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  1. Disks that won't rip
  2. Just a quick question about ripping errors
  3. How to see accruate in Folder view
  4. Blast of white noise at the end of ripped wav files
  5. comment tag and dynamic output location
  6. HDCD DSP Default Setting
  7. CD Ripper Crash with Intel Storage Matrix Driver
  8. AccurateRip Instructions ?
  9. Multiple album arts
  10. CD Ripper not using four cores
  11. GD3 metadata doesn't work with one CD, but works with EAC GD3 plugin
  12. Naming help
  13. Problems ripping one CD
  14. flac tag data
  15. On which Linux platform the dbPoweramp CD ripper has been approved?
  16. Lame 3.99.3
  17. Positive re-rip feedback
  18. Ripping Audiobooks for iTunes - m4b
  19. Not AccurateRip
  20. Optimum size for album art
  21. Last song on album is 397 minutes long
  22. Current Drives vs Plextor PX-230A
  23. multi cpu not working as i thought it would
  24. changing the track order of a cd before ripping
  25. ripping multiple CDs in one file
  26. Chinese Characters
  27. Rip freezes after Pass 2
  28. Drive read offset question
  29. How was 0 drive offset determined when Accuraterip was developed
  30. DVD Audio Conversion
  31. How does dBpoweramp assign a folder to an album?
  32. Tagging - capitalisation
  33. CD ripper causes my laptop to crash
  34. Paste From Clipboard option greyed out - Album Art
  35. Best Slimline / Laptop Drive?
  36. Audio Books
  37. Insecure rip with every single track
  38. CD ripped to Flac
  39. where is a summary of how to read the ripping reports (secure, insecure, accurate..)
  40. Cant locate ripped file
  41. Rip Status will get stuck at 99% then at 100% for a long time!!
  42. if result is "secure warning" (after trying two drives), what next?
  43. if result is "insecure" (after trying two drives, cleaning, scratch repair),wha next?
  44. Does repeat ripping of ANY CD mean it will it turn up as Accurate at some point....
  45. Help.. Really why is my computer reading dbpoweramp at 16 gigs?
  46. Audio CD not recognized by dBpoweramp CD Ripper
  47. Accurate Rip and CRC
  48. Having CD Ripper Load CD With All Tracks Unchecked
  49. does DBpoweramp keep the added value quality of XRCD or GOld Cds, etc?
  50. "bootlegs"...pleasantly surprised to get an Accurate Rip....:) (of Van the Man)
  51. newbie queastion
  52. Teac dw 224sl-r
  53. CD Ripper Won't Open '...has stopped working.'
  54. Wav problem in putting into itunes
  55. DSP EQ question
  56. New to dBpoweramp and need help with CD/DVD Drive...
  57. Using Rip-As-1 for Specific Tracks
  58. Help salvaging these CD-Rs
  59. Confused - What does (new) mean in extraction log?
  60. Recognizing a drive for AccurateRip
  61. Conductor becomes performer
  62. Is it possible to rip a music (e.g., AIFF) sound track to a concert DVD?.....
  63. Using External Drives
  64. Can't even start despite download
  65. dbpoweramp replaces chosen art size with something tiny
  66. Rip status error
  67. HDCD rips truncated--please advise!
  68. cachex being flagged as virus.
  69. I paid...it;s worth it...I'm happy...so here's a thread
  70. LITE-ON IBHS112 review
  71. CDRipper Rerip Frames
  72. new cd that rips every track with red error mark
  73. Encoding Question Regarding More And Less Complex Portions
  74. On what basis do albums get categorized as Compilations?
  75. Configuring AccurateRip
  76. Ripping Problems
  77. free mac apps that can play flac files
  78. Error... Not in accuraterip
  79. Reducing Ripping Speed.
  80. Upsampling - Pre or real time
  81. A couple newbie questions...
  82. Result = AR - No but Secure - Yes
  83. 3 Nimbies: Only 2 Load/Unload
  84. Assistance setting folder naming structure
  85. Possible bug in dynamic naming, folders names truncated!
  86. Odd development: "Error calculated total RIFF chunk size differs from file
  87. Why am I suddenly getting these errors on all CD's?
  88. Perfect Meta Disabled before 1 year?
  89. Win7 64 bit - Blue screen of death
  90. CD >> FLAC>> MP3. Is replaygain DSP needed at each step or just the once?
  91. Random Log/Success screen
  92. C2 over Firewire (Sony XL1 again) ... give up or debug?
  93. 24bit HDCD FLAC rips playing 16bit
  94. how do I get soundtracks/musicals to list as the name of the show/movie?
  95. Problem ripping wav files
  96. Is there a way to "clear" Rip Status & CRC?
  97. help -- issues with compilations, soundtracks, musicals......
  98. VortexBox/C.A.P.S 2.0/dbpoweramp
  99. Getting an error on every ripped track
  100. How to rip a mix cd to one track???
  101. Multi Encoded Tracks, CD Image, and Log Files Created Simultaneously…
  102. Master or slave
  103. Laurie Anderson "Big Science" remaster (2007) - cutting tracks
  104. "error ripping to aiff, track 7........error failed to create output file" ??
  105. the rating tag issue
  106. Metadata taking several minutes to show up
  107. Difference with same track but with same CD Ripper
  108. Questions about DSP's
  109. Cooldown drive
  110. is dbpoweramp rip with error or insecure different to and/or inferior to itunes rip?
  111. No ID Tags showing up on CD Rips.
  112. cd ripp dbpoweramp cd drive
  113. CD Ripper - Add Folder?
  114. Sound File Played at Completion of Ripping by All dBpoweramp Programs…
  115. Is it possible to get AccurateRip CRC from ripped track?
  116. Dfference in Confidence
  117. Character replacement on specific meta data element
  118. Error is log (Complete vs. Cancelled)
  119. File Name Restricted Characters - how to replace a char with a string?
  120. Query AccurateRip Database
  121. Really confused with conflicting rips
  122. ask about CD ripper
  123. Rip of first song always in error ???
  124. Avoiding overwrites with same track names?
  125. Separate album and single files?
  126. External USB cd/dvd drive recommendation
  127. Does drive drive support C2 errors?
  128. FLAC tags: Discnumber issues (1/1 desired and configured, 1 output)
  129. CD not in AccurateRip-strange track titles
  130. "Choose Album Art from Internet" no longer working?
  131. Converting DVD-Audio to FLAC
  132. CD Ripper and vb-script
  133. Help please with some probably dumb newbie questions
  134. Scratch sound at beginning of mp3 file
  135. CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List 2012
  136. accurate of 50 but track small noise ?
  137. Please help!
  138. Some questions and recommendations
  139. Multi Encoder Error Please Help
  140. Cd ripper different to reference version.
  141. Rip ok ?
  142. File Name Restricted Characters -- Remove instead of Replace
  143. How to store corrections on Unkown CD tracks ?
  144. Adding additional Genre type
  145. CD ripper freeze or bsod my PC
  146. AccurateRip Online Submission
  147. Looking for DVD Video-music ripping software
  148. BSOD when ejecting disc
  149. where is the output option?
  150. No metadata from GD3/SonataDB
  151. Append "[Insecure]" or "[Error]" to filename on error?
  152. Trial version has to run as admin, right?
  153. Can I get multi-disc sets to rip into sub-folders under the album folder?
  154. Real problems using dbpoweramp, please help
  155. Album Art not showing in Folder
  156. Only showing one track of multi track cd
  157. Confusion with MultiEncoder and Replay Gain
  158. searching for Add-Ins for WHS 2011 like RipNAS Essentials
  159. Coverting DFF audio files (a.k.a. DSD IFF) into WAV and/or AAC possible?
  160. Rip As One
  161. Simutanous Ripping Multi Discs
  162. Registration retrieval not working
  163. What can affect the most your rip and encoding quality?
  164. NO ALBUM ART - using r14.2 on iMac running parallels
  165. Ability to adjust album art compression rate
  166. Changing to new Album Art in CD Ripper but still reverts back to original
  167. Message: No disk in the drive.
  168. Tag / dBpoweramp ripping / JRiver
  169. AccurateRip issue?
  170. CD/DVD Accurate Drive Shopping List (Europe)
  171. Meta Data local caching issue
  172. Bit Length and Sampling Rate
  173. A real head-scratcher
  174. Ripping audiobooks to m4b
  175. You may have a different pressing from the one(s) in the database
  176. Computer crashes after install of DbPowerAmp
  177. How long does it take?????
  178. Suddenly unable to rip CD's in multi encoder
  179. Understanding Ultra Secure Settings
  180. Various artists
  181. why do some CDs rip faster than others?
  182. CD Ripper Not Detecting Artwork
  183. What to do when a track won't rip
  184. Need a rip with AAC extension instead of m4a
  185. Cannot access external USB-CD-ROM-Drive with CD-ripper - Mount Problem with Mac OS X
  186. Ripping History
  187. Individual Bad Frames & Secure Rip Abort Settings
  188. MP3 to Mpeg 4 for ipod
  189. Previously ripped single wav file: any way to check against AccurateRip database now?
  190. "pop/rock"
  191. Album Art & CPU Problems
  192. Plextor 230A - Settings
  193. Drive Cache
  194. Where is the Accurate Ripped CD list?
  195. Only want to rip CDs as WAV files...
  196. Which drive should I use?
  197. CD ripper has stopped working
  198. Install dbpoweramp on new computer
  199. ID Tags
  200. Ripping Copy Protected CD
  201. AccurateRip no / Secure Yes
  202. Any use of the <CRC> tag in FLAC files (or other formats with checksum)?
  203. Accuraterip with Windows 7 Virtual XP DVD Drive
  204. Router crashing?!?!
  205. Lost CD Ripper on damaged PC.
  206. Move configured options for CD Ripper to new PC
  207. Question to Spoon
  208. Occasional missing tags when ripping
  209. Lossy = bitrate below 768
  210. DSP - ID Tag Processing - Rule Based Mapping - Can Custom Tag values be used?
  211. Complete drive features database?
  212. How does AR identify a CD in its database?
  213. Upload unknown cover art
  214. DSP Playlist Writer with Multi-Encoder
  215. meaning of Text file
  216. DSP - Item Tag Processing - Rule Based Mapping - Expression operators
  217. Who Gives A Rip :-)
  218. Recommended and available to buy drive?
  219. Error ripping to server using Windows 7 Home
  220. Windows 8 Release Preview
  221. Future Of CD's
  222. Sonata DB missing in action
  223. Global Settings For Albumartistsort and Artistsort?
  224. AllMedia Guide R14 Lookups Remaining: none
  225. Russian metadata not working
  226. Pad track to two digits
  227. Ripping a mix cd in FLAC with no gaps
  228. One track always has error?
  229. Insecure error message
  230. cue-sheets, AcurrateRip & Imgburn
  231. Rip FLAC & MP3
  232. Can Anyone Confirm A CD Verified By Accuraterip?
  233. Error in "Rip Status" Problem
  234. CD not ejecting after ripping
  235. How to override the re-ripping function on certain CDs
  236. CD Ripper Questions / Features (new user)
  237. Ripping Questions
  238. MAC Help- when I open the downloaded Audio Converter nothing happens
  239. Errors ripping with new PC
  240. dbPoweramp (Occasionally) Denied Permission to Write to Windows Home Server (2011)
  241. Some rips are very slow (0.2x)
  242. Getting Allbum Art when dbPoweramp can't find it
  243. Unable to select ripping options
  244. checking old rips for accuracy?
  245. How to use Poweramp in Mac
  246. Audiobook cd ripping to m4b
  247. C2 Error Pointers
  248. dbpoweramp always gives ripping error
  249. Read into Lead-in or Lead out
  250. Force no date on year not working