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  1. Music Converter R15 not showing "edit ID tags" on right-click
  2. Unable to decode DTS files in Reference 15
  3. Can i Rip and Burn using dBpoweramp and get lost meta data.
  4. Audiobook ripping, something's changed.
  5. Album Artist tag added when converting FLAC to mp3 when COMPILATION =1
  6. Naming string allowed length shorter in Music Converter than CD Ripper
  7. When will dBpoweramp for Mac be ready to use?
  8. How do I obtain Music Converter with R15?
  9. Embedded album art not included in the conversion, from WMA to FLAC & mp3
  10. Volume normalization
  11. Unable to install new version
  12. Can't use installable codecs on R15
  13. Installer overrides the window background colour
  14. Best Practice for Volume Normalization of entire library
  15. Conversion from WMAL to FLAC?
  16. Conversion from Wav to Flac generates no music, just white noise
  17. FDK aac encoder doesn't encode to HE-AAC (aac+)
  18. R15 dBpa Convert fail on MP3 created by dBpa
  19. R15 MP3 decoder not reporting errors in files that crash 14.2
  20. Converting a 24-bit FLAC to AIFF gives me pure noise
  21. R15 Multiple artist field fail
  22. PONO portable music player for FLAC
  23. Need help with my WavPack CLI string (can't use stdout due to .wvc correction files)
  24. Helix MP3 Codec
  25. .OGG convert options
  26. dbPowerAmp install
  27. Acousticsounds.com DSD albums, compatibility with CD Ripper?
  28. R15 does not connect to scanner
  29. Upgraded to R15 - ALAC files now "corrupt"
  30. How to Rename file and modify ID Tag at the same time?
  31. Headphone Recommendations?
  32. Upgraded to R15. VST not showing under the 'Add DSP Effect' menu.
  33. Test Conversion
  34. windows 8 Thumbnail Handlers and Shell Integration missing
  35. Please help with naming !!!!
  36. Mac Produce .aif file
  37. How Do I get Accuraterip?
  38. How do I re-install purchased dBPA
  39. Unable to install Nero AAC encoder
  40. WMA to Mp3
  41. Problem with utility codecs
  42. Issues with adding / changing file tags
  43. WMA to WAV
  44. dBpoweramp R15 not installing as 32 bit in Parallels Desktop 9 for MAC
  45. Rating tag inconsistencies
  46. dBpoweramp Configuration: Disable ID Tagging
  47. ID Tag Editing?
  48. R15 Bug - In ID-tag, Publisher field is mislabelled "LABEL"
  49. Converting mp4 video to m4a video for use with iTunes
  50. Issue with the new AAC/M4a encoder
  51. Hi-Res Downsampled for Sonos Listening
  52. FLAC to MP3 file allocation help
  53. Files Not in iTunes Library
  54. MP3 to FLAC
  55. converter hopelessly stuck
  56. FLAC logs
  57. Volume change when converting FLAC to ALAC
  58. R13.5 Bug - WMA->M4A changes some genre's case but not others
  59. Audio CRC codec MD5 hash does not match internal FLAC md5 fingerprints
  60. ONly ripping with one core now...
  61. Trying to convert mp3 format to MPEG Layer-3 wave format
  62. Converting mp3 compilations to single files and creating cue sheets.
  63. R15 - Convert to + Edit ID-Tag disappeared / missing
  64. R15 Bug: CONTENTGROUP mislabelled "Style"
  65. Error m4a audio file is corrupt. [ALACDEC::DecodeBlock]
  66. FDK aac encoder bandwidth never goes beyond 20 KHz even after setting -w 22050
  67. Price of (current) Upgrade (to R15)
  68. Upgrading to v15 - what happens to settings from v14?
  69. tracks converted to 32bit AIFF files will not open tin Ableton Live
  70. Trouble converting a file (I know what caused the problem, but not the solution)
  71. cannot convert 32bit AIF to WAV
  72. Error decoding mp3 data stream
  73. R23 OGG Vorbis Issues
  74. Problems with Ripping_ Program locks up
  75. Further update to Ripping Probem
  76. Additional Codecs not working properly after ungrading to R15
  77. MP3 conversion: VBR vs CBR
  78. Noise in some but not all FLAC conversions?
  79. Apple Lossless bitrate and Sonos
  80. FLAC to mp3: Comments screwed up
  81. Random duplicate file showing when trying to convert, crashes dbPowerAmp
  82. Opus encoding question
  83. wma additional codec does not install properly
  84. DoP
  85. Compatibility - DMC R15 with dBpoweramp-Codec-[ID Tag Update]
  86. Encoding Issue - taking forever on a 8CPU
  87. Moving dBpoweramp to a new computer
  88. What happened to the context menu for dBpoweramp in R15? I can't bring it back!
  89. DSP Effects 11 - is this an error?
  90. Download for registered dMC, to use in Ketarin install monitor
  91. Replaygain not applying Album Gain to anything I convert.
  92. WMA Lossless to FLAC? Possible?
  93. ID-Tag not working properly
  94. Bugs with MP4 Codec?
  95. Cannot convert recently purchased ALAC files
  96. convert from flac with cuesheet to wav
  97. Explorer shell Integration not working on R15?
  98. How can I make sure it's going to the same directory every time?
  99. Can't finish download DbPoweramp
  100. Convert wav to flac, and keep album art?
  101. how to transfer db poweramp to new computer?
  102. Can't finish download DMCR.15.0
  103. Converting flac to mp3
  104. How do I keep album art?
  105. file wont convert to uncompressed flac after test conversion done on file
  106. Converting FLAC files to MP3 and Publisher field is lost.
  107. ID tags in MP3 files truncated at 30 characters
  108. Tag question
  109. OS X version - FLAC not installed
  110. Apple Lossless.dll problem
  111. New computer...How do I get my ripper back?
  112. Downloaded ripper but can't install Apple Lossless codec....
  113. Help please old flac 1.2.0
  114. FDK AAC Output inconsistent for different players
  115. How to reinstall Nero AAC with DBPoweramp 15.1?
  116. FLAC file errors
  117. Year tag modified from FLAC to AAC FDK
  118. iTunes Sound Check not recognizing the Comment iTunNORM Tag
  119. Convert 96/24 FLAC to 48/16 AAC file for use on Apple iPod
  120. Reboot after install
  121. Cannot install .ape decoder/encoder
  122. Windows 8.1 - Explorer.exe crashing
  123. Error msg: Unable to load encoder 'Audio CD'
  124. Batch converting doesn't convert multiple versions of song
  125. Suggestion for improvement: Update
  126. Information logs vs Error Logs
  127. Tagging problem with CoreConverter
  128. Can't edit ID tags for any file type
  129. EBUR128 normalize function
  130. Audio Quality of Conversion
  131. Edit ID-Tags function missing after reinstalling 15.1 in Win7 64-bit
  132. [15.1] Random errors when converting mp3=>mp3
  133. iTunes 11.3 ignores .m4a in Automatically Add directory
  134. When converting FLAC to m4a (AAC) what is the gapless info?
  135. Windows Explorer Integration question
  136. WavPack Codec Central - Need version 4.60
  137. Can not right-click in a windows explorer folder to convert mp3 files
  138. Cannot install m4a codec
  139. Volume Normalizer + Low Pass Filter (or Low Pass Filter and then Volume Normalizer)?
  140. [15.1] Album Art Bug in All Music File
  141. [until 15.1] "Publisher" entry erase each time add Album Art
  142. How to prevent clipping with normalize DSP
  143. ripping directly to vortexbox
  144. Can I remove iTunNORM tags?
  145. Can't convert to AAC even though AAC Codec is installed
  146. Upgrade from dBpoweramp R15 to R15.1 - uninstall first?
  147. Volume normalize DSP doesn't remove replay gain tags?
  148. Music Converter/Batch converter reports some m4a files as corrupt
  149. Delete audio up to a named cue point?
  150. AIFF file Backup
  151. dbpoweamp coreconverter has stopped working: coreconverter.exe : Ogg vorbis.dll
  152. Anyone having problems with ID Tag Update?
  153. ID Tag in .wma not visible/editable on Win 8.1/64
  154. WMA Fully Uncompressed Lossless HELP
  155. Suggestion: add warning of WMA Rating inaccuracy in scripting
  156. WAV tags not showing
  157. Help Remedying "Unable to write ID Tags for" error
  158. 8-channel output question
  159. Tag-based DSP parameters
  160. ACE doesn't recognize installes codecs in Windows 7
  161. Registration/change of hardware
  162. R15.1 Explorer columns not showing on Win7
  163. R15.1 Encoder info in info panel?
  164. Missing album art
  165. iTunes Encoder for AAC?
  166. Convert to M4A
  167. dBpoweramp for Apple OS X?
  168. R15.1 ID-Tag Rating error
  169. AccurateRip
  170. fdkaac: Please enable VBR
  171. issue with ogg codec
  172. Dalet .SND codec and it's bitrate
  173. R15 64bit and R14 32bit on Win7 together
  174. fdkaac and VBR
  175. Error message - Cannot upgrade from dMC R15.0 to dMC R15.1
  176. Converting To options missong
  177. Converting back to original size
  178. Dbpoweramp 15.1
  179. Cannot setup MP3 Fraunhofer on Windows 7 Intel i7 computer
  180. Error converting large DSD files.
  181. Frauenhofer mp3 codec
  182. File Deletion Confirmation
  183. Converting to MP3 from WAV with List/Info Chunk
  184. DSD and replay gain
  185. Getting missing tags
  186. Questions about CD Ripper
  187. Arrange Audio Arrange audio tracks based on ID Tags (Requires Reference)
  188. Cannot open music converter with Windows 7
  189. Music can now be heard
  190. Problem with EBUR in 64-bit r15
  191. Converting multi-channel flac files
  192. "COMMENT ITUNENORM" tag and iTunes... ignores tag if keeping leading space in tag???
  193. .SHN files to Flac on a 64bit machine
  194. Question on converting MP3's
  195. Cannot convert to m4b
  196. Error on every track on every disc
  197. Artist tags not showing for custom compilation CD :(
  198. How do I establish a "stable" path to my QNAP NAS? And problems playing ripped CDs
  199. QAAC tagging error in dBpoweramp CLI Encoder, "unable to tag file"
  200. AAC Encoder FDK Settings
  201. Tag info missing
  202. Problem w/ music converter get odd error message
  203. Wanting to Edit Final Lame CLI?
  204. command line parameter depending on samplerate of input file
  205. Xiklone question
  206. LAME mp3 converter question
  207. Syntax of encoder.txt
  208. MP4 to WAV
  209. Converting PCM audio files into DSDIFF (.DSF or .DFF)
  210. 24bits to 16 bits ?
  211. Trying to Upgrade/Update/Renew
  212. Methods for trimming silence and information for citation
  213. Dynamic Folder Naming
  214. Tag From Filename Issue
  215. Converter i Bough The Family Package Hoe Do I Put it on the other computers
  216. Replay Gain feature request
  217. Replay Gain Advanced Questions
  218. How to convert .midi to .wav or mp3
  219. MP3 encoder settings: bitrate cursor in grey
  220. ID Tag Update
  221. Replay Gain Clarification
  222. check for damaged files
  223. Calculate Audio CRC - MD5 doesn't match FLAC fingerprint
  224. Flac to Wav not working!
  225. Can't convert using Directshow codec
  226. Installation Error
  227. Problems converting from AIFF Mono to Apple Lossless
  228. Additional (hidden) iTunes tags
  229. Tutorial on how to use Music Converter to covert audio CDs in MP3 and FLAC
  230. New User - Set Path To External Drive
  231. Help converting .mka files
  232. WMA codec won't load?
  233. How converting CDs
  234. Need Help - updated to current versions - Windows Explorer doesn't enable DB function
  235. CoreConverter.exe APPCRASH
  236. FLAC to Apple lossless tag problem
  237. SHN Codec
  238. Music Converter can't 'see' M4A files
  239. VBR AAC encoding?
  240. ID Tag Update, Composer Tag, and Audirvana 2
  241. m4a FDK (AAC) @ 256kbps CBR - 96khz??
  242. forcing 32 bit installation not working
  243. Can I copy a FULL ID3Tag with album art from one file to another?
  244. No Vorbis Encoder in 13.5
  245. AAC to FLAC
  246. Still claiming Trial version after installing Reference for batch conversion
  247. Convert AO and AIFF to MP3?
  248. ALAC (on Imac) to FLAC on NAS drive
  249. MSG "Unable to connect to dBpoweramp.com....." when checking for Updates
  250. Need help choosing product