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  1. Blu-Spec CD2
  2. AccurateRip: Rip is not getting accepted into AR db, how come?
  3. Detecting errors
  4. PC to Mac, do I have to re-purchase?
  5. Song Title Capitalization
  6. New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working
  7. Can anyone help with my v16 issue?
  8. Disc detection problems
  9. Error logs
  10. Beginnings of songs cut off
  11. Incorrect Artwork
  12. Weird problem with "once around" dropouts
  13. Cannot rip new CD: Unable to open File for Writing [clEncoder::BeginConversion]
  14. Automatic disc eject after rip completion
  15. Restricted characters in logfile path
  16. Metadata Question
  17. Metadata regarding singer, drummer, guitar etc available anywhere?
  18. CPU Encoding Stuck at 0% (Version 16.6)
  19. Personal stats DBpoweramp
  20. HDCD Errors
  21. Cue sheet on a MAC
  22. Nimbie stops after one disc
  23. Newbie desperately needs help Mac OS
  24. Unsolved problem: dbpoweramp can not rip cd's with manufacturing errors
  25. How to make dbPoweramp tag in WAV files when ripping
  26. CD Drive Accuracy 2019
  27. File naming help needed
  28. Changing sleeve art after the fact
  29. Importing album details from a previous rip
  30. CD Ripper Not Retrieving Metadata
  31. Ordered and paid for reference version for Mac, received Windows instead
  32. How do you enable or disable Accuraterip database submission?
  33. Can't configure Accuraterip with SATA adaptor
  34. New Nimbie Setup problem
  35. Add ability to find pre-emphasis in the sub?
  36. Sleeve Image Coming in Rotated
  37. HDCD rip settings
  38. Naming "composer" prior to title
  39. Looking for advice on glacial, on/off reading pattern with secure ripping
  40. Multi Encoder won't allow 2 destination folders
  41. Error unable to open File
  42. Dartagnan Cannot Find Meta-Data
  43. CD Writer not working
  44. CD won't rip
  45. Metadata not found - iTunes finds it.
  46. BWF (Broadcast Wave Files) tags?
  47. Can't Create Profile
  48. Secure Rip Skipping
  49. iOS version rips to "document"
  50. Digital destortion of tracks when ripping into 16/44 KHZ mono
  51. Help with copy protected CD rip results
  52. Weird problem - some tracks do not copy to iTunes
  53. Had To Replace PC Due to Hard Drive and Mobo Failure - How To Reinstall DB Poweramp?
  54. Multi encoder suddenly stopped working
  55. Building a dedicated PC for CD Ripping Suggestion
  56. Mac Version - saving rip information log file question
  57. Scanning
  58. 5 tracks say "Encoding 99%"
  59. New member and basic ripping set up.
  60. not accurate but "secure" --> actually need EAC for Complete --> Other Way?
  61. AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 1) Secure: Yes [F7DF772B]
  62. Rip 24 Bits 96Khz
  63. C2 pointers test stuck in limbo!
  64. New Drive, Drive Clacking on certain tracks, inaccurate rips
  65. Newbie questions for buying the right pack
  66. Metadata taking very long to load
  67. How to load previous DSP config settings on new computer?
  68. End of track echo... Is this a known bug?
  69. CD not ripping, flashes screen, returns to track listing
  70. CD-Ripper 16.6 Finds Metadata (Sometimes) and then (sometimes) discards it.
  71. [EAC] Question: CDDB.sdf corrupted? Prevents AccurateRip uploads. Possible to repair?
  72. New drive - have a few questions - please help!
  73. Higher sample offset = worse drive?
  74. iTunes is seeing the CD but dbPa isn't. Any idea why?
  75. How to rip 20-second snippets (or extract 20 seconds from a completed ripped track)
  76. Win 7 / Win 10 Reinstall
  77. TAGS: does the UPC actually work?
  78. Where do submitted ripper results go?
  79. Warning before ripping a CD already in your collection
  80. Rip as one - track listings.
  81. dBpa sees one CD as another...
  82. submitting results to AR error
  83. Metadata issues
  84. Ripped Songs won't play
  85. Metadata - Editing Album Artist without impacting Tracks Artists
  86. Inaccurate rip on latest version, accurate on earlier version
  87. Defective rip has CRC of last Burst rip
  88. reinstalled windows an CD Ripper not ripping
  89. HDCD DSP Questions
  90. CD Ripper not ripping to FLAC Help!
  91. CD Drive Sample Offsets Table
  92. Req: The ability to save preferences to a file
  93. Re-rip CD causes errors
  94. CD Ripper Hogs Windows Media Player
  95. Force ripper to match specified MusicBrainz release
  96. Change Tag Name
  97. Add sound to be played when a CD has finished ripping?
  98. Problem Solved!!
  99. Ultra Secure on "trial" download
  100. Auto eject CD when ripping completed?
  101. Tracking Licenses Used
  102. Rejecting tracks with errors, and re-ripping only missing tracks.
  103. Lossless rip at low bit rate?
  104. Secure Extraction Log
  105. Character Clarification
  106. Volume differences ripping from two different dbpoweramp setups
  107. What Is This Showing In The Program
  108. I can no longer submit to AccurateRip
  109. HDCD DSP w/Non-HDCD Discs
  110. Multiple drives on MAC
  111. Spelling Correction in Tags and Meta Data
  112. Error unable to open File...for writing.
  113. macOS Mojave, ripping speed only possible with (Maximum)
  114. General Question
  115. Rip VOB - file
  116. Artwork in Folder vs Artwork on Each Audio File
  117. Ripping Error Questions
  118. Won't retrieve metadata
  119. Look of CD ripper
  120. dBpoweramp hanging
  121. Slow Ripping
  122. CD Ripper - Release 16.6 & OS X Catalina
  123. CD Ripper metadata
  124. Speeding up Ultra Secure rip ?
  125. Discogs metadata doesn't include mix name after title. It should.
  126. Issues with retrieving Meta Data
  127. Use same metadata on multiple cds when ripping
  128. AccurateRip crazy re-rip frames numbers
  129. invisible cd drive
  130. Issues with generating cuesheets
  131. Bulk Ripping
  132. Missing Album Art
  133. New user, working on ripping my first CD
  134. Bug: missing AccurateRip tags
  135. Looking for clarification on these rip results..
  136. Pop noises at start of SOME tracks
  137. Issue with xml (xslt transformation)
  138. File Naming
  139. Losing Album Art (folder.jpg)
  140. Get cover image URL
  141. Compatibility with new Apple OS Catalina
  142. Update to latest version has removed CD Ripper from the PC...apparently!
  143. Need help with Windows 10 to allow my ripper files to be seen?
  144. album splitting
  145. Just installed OS Catalina on my iMac. Now I'm having a problem.
  146. When trying to retrieve cd details correct info flashes up for a second but is replac
  147. AccurateRip support broken ?
  148. Issues With Keeping Fields Populated
  149. Small "Capitalize Tags" bug
  150. Another AR quirk: 2 different rips, both accurate ?
  151. Prospective dbPA R17 release date please?
  152. Replacing AccurateRip Files Quirk
  153. Metadata Retrieval very slow - but i already use Discogs not AMG - help
  154. Error ripping last track
  155. ...v15 - no longer automatically retrieves meta data - freezes when I want to view MD
  156. How can i Rip in .aac
  157. Musicbrainz disc id in filename
  158. RIP CD ON MacBook Pro
  159. How do i save accurate rip tags in PC?
  160. CD Ripper Modifying previous rip Folder files?
  161. Ripping Errors
  162. Constant crashing
  163. Random tracks will not attempt to rip in DBPoweramp.
  164. Disc ID added to Musicbrainz but metadata still not retrieved by CD Ripper
  165. V16.6 not getting metadata from discogs or other providers
  166. Windows 10 S mode
  167. One off error ripping last track
  168. CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List
  169. External CD Drive: Importance of flat surface during rip?
  170. Metadata retrieval
  171. Metadata : Discogs - freedb
  172. AccurateRip Key Disc / offset detection
  173. Ripped CDs sent to Docs File instead of my NAS
  174. Ripped cds are of poor quality or hardly audible
  175. CD Ripper Installation
  176. Bought a new computer
  177. Tracklist cut and paste?
  178. Problems with new CD Drive
  179. Dbpoweramp vs exact audio copy