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  1. CD plays, but EAC (Accuaterip) will not read one track
  2. dBpoweramp wav Encoder settings
  3. Which mp3 Encoding Setting to choose? Slow? Normal? Fast?
  4. Windows Folder and Ripped Tracks
  5. dynamic tags for Aamzon Cloud?
  6. Odd CDs won't rip correctly. Need advice.
  7. Album Naming Schemes assistance
  8. cd ripper crashing
  9. CD ejects prior to Rip completion
  10. Found a "click" sound in the middle of a track
  11. Getting accurate rip when metadata says I have a differenct CD - how do I correct it?
  12. CD Repair
  13. Submitting data to AccurateRip from a Mac
  14. Why does this window show up... once in a while
  15. db error message: "Unable to write ID tags for..."
  16. Need help interpreting accurate and secure rip results on a single CD
  17. Changing computers
  18. Accurate Rip is Not
  19. Force AccurateRip to recognize a track from compilation CD?
  20. Rip CD Collection/Terrabyte Hard Drive
  21. QNAP/TWONKY problem help required
  22. Different album art for different encoders....
  23. Customizable Year Entry
  24. Track 1 audio missing when music is less than 30 seconds long
  25. Replaygain Warning: Normalisation gain would have resulted in clipping....
  26. Pevent DBPA from embedding cover art
  27. Hardware
  28. Restricted Character options - Different Settings for Filename and Tag?
  29. Which sounds better -24/192 or 32/192?
  30. All in one CD Ripper Drive w/Ethernet & USB outputs . Anything like this exist ?
  31. dBpoweramp suddenly won't rip anything?
  32. Need Some Advice on Ripping
  33. AccurateRip comparing my rips just against my rips?
  34. CDs not recognised
  35. Folder Names Not in any particular order
  36. Misspellings from the Audiobook CD-Rom
  37. How to add track number to the song title tag....
  38. Complimentary Upgrade To R15
  39. How can I burn *.dts to audio CD DTS?
  40. Accuracy
  41. Can't access SecureRip
  42. Increase FLAC Sample Rate/Size (192kHz/24bit)
  43. db Error message!?
  44. Using CD ripper databases to tag music files?
  45. Several miscellaneous questions about CD Ripper
  46. Long Pause (Not Responding) when inserting CD before tracks are recognized
  47. How to change album metadata withour reripping
  48. Naming bug with multi-value tags
  49. MAXLENGTH issue
  50. "Not in accurate rip" -> try again later?
  51. What's the best way to re-write ReplayGain Metadata?
  52. How Does CD Ripper ID My PC
  53. Choose Art button..
  54. Windows 8 & dBPoweramp ; Is W8 a "stable" platform for dBPa ?
  55. Ripping method
  56. File naming for a CD series(???)
  57. A couple of odd things about ReplayGain in DBPA CD Ripper? Problems?
  58. Hight Order Characters
  59. Art Added to File not Saving
  60. Manual offset input
  61. pasadenapal
  62. Ripped Track
  63. External drive recommendations?
  64. Help my CD Ripper has suddenly stopped working
  65. Corer Art ; Could not "copying to clipboard" my Accurate rip results effect this ?
  66. disc drive not in accuraterip ?
  67. v15 Virus Alarm in dbpoweramp-thunk32.exe
  68. PerfectTUNES and R15 Upgrade
  69. Help with compilation album naming schemes
  70. Ripping HDCD CDs to be played with devices without HDCD decoding
  71. Editing naming scheme
  72. R15 Newbie - 1st time use - setup problems
  73. Issue with 'to all' function for composer field in manual meta review
  74. Primera Technology Bravo 4100-series bulk ripper/label printer
  75. Quasi Systematic error on the last sectors
  76. Unknown Artist Folder with Naim Audio n-Stream
  77. Ripping and naming multi cd collections
  78. FLAC encoding produces corrupt file for short silent track
  79. The program gets the same CRC in 2 different drives, but the resulting MP3 files dont
  80. dBpoweramp CoreConverter has stopped working - Windows Error
  81. Database tag lookup sadly weak
  82. Help needed as Db Poweramp ripper has suddenly stopped working
  83. CD Ripper Restrictions?
  84. CD Ripper Ref v15
  85. how to extract CD metadata in dbpowerAmp version 4?
  86. Pefectmeta disabled requires DBPoweramp Reference
  87. Front Album Cover - Back Album Cover
  88. What is the best format / codec for windows
  89. Hidden Track 0 ripping error
  90. flac to wav burn
  91. Acquire from scanner / select scanner buttons not opening option / action windows
  92. A track has clipped through the net and not ripped correctly...
  93. How to rip multi CD sets to produce a single album
  94. CD Ripper Creating Separate Folders For Every Artist
  95. No CD Drive Found issue, but it worked with prev 13.5 Registered & EAC recognizes...
  96. R15 HDCD +6 dB bug/mislabel
  97. Upgrade from R14.2 to R15 - Do I need to reconfig the drive & secure rip setting?
  98. VERY slow Gap and Index detection R14 and 14.4
  99. dBpoweramp CD Ripper Slower with R15
  100. Problem with ripping to FLAC with Nimbie NB21-MBR
  101. Can I add a musical catagory?
  102. Can't find the option to write AccurateRipDiscID tag field when ripping
  103. [R15] Info window mean that something is wrong?
  104. Does CD Ripper label the information it puts on my WAV rips as "ID3"
  105. Double song titles / Wrong Titles
  106. Software is not over writing all files
  107. Create a good rip from two bad ones ??
  108. MP3 player doesn't recognize folder names created with dBpoweramp
  109. stop ignoring data tracks (mixed-mode discs)
  110. Basic Tagging Question
  111. Is it possible to downgrade from v15 back to v14?
  112. Genre Inquiry
  113. Basic Usage
  114. No Meta Data
  115. Ripped CD Spectrum -
  116. AR Database Update
  117. How do I clear path history?
  118. Db poeramp cd ripper not responding
  119. CD Ripper doesn't create files for completed rips
  120. Atlantic Masters CD Errors
  121. Creating folders
  122. Problem configuring AccurateRip on Pioneer BDR-XU03
  123. Ultra Secure Ripping
  124. Use I use CD Ripper or Batch Converter to create MP3s and/or AACs?
  125. Random Explorer Crash when dBpoweramp is installed
  126. Path, folder and Purchase Questions - Ref 15 and Batch Ripper
  127. Reverse
  128. What Data Does Ripper Gather?
  129. CD Ripper not picking up Audio CDs
  130. CD Ripper Crashing Half Way Through A Song
  131. Installing and using WMA in CD Ripper
  132. FLAC Codec 1.3.0
  133. Don't Like How My Tracks Are Identified After The Rip Of A CD
  134. Inaccurate Rip (12)
  135. Data Submission
  136. No audio data after a rip
  137. No audio data after a rip
  138. Need recommendation for entering Sound Recording Copyright Symbol (p in a circle}
  139. What data is submitted to AMG and FreeDB?
  140. No Album Art
  141. ? Force to rip tracks one-by-one?
  142. Use of new feaures
  143. spellng error
  144. Storing of multiple Album ArtWork and Viewing in Foobar2000
  145. How do you update Meta Data after original rip?
  146. Couple of AccurateRip questions about odd behavior with a handful of CD rips
  147. Long time Read
  148. Filename character replacement not working with multi encoder
  149. All the fuss about old plextors
  150. Artist & Album Artist
  151. Question Mark in Song Title
  152. CD's Obsolete
  153. Regarding CD Imprint Artwork
  154. What Does The "i" Mean?
  155. Last track always fails
  156. Cover art database now only finding 3 or 4 cover options, not hundreds!
  157. Cyrus Stream XP, WD duo, DB pow ramp issues
  158. Ripping an IFPI copy-controlled CD: Is it possible in Windows?
  159. Re-rip From Previous Version to Latest Version
  160. Multi encode not creating Artist folders
  161. What's in the container?
  162. Pinoneer DVR-S21LBK + USB 3 != Secure Rip
  163. clicks and burst of white noise at end of rips
  164. Re-Rips lock machine in unrecoverable state with Plextor PX-W2410A
  165. Prg. can't find DSP Effects
  166. Can someone explain this screenshot?
  167. Drive for ripping - is this drive suitable for ripping CD's?
  168. "Warning: Normalisation gain would have resulted in clipping..."
  169. Any Ideas?
  170. New user: Error on every track
  171. Silence Removal not always the same?
  172. Run External After Batch programming
  173. Tell dB CD Ripper where to get meta data
  174. CD's with bonus video track are not correctly ripping
  175. Editing Fle Tags
  176. Embedded Artwork
  177. Rip Status " Not in AccurateRip" database
  178. Cannot paste chosen artwork
  179. Should I feel safe about this rip?
  180. computer crash
  181. Problems getting metadata
  182. Program file size for dbpoweramp upgrade?
  183. Ripped files have no music in them when ripping to wave-mp3 settings
  184. CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2014
  185. Help with ID tag/ manipulation/ smart capitalization
  186. ReplayGain DSP crashes when ripping very short track with R15/R15.1
  187. Ripping FLAC for streaming from Synology NAS to Arcan AV Receiver
  188. Utterly confused about "ArtistSort" vs. "ARTISTSORT" vs. "Artist Sort"
  189. insalling on a external hard drive
  190. Extremely slow ripping
  191. Tracks coming up "Secure" with check mark on new CD?
  192. CD Shows Artist Under Title and Title Under Artist
  193. No prompt to overwrite
  194. Automating ripped duplicate song titles / names
  195. One song from CD will not rip even if my life depended on it
  196. No Codecs listed under "rip to"
  197. Feature Request
  198. Copying / Cloning entire CD but in Secure Rip mode
  199. Sacd
  200. Track names: Did I miss it?
  201. Copy track names to clipboard
  202. Accuraterip will not configure in EAC
  203. Secure i Rip
  204. Ripper Is Seeing The Sam Songs On Both Discs Of A Double CD
  205. PCM2DSD ; Any possibility to add this to encoder selections ?
  206. Pure Audio Blu-Ray
  207. How to make sure my cd ripper is not a trail version
  208. New To Ripping CD's - Large Collection - Using DBP - Online Tutorial Available?
  209. Can't get pioneer DVR-221L in Nimbie to rip
  210. FLAC files and "Replaygain apply" : possible ?
  211. Need to RIP to both Mac (AIFF) and PC (WAV)
  212. How to rip a 24b/96kHz CD
  213. Blu-Ray audio disc support
  214. CD Ripper crashes
  215. Ripping CDs that are not in a data base...how to bypass the metadata search/fail
  216. Small bugs: mispellings + captalization
  217. How can I match metadata for the second disc of a multi-disc album?
  218. Query AMG for metadata only when all other providers fail?
  219. File tagging naming scheme that keeps Classical rips in individual File Folders
  220. Offset correction value
  221. Newbie Ripping Question
  222. DSP setting for a Converted Flac file
  223. Rip each CD to individuallly named folder?
  224. CD drive impact on rip quality
  225. Correction Offset Missmatch
  226. Where Is Rip Data Stored?
  227. My LiteOn drive and Enhanced CDs
  228. CD Ripper Doesn't Find CD
  229. Ancient CD-ROM drives
  230. Problem ripping hard disk
  231. New computer, can I take my DBpoweramp CD ripper program with me?
  232. Musicbrainz
  233. album art and negative compression
  234. How to know the version
  235. Opus and Sample Rate
  236. Random CD's not ripping in the same way
  237. AMG "All Media Guide" Don't work
  238. CUETools does not output new encoded files
  239. Bug? Exact Audio Copy works where dbpoweramp doesn't?
  240. DSP effects will not update
  241. When I rip....
  242. 3 device registration question.
  243. How can you move files to NAS using from My Music having used CD ripper?
  244. Playback
  245. How to improving ripping speed by allowing some kinds of errors?
  246. Naming convention screws up Various Artist rips
  247. cannot get accurate rip configuration pop up to open
  248. Sound Recording Copyright Symbol
  249. Not recognising multiple CPU's
  250. Ripping to MP3 vs Converting from FLAC to MP3