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  1. How do I register dBpowerAMP Music Converter?
  2. 'Convert To' Has Disappeared From Right Click Menu
  3. Normalizing A to Z
  4. What If I can't find an answer here?
  5. Can I increase the quality of an existing Mp3?
  6. How do I convert an .mpg video to an audio file?
  7. What is transcoding and why is it bad?
  8. Meta-files: ram, smil, asx, wax, wvx, m3u
  9. File extensions - what are they? how to see them in Explorer
  10. Audio file cannot be converted but it can be played OK
  11. Converting iTunes m4p to any other format
  12. dMC Auxiliary Input - how to use it
  13. "wma' is encrypted which dMC is not able to decode."
  14. Error converting from wave: ACM Codec Not Installed 'UnKnown XX'
  15. Burning CD-Text to a CD
  16. Real Media file conversion problems: Missing SampleGrabber
  17. Registration Problems and Download Link or Reinstalling
  18. How to convert multiple folders or nested folders
  19. Q. dBpowerAMP is not displaying international ID Tags?
  20. Q. Audible DirectShow specifics
  21. dBpoweramp Reference, what is it?
  22. Release 12 Known Bugs and Fixes
  23. Why is dMC r12/r13 missing <x> feature?
  24. Posting tips
  25. I purchased dMC r12 but want r11.5!
  26. Errors related to dMC r12
  27. How Do I Update my Registered Version to the Latest Version?
  28. Why are ID Tags saved with diferent tag names in Ogg / Flac?
  29. Why aren't my WAV tags saved?
  30. I installed a codec but dAP doesn't recognize it!
  31. When I convert my file with dMC, it doesn't separate the tracks
  32. Unknown Command Line
  33. Q: Ogg Vorbis questions
  34. dMC r11 and r12/r13 Compatibility Note
  35. Finding Version Numbers
  36. Totally Clearing dBpoweramp from the System?
  37. Naming Scheme Tutorial
  38. dBpoweramp Lame Encoding Modes
  39. CD Drive Ripping Slowly? Reverted to PIO Mode
  40. Reinstalling AMG Access
  41. Compressed WAV is missing Mp3 (MPEG 3) option
  42. Release 13 Known Bugs and Fixes
  43. IP Addresses used by dBpoweramp:
  44. Batch Ripper: Meta-data
  45. Encoding to NAS/Network Drives
  46. Pop-Up Tips Not Showing on Files
  47. CD Writer & Windows 7/Vista
  48. Location where dBpoweramp saves its settings
  49. dBpoweramp on Windows 8.1
  50. My Player has a Crack sound Between Tracks when Playing Wave
  51. dBpoweramp 64 bit and 32 bit Compatibility
  52. Why is encoding to network share very slow / stalls?
  53. Security Software Mishaps
  54. dBpoweramp Trial Does Not Activate
  55. AMG Metadata discontinuation
  56. Resampler in dBpoweramp, is a high quality resampler employed?
  57. Batch Converting For Car
  58. Replacing Windows 10 (or newer) system codec property handlers with dBpoweramp's
  59. dBpoweramp not showing after Windows Update
  60. R16.2 Multi-Encoder 'Failed to create output file'
  61. CD Riper Cannot See CD Drive, Drive Appears as Unknown - Unknown [Windows]
  62. How to post to this Forum
  63. macOS Security Permissions
  64. OS X Catalina - not auto launching CD Ripper
  65. Installer asks to reboot PC before install
  66. Accessing Ripping through Remote Desktop
  67. CD Ripper Metadata Slow (R16, R15, R14, etc)
  68. How to send crash reports from dBpoweramp Mac apps
  69. dBpoweramp R17 [OSX] & Yosemite
  70. Asset UPnP on Synology DSM 7
  71. Image Converter Restricted from Accessing Pictures Folder
  72. Asset UPnP User Rename List feature
  73. Windows 11 Explorer Troubleshooting
  74. Asset Mac: running hidden / service-only
  75. Asset on a NAS: how to access configuration page