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  1. Poor Performance using Batch Converter (dBPoweramp 14.3)
  2. Sample rate conversion problems
  3. mp3 conversion losing carons
  4. Help needed with settings
  5. Resample to 176.4khz
  6. display font size
  7. Batch converter seems to have stopped working?
  8. IFMULTI works intermittently
  9. Settings for Windows 8
  10. AAC Conversion NOT calling toaac.bat file [afterencoderun]
  11. purchased converter and didn't work
  12. Batch Converter does not work over network
  13. Commands, syntax and variables guide for dynamic output
  14. DB PowerAmp Settings for ID Tagging
  15. FLAC conversion is very slow
  16. Registration retrieval issue
  17. turn off confirm file replace
  18. conversion stops at 99% on large jobsb
  19. Year tag in WAV not recognized by WMP11
  20. Creating ReleaseTime tag
  21. Errors Opening DB Music Converter From Right Click On A Main Folder
  22. ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4 and multi-value tags
  23. 24-bit 176.4kHz m4a problem
  24. Dithering 16-bit files
  25. Looking for registered download link for v11.5
  26. File error reading chunk. [clAIFFHandler::ScanFile]
  27. DSP question when converting from FLAC to ALAC
  28. fit folder to a size I want
  29. ReplayGain applied in "Convering to" Option
  30. Need Help Converting AAC to MP4
  31. Converting to wav
  32. How to convert DSF to WAV
  33. Apple Lossless iPod Issues
  34. How to maintain file date when adding Replay Gain
  35. converting a large directory
  36. Uncompressing Flac
  37. Sample Rate Conversion ??
  38. Cannot convert from 32 bit floating point AIF to any format
  39. Just purchased Music Converter- no email with download link?
  40. folder batch converter not working
  41. Difference between Flac Compression 0 and Uncompressed
  42. Getting an error when converting.
  43. Can I batch convert WMAs & copy MP3 to new hierarchical folder?
  44. Converting FLAC to mp3s and losing tag info.
  45. WMA conversion
  46. conversion question
  47. Problem with Album Gain and R128
  48. Flac 1.3.0 final is here
  49. Command line args for ReplayGain DSP effect
  50. What is a best way to add ReplayGain tags to a large collection of music files?
  51. Converting 24-bit FLAC to regular or 16-bit FLAC
  52. Feature Request or How To Request (Specifiy "Encoding" Directory)
  53. CLI Encoder Dynamic Mode Question
  54. Alac 24 / 96 to 16 / 44.1
  55. HDCD Decoder should NOT have the 6dB amplification gain set!
  56. WMA Conversion - best format for Mac + quality + filesize
  58. Batch Converter - Tracks/Total Tracks Count
  59. Just a quick question
  60. where to set the Audio conversion speed?
  61. Music converter feature request
  62. Why wrong Albumname in .mp3?
  63. Stop Autoplay
  64. Incorrect bitrate shown
  65. incorrect bitrate shown (repost)
  66. Best quality when converting 24-bit 96khz FLAC to regular or 16-bit 44,1 wav for CD
  67. bitrate filter in batch
  68. Converting VBR to CBR MP3 without Quality Loss (Quality Level 0 to 320 CBR)
  69. Dbpoweramp problems?
  70. shell extensions linux
  71. Convert ncw to wav
  72. Lost files
  73. Saving tags when converting
  74. Batch Converter file open function
  75. How to convert a SACD .ISO & HDAudio file to flac by dbpoweramp Music Converter?
  76. Delete background noise of room recording
  77. Can't use DSP Effects/Action with dBpa Reference License !?!?
  78. batch conversion on folder level ??
  79. What's happened to m4b?
  81. Akurate ds display problem: track is 44.1kHz/24bits or 320 kbps/MP3 or flac 16 bit ?
  82. EXTREMELY SLOW ripping
  83. Converted 3,000 files from mp3 to FLAC
  84. no gui for linux
  85. Unable to decode m4a file
  86. computing the CRC of more than 20 000 files
  87. APE conversion to Flac
  88. WAV to FLAC or AudioCD to FLAC. What is better?
  89. DMCFileSelector Hangs?
  90. Batch Converting
  91. Questions re EBUR128 normalize function
  92. Equalizer DSP
  93. Inclusion of "-b 32" in Command Line of Lame MP3
  94. Converting mpg files
  95. converting fmt chunk from 40 bits to 16
  96. Convert ALAC, but not AAC
  97. Cannot convert from M4A
  98. Need to convert 0 compression FLAC to uncompressed FLAC?
  99. Change ID Tag with dMC?
  100. error ripping to error opening file, check no other program has it open.
  101. AIF metadata problem
  102. How to convert music to 432hz???
  103. Question about copying folders
  104. Shell extension/property handler problem and request
  105. Can't detect .wav files metadata??
  106. WAV To FLAC Conversion Error
  107. Converting FLAC to mp3 problems.
  108. MP3 decode errors not being reported after upgrading from 14.2
  109. Not sure if Level-5 offers the same quality as uncompressed
  110. batch music converter crashing when attempting to convert large library
  111. Errors converting from flac to mp3
  112. Using DMC to rip CD's?
  113. Problem with cyrillic letters
  114. Convert 192 kHz to 96 kHz sample rate?
  115. Conwert from WMA to Flac
  116. Compatibility with Windows 8
  117. Stumped
  118. Error: Watchdog timeout, possible CoreConverter crash
  119. Converting MP3 TO WAV. using R14 with XP Operating System
  120. FLAC uncompressed Q
  121. Best audio file - parameters.
  122. still having problems with batch converter
  123. Batch Converter: keeping folder-structure for converted files possible?
  124. Using Coverter to Add DSP effects only?
  125. I converted an mp3 file with itunes 10.1.1
  126. .m4a to .wav
  127. Newbie Help required - Flac conversion to Itunes, etc
  128. Auto-overwrite
  129. Quirky dMC bit depth behavior
  130. Question about RUN external
  131. Converting from M4A to MP3 speeding up track
  132. dBpoweramp in Ubuntu
  133. GetPopupInfo.exe APPCRASH
  134. Good Free Itunes Music Converter (MP4 to MP3)?
  135. error message when converting wav to mp3
  136. troubled
  137. newbie trying out dbPoweramp, problem converting wav to alac
  138. Duplicate Tracks Wanted
  139. Question: Equivalent to ocenaudio's Dynamic Processing Limiter in Music Converter?
  140. How do I revert to previous version?
  141. Conversion sound quality on compressed files
  142. Resize Album Art
  143. Chiptunes to WAV How???
  144. Folder location in for batch conversion
  145. Duplicate Album Artist in conversion
  146. Converting aac to m4a
  147. DSP Effects Grabber and Fade interact poorly (bug?)
  148. Can't convert Wavpack files
  149. First Time User: Need assistance or refund, it is not working properly
  150. Faster ways to create/edit ID tags?
  151. Missing covers (folders) on iTunes
  152. 24bit WAV file to MP3 copression
  153. Frustrated by Music Converter!
  154. Using Channel Mapper with many channels.
  155. dBpoweramp: mp3 (Lame) question
  156. Confirm to delete music file pop-up too long for window so cannot click to choose.
  157. ALAC Multi-Channel Header Corruption Details
  158. dBpoweramp hangs constantly - GetPopupInfo.exe
  159. FLAC & MP3 simultaneous rips?
  160. No converting MP3 to wav
  161. WAV to FLAC
  162. dBpoweramp R14.4 64-bit?
  163. Errors whilst converting
  164. Error GetPopUpInfo Failed message
  165. Multi Encoder delete all
  166. dMC not recognizing 24-bit file, can't transcode ALAC to FLAC but other software can
  167. smallest file possible
  168. dBpoweramp and windows explorer unresponsive
  169. Problem with DbPoweramp
  170. New User Question: Issues With Music Converter
  171. Tag From Filename, then Convert To FLAC?
  172. just purchased, VERY disappointed, many many questions
  173. Convert .sowt audio file
  174. Trouble with one song "The Rose" Amanda Mcbroom "Dreaming"
  175. FLAC output - clicks unless saved with no compression
  176. still learning
  177. Album art keeps deleting itself.
  178. dbPoweramp + codecs 32-bit to 64-bit installation
  179. Problems with wav IMA ADPCM 22.050 kHz 4 bit Stereo converter
  180. Downloading older versions?
  181. Using mp3PRO codec with latest Music Converter?
  182. DTS 5.1 FLAC won't play on my new Mede8er media player ????
  183. Multi Encoder using only one CPU core
  184. Apply VSTPlugins to mp3 (i.e. lossy) files
  185. Provides Audio Information for dBpoweramp stopped working and was closed.
  186. .FLA files
  187. Invalid WAV converting FLAC to wav
  188. Problems with HDCD effect under Windows 7.
  189. If I purchase "dBpoweramp R14 Ref" will my Rips be checked in AccurateRip?
  190. Converter changes order of tracks
  191. Is the 21 Free Trial 100% full or are there things missing?
  192. FLAC - Album Artist vs Contributing Artist Issues
  193. PCM to FLAC?
  194. latest on converting from flac to alac
  195. Difference between r14.4 & r15
  196. PerfectTUNES & dBpoweramp don't agree
  197. Compliation not working on MultiEncoder
  198. M4b ?
  199. converting flag files to WMA including album art
  200. Multi Encoder to FLAC and Mp3? Or convert after first ripping to FLAC?
  201. Convert to Multiple File Format
  202. Llicence transfer
  203. Free version 10.1 & windows 7
  204. converting DSD files
  205. ITunes Release Date bug
  206. iTunes Soundcheck tag, COMMENT ITUNNORM vs. ITUNNORM
  207. Using Media Player Classic (Helix) to stream Real audio
  208. Missing Album Art
  209. Upgrading dbpoweramp music converter
  210. Which ALAC encoder in dBpoweramp 14.3?
  211. V13.5.0.2 Bug: [track] can deliver wrong string value
  212. Lossy to lossy conversion via wav
  213. Different mp3 encoder value in "Audio Properties" and "ID-Tag"....
  214. List in alphabetical order and each song twice from Network Streamer but not from PC
  215. Part of file gets cut off (.aa to .mp3)
  216. MP4 Audio Lost When Changing Title Tag with dbPowerAmp Properties Page
  217. Extraction Log shows wrong folder when using Multi Encoder....
  218. converting 48k wav to any other 44k format creates artifacting in win 7 64bit
  219. GetPopupInfo only for specific file types?
  220. Converting ID Tags of complete collection
  221. m4a AAC Encoder (FDK) Release 1 Installer Issues
  222. Compilations Metadata Issues - Linn Kinsky
  223. m4a AAC Encoder (FDK) bit rate argument not working?
  224. Metadata modification issue with Windows Explorer
  225. How to determine mono flac
  226. DSP Effects / Actions
  227. M4a / FLAC conversions in Trial version
  228. Music Converter with Arrange Audio, and DSP effects not working
  229. 512 kbps aac??
  230. Just purchased dbpoweramp, now what?
  231. Convert FLAC to AAC 320kbps?
  232. Converting FLAC to ALAC overwrites original FLAC file cover art
  233. OPUS Codec Update
  234. Convert / Rip from .CUE sheet support
  235. Audio Conversion Engine Hell
  236. Loss of multi core support on upgrade
  237. Losing all id tags (even title, artist etc) when converting from FLAC to MP3
  238. Converting WAV to WMA loses cue points
  239. Install Help
  240. upgrade to R15 from R14 ...
  241. Fraunhofer IIS mp3 R2 codec not working with dBpoweramp R15
  242. AIFF to ACC Conversion Problem
  243. ID Tag DSP Capitalization
  244. Upgrade to R15 triggered Norton Alert
  245. Unable to install WMA with R15
  246. R15 and Real Audio
  247. Temp File Location in R15
  248. Resampling FLAC 24/96 to FLAC 16/44.1 destroys Unsynced Lyrics
  249. virus
  250. MP4 file has no sound after clearing the ID tags