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  1. mp4 to wav
  2. Tag mapping
  3. Two files not converting (FLAC to any)
  4. Converting into Apple Codec
  5. Batch Convert flac to mp3 with album art
  6. possible RG and tag related bug
  7. Drag n Drop onto Music Converter
  8. Audio Conversion Engine using VST plugins
  9. FLAC->ALAC; foobar says "Warning: Reported length is inaccurate"
  10. "Encountered 'FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_READ_FRAME' in FLAC File"
  11. converting quadraphonic Q8 24/96 wav to WMA lossless
  12. Rule based mapping question
  13. Add Replay Gain To MP3
  14. FLAC > MP3 conversion speed?
  15. 1st songs skip on ipod
  16. Music Converter files random track skips
  17. rip mp3 cd to flac
  18. Downsample WMA/FLAC Lossless to Apple Lossless from 96 to 48 KHz
  19. bid depth, resample
  20. Multi Encoder does not work! (dbpoweramp 14)
  21. Plugin to add art to already ripped files?
  22. Downloading Nero Digital AAC encoder ??
  23. Encoder ate one of my files, how do I get it back?
  24. None of the explorer integration items show up in explorer in win7 64bit
  25. I have the last aoTuV encoder, but no work... :(
  26. How disable Lame tag writing (Reference version 14)
  27. How can I have each track separated after conversion from flac to mp3
  28. How can I save/load the settings to/from disc file?
  29. Best options for conversion to iPod?
  30. URGENT: Apple Lossless availability fail upon encode
  31. [Tips] Enable Detail Pane functionality for FLAC, APE, etc in Explorer
  32. Batch Converter periodically pauses
  33. How to convert a mixed Flac and MP3 library to all MP3 (without reencoding MP3s)
  34. Build new library with original folder structure
  35. proper way to migrate to a new computer
  36. Restructure folders without Decode/Encode
  37. Can we RE-Tag our library with AMG (or other)
  38. Do you know a good Cue Splitter and/or MP3 Splitter for Mac??
  39. Codec to Merge Multiple Tracks into a single Flac?
  40. Batch converter issue: column move fails
  41. OGG Vorbis AoTuV
  42. .AAC extension
  43. "Low" priority no longer an option
  44. Is all MetaData automatically converted durring batch upload...?
  45. Batch Converter Crashes Computer
  46. new iPod
  47. WavPack Extreme slow decoding
  48. .WAV to MP3 ACM Decoder issues
  49. very high replaygain peaks (errors) only on mp3's
  50. Resample 176/24 flac
  51. varible bitrate -v0 question.
  52. Varying encoder speeds?
  53. Corrections for cover art, how to proceed
  54. From FLAC to Apple Lossless.
  55. ID Tag Processing
  56. IPOD can't sample tracks at 88kHz
  57. Apple Lossless m4a to FLAC conversion fails
  58. Help please, tag info not happening
  59. ACM old LAME 3.93.1 conversion leads to 1 KB WAV files
  60. Using LAME versions older than 3.98 in DMC R14 lead to completely distorted files
  61. In Windows 7, "changes to this computer?"
  62. Distortion introduced when converting
  63. mp3 helix pointing to the wrong helix
  64. cd drive slowing down after a few cds being ripped.
  65. "Error running Music Converter" when Right Click Convert To - Win7 Ult 64-bit
  66. Complex ID Tag mapping
  67. Converting PCM files
  68. get dmc settings from my old xp
  69. flac to apple lossless - album art
  70. "Error: Decoder appears to have frozen, corrupt audio file?" msg on MP4 file deletion
  71. wav to flac chops first off first beat
  72. R13 Batch Converter truncating long pathnames
  73. R13 BC "There is no disc in the drive" error
  74. Auto Convert then delete a file?
  75. MultiEncoder and logfile question
  76. How can hide logo and Source/output info in Coreconverter.exe batch?
  77. Multiple computers?
  78. Error message
  79. PNG Album Art not being displayed
  80. Right-click Convert To missing
  81. dMC does not recognize .WMA files
  82. I have a new hard drive and need the power pack MP3 encoder putting on
  83. Convert .shn files to .flac OR 320kbs .mp3
  84. Ignore file extension
  85. dts wav to flac
  86. FLAC identification tags to Quicktime to fool iTunes
  87. Adding Totaldiscs to FLAC
  88. Trim Silence DSP: Digital Silence vs dB
  89. m4a Nero prompt, regardless if installed.
  90. VMWare Fusion 3.0/Windows 7
  91. Music Converter no longer working
  92. Music not converting
  93. Apple Lossless files converted as WAV plays only 46 sec??
  94. I want to upload ID Tags to freedb.org
  95. Tag From Filename
  96. Batch converter or size limit?
  97. Transfer of album art during conversion of FLAC to MP3 using CLI
  98. Error running Music Converter
  99. Unable to begin using batch converter- freezes
  100. Multi-threaded conversion not working
  101. Id Tag Pop-Up Window under Windows 7
  102. Retain source sample rate and bit depth in FLAC to WMA Lossless conversion
  103. Error converting FLAC to Apples Lossless
  104. Batch Converter: how to enter path directly?
  105. Batch converter bug: [origpath] missing final "\"
  106. Why does dMC ignore replay gain values in FLAC?
  107. Cannot add ReplayGain to some files
  108. mp2 conversion in Ref 14?
  109. question about reinstalling dbpoweramp reference 14
  110. Property Handler Exclusions Behavior
  111. Triangular Probability Density Function
  112. Software will not save converted files
  113. Dynamic naming greyed out
  114. Sort by Length in Windows Explorer doesn't always work
  115. Quick conversion
  116. WMA Lossless to Apple Lossless - horrible sound
  117. Dynamic Option
  118. R14.1 Character/Word Replacement
  119. Automatically adding meta data
  120. ID tag editor
  121. FLAC to Apple Lossless question
  122. FLAC to MP3
  123. Output Location Dynamic Greyed out
  124. Ripping LP to FLAC than dMC to add replayGain tags to FLAC files
  125. Does dbpoweramp run on Mac with Windows 7?
  126. R12.4
  127. ID Tag Processing - Manipulation - Rule Base Mani
  128. FLAC to MP3 conversion
  129. Error converting WAV to MP3
  130. FLAC to Apple Lossless *blooper* of albums/tracks
  131. Dynamic file naming
  132. duplicate files/alac
  133. Asking to register every day
  134. Still Asking to Register
  135. Does converting cd mono to mp3 change the sound?
  136. itunes?
  137. Batch converter not opening selection window
  138. Same directories naming?
  139. Replace Artist with Album Artist for non-compilations
  140. Evaluating dMC command line feature
  141. Collection cd's - file structure nightmare?
  142. blue screen errors
  143. Rule Based Manipulation
  144. Batch converter problem
  145. Batch Converting Files on NAS Drive
  146. Ogg album art and tagging issues
  147. s there any way to get R128 scanning and levelling?
  148. Album Art Misssing
  149. Audio metadata no longer appears in Windows Explorer! How can I fix this?
  150. MP3 Folders: Very Slow Opening
  151. Need a little help...
  152. Recognizing Codec Filters
  153. untagged wav to tagged ALAC
  154. Converting from FLAC to M4A
  155. .m4a Nero does not work on my Alpine CDE-126BT
  156. conversion issue
  157. .aa files only convert partially
  158. Ignore lower bitrate tracks?
  159. dMC Runs, but no files are made
  160. WAV PCM Big/Signed Twos
  161. Batch convert to reorganize folder structure
  162. Order of DSP effects??
  163. converting MP3 to Wav
  164. Is an error supposed to leave no output file?
  165. Word /Character Replacement not working in 14.1
  166. CD Ripper makes mistakes
  167. ID3v2
  168. cd bought and burned in Itunes
  169. FLAC Uncompressed also in CLI?
  170. Audio Conversion Engine, DSP effect not adding ID tags?
  171. Batch converter and album art
  172. batch convert FLAC to MP3
  173. dBpa PropertyHandler/IPropertyStore misbehaviour.
  174. Converting to ALAC?
  175. AAC & FLAC to mp3
  176. No detail pane data after "open with"
  177. Error converting FLAC to Apple Lossless (FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_READ_FRAME)
  178. Flac level 1 to mp3 vs. Flac level 8 to mp3
  179. dbPowerAmp question
  180. Slow play in ipod
  181. Batch Converter
  182. 24 bit / 192 kHz FLAC to Apple Lossless
  183. Converter stops converting
  184. Itunes / Ipod / Book (M4B) - Tagging - Expert Needed
  185. dMC does not create any output files
  186. Pop-up information tips show inaccurate bitrate
  187. dBpoweramp NOT displaying image transparency correctly
  188. Apple lossless to Apple lossy
  189. dMC Batch Converter - Multiple Albums AND Generating Multiple Playlists
  190. Database set up
  191. Existing music collection - how to update Tags without re-converting or re-ripping ?
  192. missing cover .m4a to FLAC to NAS
  193. Did something in the tagging engine change from 13.x to 14.x?
  194. Edit ID-Tag Orchestra
  195. Wave64 says it requires Reference which is already installed
  196. Upgrade
  197. dsdiff and dsf converter codec
  198. m4a CBR is not CBR
  199. Converting MP3 to MID
  200. Lyrics missing when converting to AAC
  201. WAV to MP3 Converter HELP! ("Album Artist" is BLANK))
  202. ID3 Tags not displaying on Mede8er
  203. Some questions about the Lame encoder
  204. Convertor only gives size of 0 bytes after converting song
  205. flac uncompressed > flac 5
  206. No longer able to convert .XM files with dMC 14.1?
  207. ID Tag Update
  208. Need Information
  209. Fix sample count in ALAC encoded files ?
  210. 14.1 Converter to 14.2
  211. Converting Sibelius (.sib) files
  212. BMPs in System folder
  213. Hide IDTags in IDTag window
  214. Flac support and buying questions as well :)
  215. Bit Rate Discrepancy
  216. Problems Converting MP3 to AAC Format
  217. Can you convert from Lossless 8 FLAC to Lossless FLAC
  218. New user, converter failing. :o(
  219. Ack! - Decoder frozen? No tag writing? huh?
  220. Converting FLAC to WMA
  221. Multi-Encoder not working properly?
  222. Encoding from FLAC to MP3 with -1db normalization error
  223. when copying tags / gets changed to \
  224. .UMX support
  225. Convert ape TO flac
  226. Convert Mp3 to Nero m4a gets VBR
  227. Ripping versus converting - inconsistent output results
  228. Add Album Art
  229. ID Tagging Update - manipulate or Map
  230. Album Art Not Being Saved on WAV Files with Edit ID-Tag
  231. down convert flac 192/24 to 96kHz/24bit
  232. Rip status?
  233. Album Art
  234. m4b fails
  235. ID Tag Processing DSP - Set album art size (kb), not dimension?
  236. Large Volumes
  237. Conversion Errors
  238. 3rd party VST dlls fail to load - help please re compatibility?
  239. Bulk conversion
  240. I'm ready to cry
  241. physical memory dumping
  242. Convert FLAC -> MP3: File Name length limit
  243. Izotope Ozone DSP
  244. ReplayGain values calculated during conversion and after it are different.
  245. M4a help!!
  246. Id tag editor - open directories, not just files
  247. Retention of embedded album art - FLAC to MP3
  248. converting from flac to m4a Apple Lossless - no output files
  249. Converting Flac with Tags to Appe Lossless very Slow CPu throttle by 2-3 %
  250. Multi-Encoder DSP-Effects don't work