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  1. Elements to allow path preservation on convertison
  2. lossyFLAC Request
  3. Audiobook Ripping Wishlist
  4. Track number offset
  5. PerfectTunes Wishlist - De-Dup priority file location, symbolic links to kept file
  6. Join as one
  7. aac on Mac
  8. Asset UPnP for Synology NAS DS2411+ with INTEL Atom D525
  9. Music Converter Auto detect Bitrate and sample size
  10. Accurate confidence display in CD Ripper
  11. OptimFrog x64
  12. [midi plugin] SoundFont support
  13. Check for updates menu option.
  14. mistaken purchase
  15. Integrated tool
  16. Replaygain Utility for Mac OS
  17. Ripping DVD / DVD-Audio
  18. Asset Album by Release Oldest to Newest
  19. Asset-UPNP : Multi-tag support
  20. metadata data entry screen
  21. Wavpack 4.8.0
  22. Convert from Playlist
  23. RIPPER - Save Profiles and DVD-A Support
  24. Additional tags support
  25. from mkv
  26. Support for exporting iTunNORM and iTunSMPB metadata with "Write metadata file" DSP
  27. DSP Effects - Increase Audio Speed
  28. Asset - Folders
  29. Tag Editing: MP4/M4A Content rating
  30. Filter by Bitrate
  31. dBpoweramp re-rip album without having to re-rip CD
  32. Asset: Possibility to replace Browse Tree entries with own text
  33. ID Tag Processing: multiple genres to "genre1; genre2"
  34. Conditional encoding and ID tag processing
  35. Please restore conversion of M3U playlists
  36. Downlaod second Art
  37. "Smart capitalize tags" option
  38. UPnP control point for IOS & Windows
  39. Asset UPnP on Synology with Intel processor
  40. dbPowerAmP: Ripping multiple CDs
  41. dbPowerAmP: Use PerfectTunes to auto-fill any data entered into meta data fields
  42. Please fix 'folder.jpg Preserve' DSP in Multi Encoder
  43. Please fix [k_bitrate] in Dynamic Naming
  44. Wavpack 5.0 final released
  45. Whish... answer to all wish posts please ?
  46. Configurable icons in Asset 5.2?
  47. Flac 1.3.2 final
  48. help please
  49. Flac files
  50. Multiple cores and threads for transcoding i.e. more than 16 simultaneous transcodes
  51. New releases of dBPA has crippled editing single files
  52. Can you make "Thumbnail and Property Handler" support ID3v2 version 2.4?
  53. automatically re-rip at 1x speed if not accurately ripped
  54. Utility Codec that checks Accurip status and writes log to album folder
  55. dBpoweramp Music Converter (Mac) New Opus codec
  56. Request for guidance for beginner(s)
  57. CD Ripper: Rip CDs with Chapter marks in M4A - based on track indexes
  58. Export/Import tags from one audio file to another
  59. Visual Editor for Defining File & Folder Structure
  60. Combining tracks -- list of known requirements?
  61. Desktop Icon
  62. Minimize converter window
  63. Dedup
  64. Batch Converter Programmable action to enclose selection
  65. Include Batch Ripper in Control Center
  66. dBpower Mac Version
  67. PerfectTUNES option
  68. Lame 3.100 final version is out
  69. R16.2 Suggestion - make menu and Help accord on item names
  70. ID Tags, Album Art file size.
  71. Monkey Audio 4.30
  72. volume normalize
  73. Opus 1.3
  74. Dante
  75. Blue Sky Digitizing Wish List
  76. cover.jpg as Current Art Description
  77. please osx autorip would be nice
  78. PerfectTunes: Extensible tag support (example: COMMENT)
  79. PerfectTunes: Query builder
  80. CD Ripper: Save DSP settings for use across all profiles or allow backup/copy
  81. CD Ripper: Warn if ripping to anything but 44.1kHz/16bit stereo
  82. Port of Asset UPnP for Synology NAS using Intel processors
  83. OS X - submit results to Accuraterip
  84. PerfectTunes: "Add Folder" dialog box - Change to standard windows one
  85. Shorten (shn) x64 supoort
  86. Urgent Activation Code
  87. New Albums configuration options
  88. uncheck option
  89. Genre tagging support
  90. Batch convert Flac to MP3 (but Copy MP3 source files as is)
  91. PerfectTunes: Add filter field to "Sort Tags"
  92. Batch Converter: Filter option to show latest modified files
  93. Mac OS (OS X) BATCH RIPPER Port
  94. Batch DVD ripper
  95. Add support for Chapters / Markers (dMC)
  96. Support for dash container
  97. dBpoweramp on Ubuntu Linux?
  98. Asset UPnP on a WD EX4100 NAs
  99. CD Ripper: Send AccurateRip Results to Online Database when program is closing.
  100. MQA authentication
  101. Asset "Jukebox Tracks" minimum length
  102. Drag / Drop artwork in tag editor (Shell Integrator)
  103. Drop-Dwon lists in Tag Editor
  104. Windows Store App
  105. PerfectTunes: Multi-entry functionality
  106. Flac 1.3.3 Released