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  1. How many channels when ripping Mono-Albums to AIFF
  2. Won't RIP, Just constant ERROR on every track. Tried 2 drives
  3. Erratic Behaviour Gathering Metadata and Trying to Rip
  4. What are the best optical drives out there right now (2018)? And some other questions
  5. Inaccurate CD Ripping
  6. CD Ripper locking up upon disc eject
  7. Any point to re-ripping CD's with R16.5 compared to R15.3?
  8. Possible to purchase and run 2 copies of dBpoweramp simultaneously on ONE PC??
  9. Display Values, don't understand ?
  10. Cannot rip a CD which is 85 minutes long
  11. Changing Default Folder
  12. Best Apple Lossless Ripping Settings
  13. Configure the Naming?
  14. Upgraded to verision 16.4.1 and...
  15. Pop Up Windows: Core Converter.exe does not function anymore
  16. Apple Lossless and MP3 Quality
  17. Matrix/Runout - can dBpa auto write this when ripping?
  18. Artist naming confusion: last-name-first, Artist Sort, etc
  19. Track 1
  20. Help Rip Without Frequent Dropouts in Songs
  21. Crash on CD eject since last update
  22. Next AccurateRip update??
  23. Ripping errors on perfectly clean discs
  24. Not Showing in iTunes
  25. Error rip on tracks longer than approximately 5.5 minutes
  26. Maintaining path
  27. saving resuls from Accurate rip
  28. List of songs for an album on iPhone replaced by style.
  29. another newbe thats lost her way
  30. How can I fix tag "ENCODER: FLAC" to "ENCODER: dBpoweramp 16.4" on Mac
  31. RE: Tagging 'Quirky' Question (help?)
  32. Recommended software for ripping DVD-A discs to hi-res AIFF files?
  33. Any plans to add support of MacOS 10.14 Dark Mode?
  34. No Track Names
  35. Sudden loss of meta data
  36. I know how accuraterip works, but what if your cd rom drive reads cd's correctly?
  37. Question: How to show combine several same album art display into one in Volumio?
  38. Can I install DBPoweramp on a Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 NAS ?
  39. Can I install DBpoweramp on NAS running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2
  40. Problem with CD Ripper retrieving Album Cover Art on Windows 2009 R2 Server?
  41. Newish Ripper user - Rip Status Error Messages on 50% or more of attempts?
  42. New Computer - Minimize Recreating configuration
  43. spontaneous random playback
  44. AccurateRip Fails For Entire CD: What To Do?
  45. FLAC Compression Level 8 Question
  46. Change Path of Logfile
  47. Frustrated: How do I rip a book on CD and keep chapters in order?
  48. What happened to the Metadata providers
  49. CD Drive sample offset question [Mac]
  50. Ripping over 30,000 DISCS..
  51. Converter is slower since ths last upgrade
  52. Ripping from multi disc player
  53. Question about Secure Rip Abort settings
  54. C2 Error Pointers: To Use Them Or Not To Use Them?
  55. Audio CD Read Speed and therefor ripping speed limited to just 10x ??
  56. FLAC version dBpoweramp Release 16.5 v1.3.2 or v1.3.3 beta ??
  57. DSP Options - Volume Normalize - EBU R128
  58. Help with error in secure ripping
  59. Help with re-arranging the order of the tags/resultant directory structure
  60. After Ripping / Display Information Log
  61. Network Drives & CD Reader Support
  62. CD Ripper App Crash?
  63. Metadata providers grayed out
  64. Is there a bug or server issue in CD Ripper today?
  65. Has anyone had any luck ripping this CD error-free?
  66. How to update my dBpoweramp version
  67. dBpoweramp CD Ripper Applies incorrect album art to ripped CDs
  68. dBpoweramp CD Ripper does not write AIFF anymore 15.8 & 16.4(1)
  69. MP3 rips are corrupt but FLAC and WAV have no problems?
  70. A quick question about secure rip results...
  71. Can't see my subs in AccurateRip. Is my computer ID banned?
  72. App suddenly stops working
  73. glossary/definition of PerfectTunes AccurateRip results?
  74. Inaccurate & Insecure Results from a Brand New CD
  75. CD-ROM drive with digital output
  76. FLAC ID3v2 Tagging
  77. Can't set CD ROM Ripping Speed any more.
  78. Inaccurate but secure rips...
  79. Two inaccurate rips with dbpoweramp on different drives, fine in EAC?
  80. Ripping cds to my cloud home NAS hard drive
  81. Ripping Cdís using dbpoweramp
  82. Multple workstations, multple users and therefore muliple user profiles
  83. PerfectMeta far from perfect, or so it seems
  84. dBpoweramp/AcurrateRip not recognising my DVD-rewriter offset?
  85. dBpoweramp Ripper Speed
  86. Most Ripped CD
  87. Laptop has no CD drive
  88. Trying to write xml files with CD Ripper
  89. FUA Cache Invalidate
  90. Just to say thankyou
  91. FLAC Files Missing tags/Metadata
  92. ...as described in a number of posts...
  93. Lead-in / Lead-out
  94. Just where does CD metadata come from...and how does PerfectMeta work???
  95. New User - 2 Questions
  96. The Data Is There, Can I Reach It?
  97. "Options" dialog box
  98. Metadata slowness
  99. Unable to retrieve metadata on Mac
  100. best PC config
  101. Write metadata file after the cd was ripped to wav
  102. Error - Unable to open file
  103. No CD Drive Found
  104. Ripnas doesn't rip obscure CDs
  105. CD Ripper Request - "Various Artists" in Album Artist Field
  106. CD Ripper has trouble with CD's That Adobe Audition Does Not
  107. Congrats on a great program, enhancement recommendations
  108. Missing album artwork
  109. Classical Music Naming Scheme
  110. Bought Program - Frustrated w/ Various Artist Issue Problem I Can't Solve *HELP*
  111. Error: Unable to Tag File
  112. Remembering details I have inputted
  113. CD Ripping, What to do???
  114. What does the suffix IGNORE mean
  115. No album art with trial version
  116. What to do with files after ripping?
  117. Flac files will not allow tag editing, why?
  118. Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.
  119. CD reading but not ripping
  120. Cd Ripper 14.4 wont find metadata.
  121. How to play all tracks on a CD
  122. Received an AR message but still Secure
  123. DSP Effects
  124. Tag Values
  125. Audio Converter Tool
  126. Ripping multiple tracks to one FLAC file
  127. Vgp-xl1b
  128. CD Ripper now working this morning. Worked fine during trial period
  129. AccurateRip suddenly unconfigured
  130. Are total tracks and total discs tag not supported by dBpoweramp?
  131. Any way to reassign track numbering manually when ripping?
  132. Length tag filled with integer values (samples ??) instead of duration in "min:sec"
  133. Special Event Soundtrack CDs
  134. album picture missing in flac files
  135. Newby file path question
  136. TTA to FLAC Converter
  137. Editing tag data after CD is ripped and then ejected
  138. What's a current, accurate drive for ripping audio and video discs?
  139. Accurate Rip Fail with Asus SBC-06D2X-U externes Slim Blu-Ray BDXL Combo
  140. Difficulty ripping CD to External Hard Drive
  141. CD rips sound dull
  142. Newest version of CD ripper, whare have the options to change samplerate, bitrate and
  143. Filename & Restricted characters
  144. Retrieving metadata taking forever
  145. Composer/Songwriter
  146. "Item Not Found" error when attempting to copy flac files from one drive to another?
  147. Ripping from a remote CD Drive
  148. Tagging a multi CD box set
  149. accurate rip cd with silent track
  150. (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s) & (MD5_MISMATCH) error questions
  151. CD Ripper reads and then removes CD-Text and CD-ISRC, leaving metadata fields blank
  152. CD Ripper not finding Art and Metadata after registering
  153. High Precision Event Timer (HPET)
  154. Very slow ripping all of a sudden
  155. HDCD ripping tips
  156. dBpoweramp says files are accurate, cuetools says they aren't
  157. Metadata
  158. Error Recovery with Hardware - not with Software
  159. AccurateRip not working in EAC
  160. dmc r16.6 reference trial and secure
  161. DBPoweramp CD-Ripper and CDPlayer.ini
  162. Ripping To Two Different Formats At Once
  163. Multi-Encoder truncating re-sampled files
  164. Adding today's date to a tag automatically
  165. No art found
  166. Regarding Multi-Encoder to FLAC and 320kbps
  167. Front AND back cover
  168. Freedb only available internet metadata source in Power Pack registered version
  169. File names are too long
  170. Track Titles Disappearing in CD Ripper
  171. rip error over and over again
  172. How to do tag editing after the CD has been ripped?
  173. Reduce ripping cores ?
  174. CD Ripper not recognizing drive
  175. CD Ripper Had Worked Perfectly
  176. Is new rips automatically updated in the system?
  177. AccurateRip with more than one drive on computer
  178. CPU Encoding Hang Up
  179. Dynamic Naming adding Catalog * to the file path
  180. Does Inaccurate Necessarily Mean a Ripping Error?
  181. Long term FLAC Archiving, M-DISC, and ultimately parting with my CDs? Thoughts?
  182. MQA-CD : how to get the 24/352.8 flac rip?
  183. Multi disc sets problem
  184. Metadata Disappears
  185. cdgrab.exe - no disk
  186. No PerfectMeta data after upgrade
  187. CD Ripper shows Accurate but Perfect Tunes says inaccurate
  188. Metadata From Existing Files
  189. Using Old Profiles May Not Work After Rebuilding Your PC
  190. Some CDs show the first track with a ridiculous length, and cannot be ripped
  191. Dynamic naming convertiing album to camelcase
  192. Windows - Device Timeout and CoreConverter.exe - Delayed Write Failed
  193. Pioneer Album Art
  194. CD Ripper Hanging after ripping 3 CDs
  195. CD Ripper saving artwork to desktop
  196. Roadmap ahead - ALAC or FLAC w/ Roon. Please help me decide!
  197. Secure Extraction Log File
  198. FLAC checksums - where are they?
  199. [dbPoweramp 16.5 Mac] Rip without breaks
  200. Error Message - Can't Rip
  201. How accurate is the AccurateRip ?
  202. Advice regarding Rip as One
  203. Multi Encoder - not writing second disc in multi-disc sets to log file
  204. Blind user could use some help please
  205. Problems ripping to MP3 Lame
  206. CD Ripper not seeing my disc drive
  207. Track order
  208. Multiple Different Genres on a Compilation
  209. Batch CD ripping / How to get started
  210. Is it possible to limit the maximum ripping speed to less than x24?
  211. Does anyone have a working usb baxter configuration?
  212. Ripping box sets
  213. How to re-rip one (damaged) track?
  214. Configuring AccurateRip
  215. Batch CD ripping with Primera Composer XL but now can't auto-reject on metadata fail
  216. 21-day free trial. Are there restrictions?
  217. CD Naming Conventions
  218. Problem in ripping to wav
  219. How do I get conductor's name to show in Tags
  220. Help with recommendation for which product to purchase
  221. Best Automated Ripper Hardware
  222. How bad would such a Rip be based on these errors?
  223. Modified tags not written to files
  224. Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow
  225. How to reorder naming convention on ripped albums?
  226. No file produced when file is ripped insecure
  227. Rip Status History No Longer Working
  228. For ripping errors - Consider Spoon's thread on CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List
  229. Wndows 10 Pro, 64-bit: When maximized, dBpa prevents task bar from appearing...
  230. AccurateRip Error Message
  231. Asus 24B1ST drive briefly able to set max speeds
  232. Where does the CD Ripper makes his search for the Album Art?
  233. Couple of glitches with 16.6
  234. RimhillEx utility to set drive speed
  235. problems getting album metadata for certain CDs
  236. Delete "Memory" of Previous Rips?
  237. First File 'Error
  238. Metadata disappears suddenly after 4 seconds
  239. rip to existing flac w/o altering tags ?
  240. Unable to install dMC R16.6 Reference Registered
  241. Submit results to AccurateRip from macOS
  242. Where to find old versions of CD Ripper? Current Mac version not working for me
  243. What happened to Metadata
  244. setting the file name of a ripped track
  245. CD Ripper 16.6 keeps freezing on Windows 7-64 bit PC
  246. Composer Only
  247. CD Ripper can't find metadata although Windows Media Player can
  248. Understanding when keeping/making a CUE file is necessary?
  249. New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer
  250. 2 becomes 1