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  1. Offer to Go from R16 for Windows to R16 for Mac (Family Pack)
  2. Latest 16 R3 is freezing loading CDs
  3. CD Ripper - why no "Confirm File Replace" screen when using MULTI Encoder?
  4. Clear Audio Extraction Log
  5. FLAC no results but mpe and wav results
  6. dBpoweramp V.16.3 FLAC tags "apparently" non-existent after rippiong CD
  7. dBpoweramp WAVE encoding + iTunes WAVE decoding...
  8. Chromebook?
  9. No Summary Screen when ripping WAV
  10. Wanting to purchase dbPoweramp CD ripper and have some questions
  11. Possible Bug in writing log in multi-encoder
  12. CDs that will not Rip
  13. Cant rip anything!
  14. A CD Ripper config file would be VERY desirable!
  15. dbpoweramp 16.3/16.4 & FLAC 1.3.2 CPU Problems - A Request
  16. Track order
  17. New User Questions
  18. Multi Core ripping gone
  19. CD ripper does not rip anything
  20. Small file size
  21. dBpoweramp - strange goings on with CD ripping - Help!
  22. When ripping, 1st track ONLY rips 2 passes AND Re-Rips several frames. Why happening?
  23. First rip: two tracks show 1) XAR(2) Secure and 2) AR(2) X Insecure. Do I re-rip?
  24. No Artwork
  25. CD Ripper "Title" disappers
  26. media problems ....
  27. Best software to record vinyl to digital?
  28. Re-Name File Error when Ripping
  29. Sort Profile Drop-Down List?
  30. Where are my flac files?
  31. Unable to Rip
  32. Is "Secure" really necessary? What am I missing?
  33. Bought dBpoweramp Reference R16, Single PC. What now?
  34. Basic Ripping Problems
  35. Squirrly Rip Attempts
  36. MP3 Expired?
  37. Problem configuring AccurateRip (offset doesn't match database)
  38. Slow Ripping
  39. Need advice on ripping hardware and software
  40. CD Ripper Issues
  41. Drive Read Cache(Detect) do not response.
  42. <No CD Drive> after 1,000+ CDs
  43. FLAC Issue
  44. compression level
  45. Naming and file directory structure
  46. Expressions in Rule based Manipulations
  47. lite-on ihas324 F can't rip any CD in dbpoweramp cd ripper .... why?
  48. <no CD drive found>
  49. Unwanted folders created on ripping
  50. CRCv1 CRCv2 CRC32 AccurateRip CRC
  51. "Accurate" vs. "Secure" etc.
  52. Can I download an earlier version of dBpoweramp?
  53. FLAC and autorip issues
  54. Detecting C2 pointers
  55. How easy is it to go from R14.4 to R15.3? How similar are they? What about R16?
  56. Ripper will not see cd drive
  57. Missing Catagories in my Flac Player
  58. Multi CPU Ripping won't work anymore...
  59. Multiple folders
  60. Ripping taking too long!
  61. Problems ripping a CD
  62. Ripping Multi CD Multi Artist CD's
  63. Moved from R14.4 to R16.4 - Please Explain these Changes (Part 1)
  64. Tracks Ripped Insecurely
  65. my experience with ripping pristine old CD's
  66. Can't find my ripped files!
  67. ripping from online streamed audio?
  68. OSX - Is it possible to start in CD ripper automatically?
  69. Just saying Thanks
  70. Adding Artwork AFTER CD Ripped
  71. Gapless ripping: any changes in recent DBPA versions? What is Gap (Pre-Track) column?
  72. "FLAC: Audio File Passed Verification" - what about when it doesn't pass?
  73. USB optical drive recommendation for problem discs?
  74. Bought release 15 - Was it a lifetime license?
  75. Re-rips going on twelve hours, now.
  76. CD Ripper Rip Status
  77. PerfectMeta not working
  78. Multi Encoder with ReplayGain not Adding Album Gain Tags
  79. please osx autorip
  80. Using a remote CD drive with CD Ripper
  81. How to rip DJ mixes CD's so there are no gaps between tracks
  82. How to override drive offset in database
  83. m3u filename output does not follow filename restricted characters rules
  84. Just purchased upgrade: how to go from trial to full version without losing settings?
  85. CD rip error /upgrade to V16.4 same
  86. CD upsampling directly to FLAC files; How?
  87. Maximum SQ from a CD? 44.1/16? or ???
  88. Does Version R15.3 work with windows xp?
  89. FLAC ripping 0 length and no tags
  90. Output FLAC file only 47 KB instead of 50MB
  91. mp3 error
  92. Perfectmeta Discogs greyed out on R16.4 registered
  93. CD Ripper Rips Only Errors
  94. Chang List Order of Genre Drop-Down Menu (need non-alphabetical)
  95. Complete duffer seeking help - dynamic naming
  96. Adding "style" column to ripper
  97. Silence Detected
  98. Echo in mp3 created from CD with multi encoder on Win10 PC
  99. Error Message: 'Unable To Write ID Tags For ...'
  100. dbPoweramp contains DRM
  101. Error code on all CDs
  102. Adding ripped AIFF folders into I-Tunes not bringing in metadata
  103. Is Dbpoweramp protected from CD DRM's?
  104. DBPoweramp ripper is not detecting a lot of albums recently...
  105. Cannot start rip in Windows 10
  106. Downlaod not succesfull
  107. Can't configure Accurate Rip with GU90N drive.
  108. Can i rip multiple cd's on one computer with multiple cd drives?
  109. Filing conventions not appearing
  110. CDs will not rip since "Windows 10 update"
  111. Can dBpoweramp's setting display other language?
  112. Newbie Question About Ripping to Wave
  113. Tagging - How CD Ripper handles Vorbis/Flac Comment Fields
  114. How to get lyrics
  115. DB Poeramp not picking up titles track listings and art
  116. Every single track inaccurate, every track has pops
  117. Help with "Output to" in CD ripper
  118. Editing the genre pull-down menu
  119. "Rip As One" guidance, please!
  120. Problem to rip CD in flac
  121. Can’t find my file in my network music player
  122. Filenaming not correct
  123. dbPoweramp ripper running more than 1 copy on same computer?
  124. Just ripped my 500'th CD. . .
  125. Problems ripping first track (MacOS)
  126. Delete Track Numbers from File Titles
  127. Ripping on dBpoweramp and streaming to Play-Fi from NAS
  128. CD Ripper Locks Up
  129. Missing columns
  130. dbpoweramp cd ripper (do not answer)
  131. MetaData Taking a Long Time to Retrieve
  132. Is there a way to control secure rips with bad frames
  133. Gapless and Wave
  134. Environmental/mechanical vibration and accurate/secure ripping?
  135. dBpoweramp doesn't find Tags found by iTunes
  136. Can I change the server of freedb?
  137. dBPa on virtualbox requires manual drive-offset entry!
  138. Perfectmeta, GD3, Discogs and Musicbrainz grayed out on 16.4 registered
  139. Regarding CD Ripper's Use..
  140. Ripper Converting Delimiter for Multiple Artists from semicolon to slash
  141. When upgrading .. are settings retained?
  142. No ID Tags
  143. Defective CD - how rip it anyway
  144. Collections missing from AcccurateRip
  145. Accurate rip
  146. Disc Number Also Displaying Disc Count
  147. Missing CD/DVD Drive
  148. CD in perfect mint conditions but CD ripper reports bad frames
  149. Mac OS install and Synology NAS: how do I reset the settings?
  150. CD Ripping Speed
  151. CD ripper very slow to find data
  152. Control Center Set up and Windows Explorer Columns Questions.
  153. "Detecting Gaps / Indexes" - what exactly is it? And can the box be moved?
  154. Error converting to FLAC
  155. Keeps Re-ripping
  156. How to rip a MQA CD to enjoy Hi-res music
  157. Accurate Rip Problem - SATA UHD in USB3 Enclosure
  158. No metadata on some CDs within same box set.
  159. Opera Box Sets
  160. Can you add a custom tag?
  161. Question A Little Off Topic
  162. Does downloading metadata and album art use Javascript?
  163. CD ripper doesn´t recognize CD drive
  164. Proper path setting
  165. Drive Recommendation and availability?
  166. AccurateRip Software Linux
  167. CD Ripper Fails Consistently On Brand New PC
  168. Sorting and searching box sets
  169. CD Ripper can't access metadata providers
  170. Meta data taking a long time to appear
  171. OS X - Multivalue tags not written if entered in CD Ripper Meta tab window
  172. dBpoweramp external drive
  173. Unable to download registered product, tech advice needed
  174. How Long to rip FLAC uncompressed
  175. OSX/Flac – SORT tags do not catch all values of a multivalue tag field such as Artist
  176. MF Digital DP6-7604
  177. dBpoweramp will not configure
  178. Loss of 'Tab/Next Fld' functionality when upgrading to R15/16 from R14.
  179. ripper no longer getting metadata for CDs
  180. CD Ripper crashes everytime disc is ejected
  181. learning naming setups: how to delete configuration you created:
  182. Files don't have metadata
  183. Only Metadata being written, no music (v 16.4)
  184. CDs won't rip on Windows 10 but do rip in Mac OS X 10.11.6
  185. CD Ripper doesn't retrieve ANY meta data
  186. Any Known conflicts with CD ripper - Win10 - mediamonkey player
  187. CD Ripper No Longer Ripping to FLAC or MP3 - No Error Messages
  188. Rip to temp with multi encoder
  189. Metadata not showing up for recent releases
  190. CD Ripper OSx - WAV format Unknown Album
  191. Upgrade
  192. Different metadata on a same cd between R16-Mac/R14.4-Windows
  193. C2 stopped working on this drive?
  194. Problems ripping HDCD on mac: Exporter at 0%
  195. DbPoweramp ripper not reading any cd's
  196. Problem Ripping a CD on Mac, but Rips fine on Windows...
  197. Artist name appears in front of every track??
  198. Help: low volume
  199. 4K Display Problems.
  200. First track of each CD is usually "inaccurate"
  201. CD Ripper Hanging
  202. Music Folder
  203. FUA Cache Clearing
  204. How to reset accuraterip settings
  205. ...Cannot Copy MP3 from PC to Android
  206. Profile settings
  207. Program hangs accessing scanner (Albulm artwork)
  208. Retaining MQA data when ripping
  209. Consistent error message on ripping
  210. Ripper stops before end of track
  211. 16.4 CD Ripper Tag Issues
  212. CD's ripped with dBpoweramp not displayed properly
  213. Continue to get message when ripping
  214. CD Ripper trial allows only one user to add/change profiles
  215. iTunes
  216. Why are the Windows files properties inconsistent between FLAC and mp3?
  217. How to change "Dynamic Naming" settings for multi-disc albums, compilations, etc
  218. What settings to use for ripping SACD discs?
  219. Ripping stopped working on Windows 7
  220. unable to retrieve mata data
  221. MultiCD titles
  222. Nero Recode 2018
  223. Delay in providing metadata
  224. CD Ripper language
  225. Ripping Error on Secure, but not on Burst or DBD?
  226. Metadata Delays in CD Ripper
  227. DSP Setting on CD Ripper
  228. Bug - Multi CD Displaying Wrong Preview
  229. dbpa CDRipper & CD pre-emphasis detection
  230. How to create new album art for a local band's CD?
  231. Unable to load encoder Audio CD error message
  232. dbpoweramp CD Ripper no Longer retrieves meta data and hangs when I try.
  233. best ripping parametrers
  234. Stored filename schemes in Naming field dropdown menu
  235. go to WD NAS to modifyor delete music list
  236. DBPA Control Center - When converting - Drop replayGain ID Tags?.
  237. Novice question on the free version of the CD ripper
  238. Strange Goings On! (PerfTunes/Foobar/Ripped FLACs)
  239. Compilation and Multi CD
  240. No length on ripped tracks
  241. Handling opera's
  242. Failing to find existing discogs entry
  243. Naming convention, what has gone wrong ?
  244. VLC media player
  245. No meta data after upgrade to CD Ripper 16.4
  246. Edit MetaData after ripping?
  247. Track names with slashes are parsed incorrectly?
  248. New to dbpoweramp
  249. Verify Written Audio - pop up message
  250. Apple Lossless encoding error when filename contains both ? and Japanese