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  1. Resizable, wider edit tag window and better navigation
  2. Edit tag button on mp3 conversion status window
  3. One FLAC file per CD
  4. Timer record
  5. Move Song Order in Queued Items list
  6. Any ideas about "random"
  7. A number of (somewhat crazy) suggestions
  8. Convert to swf or flv
  9. My Music Collection Tag Support
  10. I wish Convert from SA1 !
  11. MP3 to --> .gta (.gta) from GTA: Lcs
  12. Requests for dMC
  13. Use Apple SDK / iTunes to encode m4a?
  14. preserving specific fields in id3v2 tag
  15. A New Program?
  16. Par2Par: p2p PAR2 sharing for CD rip repair
  17. When I'll come back to DB power amp
  18. lyric finder
  19. Can't seem to encode two files simultaneously
  20. dbpowerAMP & EvilLyrics VB-script
  21. playback auto level control
  22. CD Image Support
  23. What About Album Art???
  24. AMR Codec
  26. Linux binaries
  27. Artist & Title display with Logitech keyboard
  28. File Selector: sophisticated overwrite options
  29. Message when encountering problem in flac-files
  30. Hotkeys
  31. dbpoweramp converter - easily update codecs
  32. mp3 joiner
  33. Error correction and reporting
  34. Two Humble Suggestions
  35. file & directory naming
  36. future Compatibility with foxy tunes.
  37. Would like the ability to process and duplicate sub-folders when converting
  38. DbPoweramp for video files as well
  39. Power Pack's Equalizer
  40. Would like to see BIT DEPTH in SUMMARY dialog
  41. Please add BIT DEPTH to Convert To dialog
  42. Please add "Convert with Subfolders" to Context menu, or Music Converter main dialog
  43. PowerPack option: Detect Gap+Create Cue Sheet
  44. Plugin Capabilities for Ripper and Library
  45. Improving secure ripping
  46. "Locate Missing Files" Function
  47. dMC Audio CD Input - Hotkeys and Comments Field required; plus track play pause
  48. Better codec detection for displayed tooltip
  49. Apple?
  50. Writing metadata to file
  51. Music Collection User Interface
  52. New feature for the mp4 plugin/codec pack
  53. Update DirectShow for V5 Audible.Com Format
  54. CUE sheets, and gap detection
  55. Update FLAC codec to version 1.1.3
  56. Three audio-based requests
  57. Splitter Utility Codec
  58. DaP playing list or queue list
  59. Question about flac and other lossless codecs
  60. Use standard CODECS - not custom
  61. wish to convert .dss files
  62. Bug Report - HE displayed when AAC is LC
  63. Usability tweaks for CD Ripper
  64. R12 requests / suggestions
  65. Question about the next ALAC encoder's handling of mono sources
  66. Reference no Free upgrades for life
  67. Multi-encoder, add your art while ripping, transfering album art
  68. Media information suggestion....
  69. how to make the music converter worth buying
  70. Show how many submissions are in accurate rip
  71. Editing Tags
  72. Ability to set Priority
  73. Faster FLAC ripping
  74. Awesome new ripper. One suggestion.
  75. Dreaming, I suppose...
  76. 5.1 audio encoding/ripping
  77. DSP Effect suggestion
  78. Any ETA on AMG fingerprinting and tagging tool?
  79. More Utility codecs
  80. More Options for MIDI Conversion
  81. Album Art
  82. Track offset
  83. CD Ripper
  84. lyricfind.com parntering with AMG - lyrics tags?
  85. AccurateRip: External Tool
  86. Pressing not in AR -> Prompt user to rip again in second drive
  87. Mp4
  88. R12 -- Track List Columns & Profiles
  89. R12 -- Ripping strategy
  90. DSP/Utility Suggestion
  91. Album Art suggestion
  92. Make dMC digital TV compatible with MPEG TS Support
  93. A functon to set total number of tracks against the track number
  94. Automatically increment track numbers for multi CD sets
  95. compress WMA
  96. Accuraterip idea
  97. Advanced MetaData Handling / Tagging Tool
  98. Sony NETMD alternative that works.
  99. AMG Tag Delimiters
  100. Additional AMG Information
  101. R13 requests
  102. Classic ID Tagging
  103. Better, clearer, more consistent installation/update handling
  104. Did R12 ever get EQ and Normalize plugins?
  105. Winamp DSP plugins support
  106. Batch (secure) ripping for the Sony VGP-XL1B 200-disc changer
  107. Blind Support was better in R11!
  108. Support for Blade codec
  109. Cue sheets and CD index
  110. Eject CD before last track starts compressing
  111. dMC Profiles
  112. Alternate album art (re-size and other options)
  113. Rip a CD by Time
  114. Aux input (power?) options
  115. ReplayGain in DSP from stored tags
  116. What ever happened to the Combiner Util?
  117. Request for SPT support in Vista
  118. crc verification?
  119. Will Industrial Ripper ever see the light of day?
  120. Before R12
  121. search by codec
  122. auto rip a cd when tray is closed
  123. Reference codecs
  124. Multidrive Extraction Queue
  125. recheck against accuraterip database
  126. ProfileName Tag
  127. Reference without AMG/PowerPack?
  128. Yet Another Tagging Suggestion
  129. Wish mine didn't come with Trojan virus
  130. Abort when futile option / heavily scratched cds
  131. Music Converter Option
  132. Add mp3 gain as a DSP option
  133. Make-like functionality
  134. Auxillary
  135. Found a great ID tagger - see my message everyone
  136. Large track offset and 3 digit track numbering
  137. Show both Accurate and Inaccurate Counts
  138. Sfv/md5
  139. Files playable in Batch Converter
  140. Lost functionality
  141. FLAC 1.2.0 is out!
  142. spliting up audiobooks
  143. Batch synchronise
  144. Hide Codec Packs and DSPs as updates in XP...
  145. Selective playback by album
  146. Wish List: MLP decoding
  147. Video ripping and conversion
  148. Conversion Support for FLV files
  149. How about "Profiles" for the Music Converter?
  150. The Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
  151. Port to PortableApp platform
  152. expanded naming option
  153. Progress on Industrial Ripper?
  154. Quicktime API support
  155. Ripping slowed down by encoding
  156. converting with normalize
  157. Individual Bad Frame Ripping Limit
  158. Music Converter could copy album art JPGs
  159. R13 requests / suggestions
  160. Saving mp3 conversion options?
  161. Automacally create playlists
  162. Batch Conversion requests
  163. Channel-option in Fraunhofer encoder
  164. Adding album art to multiple files
  165. Buttons for repeat and stop - queue-window...
  166. New file
  167. Sweet Spot for Error Recovery
  168. Drag & Drop Album Art
  169. Swap Artist's first & last names
  170. RSS feed from forum
  171. Save - Auto Equalizer for "Current MMC"
  172. Support for SONGWRITER in Cue Sheet
  173. Wish for dBpowerAMP CD Ripper (did not find a dedicated forum)
  174. Dynamic Output Location
  175. ID Tag update to new location
  176. Aac plus support
  177. Amazon art someday?
  178. Improved "Set File Naming"
  179. Guess ID Tag
  180. Compatibility with Apple & Linux ?
  181. Detect hidden song in last track
  182. Audio Cleaning and Restoration Removal of Clicks, Hiss, Hums, Pops
  183. Kernel Streaming Output
  184. Pidgin: song title in status
  185. Album gain option for normalize dsp effect
  186. File rename in "Edit ID-Tag" shell extension dialog
  187. Xmas Wishlist
  188. Scott Studios
  189. Support for CD+G (Karaoke)
  190. Eject CD when ripping is complete
  191. CD Ripper -- Edit File Names/Artist/etc information
  192. Illustrate's orphanware & R13
  193. Less entries in the software list
  194. Printing cover
  195. 'The'
  196. Sse4
  197. Removal of Static noises from LP Recordings
  198. Album art
  199. ID3 v2.4
  200. Batch Ripper Requests / Suggestions
  201. Tag from File Name
  202. Auto Queue
  203. Convert(join) multiple mp3 to ONE (m4b)file
  204. Request: Mark as error if C2 hits threshold
  205. tags&standards
  206. Channel Reversal
  207. MusicBrainz Metatdata Tags Support
  208. Converter, Context menu operation
  209. Library Backup Tool
  210. Rip Sessions
  211. F^%$^% reneval licence system
  212. want:[title_unique]
  213. Ripper: Eject after accurate rip
  214. DVR-MS Support - PLEASE!!!!!!!
  215. DVD-A ripping facility please!!!
  216. The Return of the "Auxilary Input"
  217. Possibility to convert ALL "Video to Audio"
  218. Bypass DSP option
  219. Better Classical Music Tagging
  220. MP3 Surround encode
  221. More Fraunhofer options, just like LAME
  222. Wanted: manual/doc describing "rip status"
  223. Support for ID3 "Language(s)" tag
  224. Improve case change in [ID Tag Update] utility codec
  225. "Arrange External Album Art" option in every conversion, not just in [Arrange Audio]
  226. dBpoweramp video converter!
  227. Write metadata at end of ripping process, not at start
  228. Merely "Copy" or "Move", not "Convert" in dMC
  229. Better RG support in Volume Normalize DSP
  230. Cowon audio player & Sveta integration
  231. Unified Reference Software
  232. Check Off of tracks ripped accurately
  233. interface to local dbpoweramp cache
  234. Retry 'Inaccurate' count
  235. Automatic start on ripper
  236. kick ass idea to make you super famous
  237. A tag editor that can use use th All Media Guide
  238. Batch compare AccurateRip CRCs later (upon later submissions?)
  239. Finding Album Art for selected tracks
  240. Mac Version
  241. CRC Verification - Converter DSP Effect
  242. Reference Codec Pack - selection of features to install
  243. Additional "kick-off" selections for Run External plugin
  244. Split hidden track into seperate track
  245. Mousewheel scrolling in PerfectMeta review
  246. PerfectMeta: Preset source preferences per tag field
  247. A separate log file for <Inaccurate> and <Secure (Warning)> flagged tracks
  248. Improving tag edition in Cd Ripper
  249. Remember last used meta
  250. File Spliter/joiner as codec choice