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  1. How do I actually switch music converter on?
  2. Convert to .m4b with Mac version
  3. Ripping only a portion of a track ...
  4. bit conversion
  5. [macOS] Something it misses aka features request
  6. Migrating to a new computer
  7. Upconversion to 384 kHz and above
  8. Deleting artwork
  9. mp3 to aac (m4a) conversion
  10. channel mapper vs speakers
  11. Feature request: Remember last encoding for selected file type.
  12. Convert wav to maximum bit rate mp3
  13. How to run DSP effect only without converting file type
  14. Flac to MP3 conversion and retaining artwork
  15. Does dbpoweramp use the latest apple aac encoder?
  16. R13.1.0.3 Please ensure Properties ID-Tag shows the filename!
  17. Can't access ID Tag Editor in MAC version
  18. can dbpoweramp semi-automatically convert .wav of entire LP side to one .m4a per song
  19. dBpoweramp Flac Codec
  20. Update from 14.4 to 16.1
  21. How to set the settings for maximum quality
  22. Convert MP3 To FLAC
  23. DB Poweramp convert m4p to mp3
  24. Destination folder creation change for the worse after upgrade
  25. How to adjust High Resolution Wav file to CD format with DSP options in correct way
  26. music converter truncates WAV to MP3 files
  27. Error on right click convert
  28. Optional codecs not installing
  29. How to load saved DSP effects incrementally to add to, not replace existing settings?
  30. FLac or Wav to MP3
  31. Moving to New music player
  32. R16.1 Properties length can be inaccurate
  33. Error converting uncompressed multi-channel DFF
  34. loss through resampling
  35. FLAC to MP3 640kbps and keeping ID3v2 tags.
  36. HDCD DSP not working
  37. Product Registration and Settings
  38. In Windows 10 explorer the "Comments" field doesn't show the "Comment" tag
  39. Updating dBpoweramp
  40. Sample Rate Conversion - which option is best? And am I getting it right?
  41. Getting error install wma codec
  42. Question regarding conversion of 96/24 WAV to 44.1/16 WAV...
  43. How to download new codecs for Mac
  44. Length_Split Codec installer not working...
  45. How to get artwork to copy across when using Music Converter?
  46. Problem with Converting 24bits/44.1KHz ALAC to MP3
  47. Playlist Writer - .IGNORE as extensions
  48. Bug report - v15.3 Converter doesn't update Modified Date when replaygain tags added
  49. ReplayGain Codec "Disable Clip-Prevention" option. What exactly does this do/mean?
  50. Metadata not being copied when converting M4A to MP3
  51. Batch Converter for RG tags - just used it and some files did not get tagged...
  52. superfluous plus signs for certain metadata values
  53. Cannot convert Flac to MP3
  54. VST option not shown under dsp option
  55. Best sound quality
  56. Problem converting to mono in FDKAAC
  57. dbpoweramp licensing question
  58. Problem with CLI Converter usign iTunes AAC
  59. Encoding Priority
  60. Converting wave library to MP3
  61. Thumbnail and Property Handler setting question
  62. dBpoweramp is unable to see real player files.
  63. Accessibility / missing keyboard support
  64. Performer tag after m4a conversion
  65. Mac R16 - Can't Delete Artwork
  66. Where are PREFS saved for Mac version?
  67. Convert to single folder
  68. Explorer Integration
  69. Mistake setting bit depth and Sample rate
  70. Downsampling WAV Files
  71. FDK AAC encoder options
  72. Trouble converting AC3 to AAC
  73. Slow / Inconsistent Conversion Speeds
  74. Apple R16 bugs
  75. AAC/M4A encoder not recognized in 16.2
  76. ID Tag Editor possible bug
  77. aac. files to wave
  78. In the case i will buy the reference version ..????
  79. DSP Settings - how to delete specified file(s) using external program
  80. Convert FLAC to m4a - how to preserve the publisher tag?
  81. Audio Conversion to MP3 creates empty space
  82. Show Disc Number in File Explorer
  83. id3 tagging problem
  84. DSF to Apple Lossless Conversion
  85. Artifacts Introduced Randomly In Conversions?
  86. Mac R16 - Profiles don't work
  87. DTS downmix remains 6 channels
  88. Can't convert FLAC level 5 to FLAC uncompressed
  89. M4A files will not convert
  90. Edit ID-Tag: Alternate default name for exported album art?
  91. Registration
  92. m4r to mp3
  93. Error message when using DSP Effect Volume Normalize
  94. Why convert WAV to MP3 and AccurateRip result show the same CRC for both ?
  95. Can't convert from WAV to FLAC
  96. Bitdepth and Resampler DSPs - can I leave them enabled?
  97. Can 2 pass encoding happen on temp folder?
  98. M4A encoder problem
  99. Error converting ogg to mp3
  100. dbpoweramp slow conversion
  101. ID Tag Editor Whitespace
  102. Tag Editor Not Showing Up in Fresh Install in Windows 10
  103. Playing FLAC files in car with USB stick?
  104. R14.4 FLAC to MP3: comments field text truncated after "{CR}{LF}"
  105. Mono CD ripped to stereo question
  106. Where did Rip as 1 file go?
  107. Problems with properties of mp3 files converted
  108. Playing FLAC files in my car
  109. Move mp3 files
  110. cue spliter
  111. ID3 Tags for flac
  112. Dsd to flac conversion
  113. Id3
  114. Fixed volume normalize
  115. dsf to flac - down or up?
  116. Advanced Limiter on Replaygain?
  117. Can't download
  118. Spoon - help!
  119. Error Reading DB Command File?
  120. Install freezes on Windows 10
  121. AIFF file has no tags and cannot be tagged
  122. Editing tags on multiple files prior to conversion
  123. output to not function right
  124. Opus files not converting
  125. dMCScripting DLL in C*
  126. Default ID Tags
  127. ALAC 16bit vs. 24bit – Reversed waveform polarity
  128. Convert 24bit Apple lossless to Flac (24bit or 16bit)
  129. DSD over dop question
  130. DSD files not available in Music Converter
  131. editing metadata with CD Ripper?
  132. Adding tags before conversion
  133. CoreConverter.exe sample shifts and truncation
  134. Issues with converting from FLAC to MP3
  135. dMC reports AAC file corrupt (previously discussed June 2015)
  136. Defaulting to removable drive
  137. Tagless FLAC?
  138. Restoring profiles after rebuilding computer
  139. Right Click Convert option gone in Ref 15.3
  140. Convert video to mp3?
  141. Sox Exchange
  142. Calculate Audio CRC R3 bug
  143. Configure ReplayGain DSP to emulate Normalization/iTunNORM tag generated by iTunes
  144. R16.2 Ref Registered File is corrupt
  145. M4a AAC encoder not working
  146. Convert To
  147. WMA codec
  148. WMA to FLAC batch conversion
  149. DBpoweramp R 16.2 español
  150. Error converting MP3 to Ogg
  151. Apply a process onto an audio file with custom parameters
  152. WMA codec installation on Windows 10 64 bit
  153. 'Convert To' and 'Edit ID Tags' not showing up on right click
  154. Wave RIFF List
  155. Music Converter Doesn't Work
  156. Need Help Converting DSD files (.dsf) To FLAC Using Mac
  157. Mp3 window version
  158. Fdk m4a vs itunes store m4a
  159. registration
  160. How to convert the files in the current folder in Explorer?
  161. Free version download
  162. Tagging issues
  163. Convert Music Stored on my NAS
  164. Convert WMA to ALAC in OSX
  165. Installed R16 and context menu items are gone
  166. Album and Album Sort inconsistency
  167. Problem with MP3 converter
  168. any help please?
  169. Music Converter - Dynamic Naming gone?
  170. Ripping/Quality of music HEEEELP
  171. Foobar
  172. Random copy of the WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE tag in wav file header.
  173. 24 bit FLAC to 16 bit ALAC (Apple Lossless)
  174. dBpoweramp R16.1 (Mac) - drive not found
  175. ape help please
  176. Translation in French .. ?
  177. Trouble using multi encoder
  178. .aiff extension
  179. ripping directly to vortexbox
  180. Convert Music with Commnets
  181. Restore ripping profile from backup (macOS)
  182. macOS: Convert with dBpoweramp not showing for all files types
  183. Problem ripping CD
  184. flac Uncompressed As Wav?
  185. tmp files returning after being deleted
  186. Best video to high quality audio converter
  187. Encoding to FLAC / MP3 Lame
  188. Music Converter unable to convert .aac to Mp3 codec help please
  189. Alac
  190. Bug Fix: Flac tagging, writing a 2nd tag block.
  191. Edit DSF Tags on MacOS
  192. how to convert shn files to flac or m4a with dBpoweramp
  193. Flac to Lossy
  194. convert mp3 in m4b
  195. "Rip to ._ files, rename album at end" - what does this mean?
  196. FLAC files on NAS to iTunes / iPhone
  197. .m4a files won't convert to wav
  198. 3 codecs display error messages at installation
  199. Opus codec
  200. Unable to reinstall paid version on new Windows computer
  201. Replaygain
  202. File converter not working
  203. .mp4 not showing as option
  204. 'Programmable Action' [REPLACE] don't work as excpected
  205. Icons missing in music converter
  206. Multi Encoder - Overwriting
  207. Set preferred output path
  208. Problem Converting m4a Files received by iphone memo app : clAAC::DecodeBlock
  209. Itunsmpb
  210. ARRANGE AUDIO does noe understand IFCOMP in R16.
  211. Installation of V14.4
  212. Unable to purchase Music Converter
  213. Mac OS Sierra - R16.1 Genre Box Width Too Narrow
  214. New Lame Mp3 Version
  215. Right-click options now showing...
  216. dbpoweramp FileSelector
  217. 24-bit hi-res to lame v0
  218. Tagging
  219. Error when converting to OGG
  220. CD Writer Temp Files?
  221. Apple AAC codec question
  222. Editing ID tags of network resources (Windows)
  223. ALAC encoder question re 16.3 release notes
  224. Error whilst running (path to) dBpoweramp 16.3
  225. DTS Audio Tracks to Stereo Conversion
  226. Dithering question
  227. dBpoweramp R16.3 & FLAC 1.3.2
  228. convertor for mac
  229. My friend told me that M4P can be converted into M4A?
  230. Mbid
  231. Converting from i tunes to MP3
  232. How Do I Convert from 192/24 down to 176.4/24 ?
  233. convert previously ripped flac files to a single track
  234. R16.3 no longer uses all cores for conversion by default
  235. Error writing audio data to StdIn Pipe [clEncoder::EncodeBlock]
  236. WMA bug at 64 bit installation
  237. Errors trying to decode MP3 Lame
  238. AAC-ELD codec for dbPoweramp converter?
  239. Conditional Encoding GUI is Blank
  240. R16.3: cannot get it to default to using all cores during conversions
  241. New user: Very Slow conversion on 1st ever Conversion from cd to FLAC
  242. dBpoweramp won't convert m4a to mp3
  243. How to convert .shn to .mp3, please
  244. Music Server FLAC Exports
  245. Error Running Core Converter
  246. ID Tag Processing Question
  247. Fully registred account but issue appear ! URGENT
  248. Replaygain Tag only in new files which do not have RPgain
  249. Converting .3gp -> mp3 or alac?
  250. FLAC to MP3