes
  238. Older 25y/o CD's rip better than new ones?
  239. Filename different with/without multi-enc
  240. iTunes Artwork
  241. How do I get CDRipper to rip in flac, not wav?
  242. Folder.jpg hidden
  243. dbpoweramp CD ripper reference
  244. will not find the cd
  245. AccurateRip and CD copies
  246. CD ripper won't start
  247. How can i use Pass Technology effectively
  248. 2 cds or more
  249. How do I set dBPoweramp to embed album art in each FLAC file?
  250. AccurateRip 2